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  1. C

    Question Lenovo ideapad flex 5 won't turn on

    So, a few weeks ago I was on my laptop and it was close to dying so I plugged my charger in. Sometime after, my laptop just turned off completely. I thought my charger was finally dead(it was) so I tried using my school chromebook charger, didn't work and the charging light didn't turn on...
  2. C

    Question lenovo ideaPad 814a 120S-11IAP - shows charging but no power to battery

    Fairly suddenly the laptop failed to operate under battery power. Shows charging but never goes above 0% I have removed battery, held power for 30 seconds and replaced - no change. With a volt meter there appears to be no power at the two red cables - see image. View...
  3. W

    Question Razer blade 15 potential hardware charging issue

    Hello, I am new here and normally never post anything as I can always find someone who had the same issue and find the solution but not this time, so here I am. :D I have a: Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Early 2020) - RZ09-033 and it worked perfectly until 1 day it did not want to boot...
  4. mrmike16

    Question Surface Pro 4 not warning me when the battery is low

    Hi everyone, So as the title indicates, I find myself looking at a blank screen often because the laplet gave me no warning of the battery getting low. This never happens on my Surface 3, only on the Surface Pro 4. Anything I should try before reinstalling Windows? The battery life capacity...
  5. P

    Question Acre laptop shut down while performing disk cloning for SSD. Now laptop won’t turn on, power light blinks blue 5 times. Battery light not on.

    I’ve been using my laptop’s hard rive and it slows my Acer Laptop’s performance. The model is Aspire 3 A315-41-R2W5, with Ruben 5 AMD graphics card. My friend was helping me clone the disk drives into a new SSD card, where the SSD being cloned as an external hard drive. The laptop was plugged...
  6. J

    Solved! HP Envy battery not charging and charging led blinking

    Hello! My HP Envy model 15-as031nd is not charging its battery. It defects the charging cable and it looks like it’s charging but the battery percentage is not increasing. Also the charging led is flashing orange. Every 2 seconds it’s quickly flashing off and on again, and repeats this. So...
  7. Orongo

    Solved! Laptop battery ASUS B31N1726 stuck at 2% and won't charge

    My son's laptop battery went from 97% to 2% and won't charge back. Here's what I did and tested: I opened the laptop, removed the battery, examined it, and plugged it back... AC Wires don't seem damaged, and except for some dust in one fan, battery and other electronic parts look just fine...
  8. T

    Question My ASUS laptop works only through battery

    Hi folks, my laptop works only whit the battery's energy. If un unplug battery, laptop doesn't work. So I would think the power circuit on the mono is broken, BUT it can charge the battery! So I can't understand what's wrong. The power supply is fine, and I have tried different power supplies...
  9. llama_glue

    Solved! Can battery wear level decrease? Or are the sensors uncalibrated?

    Can battery wear level decrease? I own a lenovo legion 5, and I've been using it extensively for both gaming and schoolwork. It can easily run most modern games, and multitask flawlessly, but recently I've come to know about this thing called battery wear level thanks to HW info. At first I...
  10. S

    Solved! Android 11 - Does restarting your phone multiple times a day wear the battery/SSD overtime?

    I have the samsung a32 5g. I'm frequently restarting my phone to test some apps. Does anyone know if restarting your phone frequently puts wear on either the battery or SSD overtime? Does the phone write mb to the SSD on restart?
  11. R

    Question Dell G5 5587 Random Shutdown

    I own a Dell G5 15 5587 that’s approximately 3 years old. It has run without any issues up until a couple days ago. I was playing games and it just shut off randomly and I didn’t think too much of it since I thought it had just overheated. I let it sit until it had cooled down and turned it back...
  12. bb86

    Solved! Clevo N150RD screen flickers when battery is connected

    Hello, i'm using an old Clevo N150RD laptop with the following configuration: Intel Core 5-6300HQ 2x 8 GB Memory Geforce GTX 960m 2GB 2x 256 GB SSD Windows 10 Home I have the following error: Without battery and on ac adapter the laptop runs very well and there are no problems. When i take...
  13. tgbao2703

    Question Laptop charger disconnects at 98%, reconnects itself shortly after.

    Hello guys :D I'm very glad to see you. After a night, my laptop got a wired issue ...: When my HP laptop's battery reachs 98%, it automatically disconnect from charger while it is plugged. When my laptop's battery reachs 97%, it automatically connect, it charge up to 98% and then disconnect...
  14. M

    Question ASUS Laptop (with new battery) shuts downs booting

    I've replaced the battery of my old ASUS K53SV (with the old battery couldn't unplug the battery supplier). Now, when I start the laptop the Win10 booting page (the one with the loading wheel) is working fine but when it seems to switch to the actual desktop in order to be ready to play, it...
  15. Irujezu

    Question Asus K551LN turning off when launchin heavy programs or games

    Hello, It is happening in the following manner: 1- I get charger indicator blinking like if I plug and unplug It(while It is still well plugged 2- Then it is indicating like if the battery is not charging 3- It is powering off The battery is KO (even a little inflated when I open my laptop to...
  16. Solved! Laptop won't switch on with or w/o battery

