Question My Asus Zenbook 14 Ultra 9 Is making a crackling or electrical sound near the power button of the laptop.

Mar 12, 2024
I've had this laptop for 2 days, and I discovered this sound when i was in a quite room. when I leave the laptop idle the cracking or electrical sound is stilll there but its quiet, but when i type or open and close an application like brave browser it starts making that sound louder . also when I shut down the laptop it gets very loud even when u sitting normally without trying to put ur ear to the power button.

i did some ressearch and it may be coil whine, and i asked my dad and he said possibly the mother board problem

what do you think it may be as i had this laptop for 2 days . i also have 2 year guareantee so i can return 😊
(thanks in advance)