Question HP Envy battery not charging and charging led blinking


Aug 14, 2015
My HP Envy model 15-as031nd is not charging its battery. It defects the charging cable and it looks like it’s charging but the battery percentage is not increasing.

Also the charging led is flashing orange. Every 2 seconds it’s quickly flashing off and on again, and repeats this.

So far I’ve tried:

-Tried the power reset (laptop off, battery out, hold power button 30s and then on again)
-Install new battery. The old one was buldged and held no charge at all. The HP Hardware Diagnostics UEFI said it was a bad cell. Now with the new battery the UEFI is passing the battery test.
-Changed the charger. I’ve tried a 45W, 65W and 90W charger, all original HP.
-Update the laptop and update the BIOS as well. Then tried a BIOS rollback. Nothing.
-Deleted and reinstalled the battery driver in device manager.
-Printed a battery report. The report said nothing unusual, exceptie capacity is slowly decreasing. (Not the total just the current)
-Reinstalled Windows
-Tried to test the battery pins with a multimeter, but I don’t know how much the voltage is supposed to be.

If anyone could help that would be awesome as I’m a poor student so can’t go to the repair shop. I hope it’s not a motherboard issue and of so, how can I confirm/test this with a multimeter?

You've done pretty much everything I could think of except did you run a full battery diagnostic? I saw the mention of the report, but was that from running the diagnostic? HP has a diagnostic available for download. Don't know if it is the same one you ran. Also try running a calibration (doubt that will help).

The bulging old battery is concerning. How old is your laptop? Did you run lots of cycles charging and then using the laptop off the charger? Did the laptop ever get real hot--either while running or left in a hot car perhaps. Is the replacement battery an OEM battery?

It would appear the problem is either the new battery or the charging circuitry inside the laptop. How to decide which is tough. I would try to exchange the battery as the first thing. Trying to diagnose the charging is almost impossible without a schematic (which is difficult to get, in my experience).
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