    Hi, I have an Asus P355M laptop, a few days ago it just wouldn’t switch on. I’ve plugged it to the power outlet with the battery intact, and tried it after disconnecting the internal battery as well, it still doesn’t power on. The power plug seems to be working as there’s a blue light. A few...
  17. A

    Question Sony Vaio battery issue

    I have a Vaio VJC141F11X which is a year old. I had problems with it and sent it to Sony for repair under guarantee. When it came back (new screen) it had a problem with the battery - it didn't register the battery status. I sent it back to Sony and got it back again today. Same issue...
  18. A

    Solved! My Asus ZENBOOK UX430UA won't startup normally

    Hi, This is my first post on Tom's Guide forum hope i'll find someone to help me. i have an issue with my Znbook laptop UX430UA, the problem is that my laptop won't startup till i push the power buton 3 times, the first and second one must be long and the third must be a short one and here we...
  19. V

    Question shutdown when power charger is unplugged, turns on automatically when I put it. ASUS N580GD Laptop

    My 2,5 years old laptop, an ASUS N580GD, is suddendly showing a common trouble of ASUS laptops, but not only ASUS ones. I read many people faced these troubles but I’m not finding a solution. sudden shutdown on laptop when power charger is unplugged. A “Restore AC Power Loss” or "Wake on AC"...
  20. Q

    Solved! Dell XPS 13 Battery Replacement

    Battery was swelling so I ordered a new one and started to replace it. Screws towards the center of the laptop came out fine but the ones towards the edge are way too tight, possibly due to the swelling or due to manufacturer error; I've now basically stripped the screws at this point, they...
  21. G

    Solved! ASUS X455L battery not increasing

    Hi! My ASUS X455L has been with me for 3 years now and just before 2020 ended, my battery started acting up. At first it failed to show that it was charging, so we got that checked and fixed but then after a while it started to drain like most batteries but it fails to increase. I've been...
  22. msahin

    Solved! Laptop battery not working anymore

    Hello everyone. I have an ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA (UX410UQK), which I've been using for 3.5 years. I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop and since then I've been having all kinds of problems with my battery. My laptop would just shutdown when the battery level would be around 30%. So I...
  23. andchangeu

    Question battery wont work

    Hey everybody my asus TUF505 wont work with the battery pugged i replaced both battery and adapter and still seems like my laptop wont recognize the battery id appreciate any helpful insight
  24. ss1999

    Question Dell latitude slow charging + other issue

    so i got e5570 second hand. This battery is weird. it charges normally up to somewhere 28 percent then it just stalls, and charges where slowly from there. like it takes 6-7 hour until 100%. battery drain estimates of win 10 is also acting weird. Sometimes it says 4 hours then it drops to 2...
  25. V

    Question Laptop battery light keeps blinking white

    Hello, I have an ASUS VivoBook S14 X411UF and when I'm using it (not charging), the battery light (right side of the laptop) keeps blinking white, it blinks 4 times then stop for about 2 seconds and repeat. When I charge the laptop, the battery light doesn't turn orange and it keeps blinking...
  26. M

    Solved! Lenovo T410s - 0190 critical low battery error

    Hello, I got old Lenovo T410s laptop which had very weak battery but I didn't care since I was always running on power adapter. However suddenly it started to show: 0190 critical low battery error during startup and turned off. It contains additional battery in extension bay (i.e. CD bay). I...
  27. naomikristina

    Question Lenovo Ideapad 510s Laptop Randomly Shuts Down Around 30-40%

    Hi there, I have this Lenovo Ideapad 510s that I got in September 2016. It has been working pretty well up until few months ago where it would randomly shuts down when the battery percentage is around 20-30% (sometimes with up to 50ish minutes remaining), and it's not overheating. This doesn't...
  28. AstroAvocado

    Question Acer Swift 1 SF114 wont boot up, but keyboard lights up.

    So my Acer Swift 1 won't boot up, there are no sounds of fans or hard drives loading however the keyboard will light up. Here are the troubleshoots I have done with no success. Reset button on the back for 60 seconds. Power button for 60 seconds at various times. Removed battery then heled...
  29. Tinbin

    Question ASUS N500J won’t power on

    Hey all, I’m having trouble powering up my ASUS laptop. I just came back from Korea and I got home ready to use my laptop, except for how cold it was. I powered it up and the lights turned on, the drive sound came on, oh how I missed this sound. And then it powers off and i hear a click. I sat...
  30. lettucelad

    Solved! MSI Laptop wont turn on without being plugged in

    So i just added another RAM into my MSI GL63 8RD but then my laptop wont boot and sometimes it wont power on (msi boot logo shows up and then the laptop goes off again). Then i plugged in the adaptor and it succesfully turned on and working just fine, with my newly added RAM working as well. But...
  31. A

    Question ThinkPad T410 - 255% battery available on Ac, and "Unknown remaining" on battery, "incorrect battery voltage" on vantage. Question / Problem

    Hi, one day ago i opened my t410 to clean the fan and the laptop it, and just out of curiosity i took the yellow power jack out and found that it has a broken red wire, i thought i had accidently broken the wire so i soldered it back and after i booted it the windows battery indicator was...
  32. sammanadh

    Question Is my laptop battery damaged?

