Question My GPU is not pulling power after a screw fell near a capacitor while cleaning it help.

Mar 18, 2022
I was cleaning my laptop fans the other day due to high temps and excessive fan noise and while screwing back the components I dropped a screw near a capacitor and it caused a small discharge/spark I'm not sure what to call it. Fearing I shorted my entire board I ran to close it up and switch it on and it worked fine display boots up everything seems to be working. Until I ran apex and other games and saw max fps of 5/6 but when I used HW monitor and checked my task manager it clearly says my gpu is being used and I can see changes in temperature but the voltage its pulling is at the lowest 0.500 V or at max 0.800 V (Image of HWmonitor: View:
) I have given a picture of my HWmonitor and you guys can always ask for more diagnostics in task manager I definitely see the gpu being used and I either don't have a integrated graphics card or I believe I have disabled it which means the display output is coming from the GTX 1070 which Is why I am confused. I opened it up and checked the capacitors and the solder links to the board around the place of spark has some damage to it. Have I fried my entire graphics card or just a capacitor. Computer shops here absolutely suck and most of them just give up so any help?

Laptop specs are:
OMEN by HP - 17-an104ne


No way to know exactly what was damaged without trying to replace the parts. There are a lot of small electronics that can cause unpredictable issues when damaged such as partially working or being intermittent. It's not always dead or not dead.
In the future, make sure you don't have any wall power or battery attached to computers when cleaning them.
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