    I brought a new laptop with i5 1035GI processor, 8 gigs of ram, nvidia geforce mx330 graphics. The laptop has a 2-Cell 32 Wh battery. The laptop is good all around but the battery life is very poor. After a full charge it just lasts one and half hour. I dont know if it is to be expected from a...
  33. mukuljain02

    Solved! Need HELP!!! Laptop acting weird after battery damage

    Battery of my laptop(Dell Inspiron 3542) is damaged (thats the error that I got everytime I bootup) and so I searched online and found that I can use my laptop normally if I continuously plugged it in to the charger just like a PC. It worked perfectly but then after some time one day I tried to...
  34. ellenleigh122627

    Question Asus vivobook

    i’ve had my ASUS vivobook since september last year, about 9 months. Never had any issue battery was perfect, no lagging or freezing. In June my charger stopped working due to what i think was my nephew pulling at it. It didn’t work for a day and i got it into a position that it started...
  35. jonbremont

    Question x1 extreme brand new doesn't not power via battery

    Greetings! I have an x1 extreme gen 1 4k that I just purchased and open boxed it myself. Warranty expired 1 day ago and can't get it fixed. Laptop runs fine with power cable but if I unplug the AC power the system shuts down immediately. the battery info is displayed in windows 10 and...
  36. S

    Solved! Really in need of advice here...

    Hey! I want to start off by saying I'm new here. It is out of pure desperation that I made this account as I need help with a rather annoying problem (?). I do have a bit of anxiety problem so I'm sorry if I come across as ranty. I'm new to gaming laptops! Probably a stupid move but about 16...
  37. P

    Solved! Lenovo G50-80 Laptop battery not charging. No LED light/No icon

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G50-80 laptop (80E501B2US ) that recently stopped charging. When the charger is plugged in there is no charging icon and the LED light does not light up. I have replaced the DC jack and battery with brand new replacements. Neither fixed the issue. The charger is not...
  38. W

    Question Macbook Pro Missing Female Connector on Motherboard Mid-2012 (A1278)

    Hello, I'm trying to fix my friend's MacBook Pro mid-2012 unibody (A1278). The female connector for the battery indicator on the motherboard is missing as shown in the image below. The macbook could run like normal with the power adapter plugged. However, it shuts down a couple seconds after...
  39. N

    Solved! Acer Aspire won't start windows. Battery or more serious?

    I have a 4 year old Acer Aspire F5-571with a reasonable (Core i5 8Gb/1Tb) spec. It has had little use as it is a spare in an office. Now it resets after opening the Windows login page. It is a little random. Sometimes I can actually enter the password and then it shuts down, sometimes it...
  40. M

    Question AC power cord for pre amp 7a or 10a?

    Hey y'all! I have a little dilemma. I'm trying to supply the right amount of power to a power brick View: but I don't know which ac cable to use. I have a standard one that came with the ps4 it says 18amp and 7a 125v. Is that enough? Thanks!!
  41. Solved! Laptop overheating when idle and plugged in

    So I'm having this problem with my laptop (Eluktronics Mech-15 G2R) I use my laptop plugged in 99% of the time, so it's not a battery charging overheating thing. When I unplug the laptop, the temperature drops to 45C which keeps the fans inactive. However, when I plug it in the temp goes up to...
  42. M

    Solved! New battery won't charge in Dell 7559

    I installed a new battery in my Dell 7559. It was 56% to begin with. I plugged in the ac adapter and charged all night with the computer turned off (I read that is the best way to that correct?). This morning the battery is 3%. Could there be something wrong with my laptop? This...
  43. Pandofla

    Question Laptop significantly slows down while charging/plugged in

    (TL;DR is at the end of the post) Hello everyone. My current laptop is an HP 15-r218nv. I know this isn't the best laptop for gaming, but it gets the job done. I have bought it 3 years ago and it has worked great throughout all this time. Last year, the laptop began to overheat, and because I...
  44. M

    Solved! Laptop turns off when unplugged, screen wont turn on when plugged with no battery

    I know this question might have been here before, but i could not find any solution yet. I have an Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black edition, model: vn7-593G I have followed the guide here link but nothing really worked, and i have not replaced the battery yet. My actual case is the following: I do...
  45. Sushisusi

    Question Laptop not turning on

    Hi I have an old dell latitude and I was bored and wanted to fix it the only issue is it turns on then automatically turns off and only the Leds light up I’m wondering if it’s the battery and the cpu ? It won’t even turn on when unplugged ! Also some of the pins from the cpu are bent and one is...
  46. vinayskywalker

    Solved! laptop battery does not charge over 13 percent

    My laptop is HP Pavilion au620tx and it is not charging over 13 and sometime 16 percent. I tried updating microsoft ac adapter and microsoft ACPI. I reinstall both the drivers but nothing happens. So i tried calibrating the battery using F2 and it says AC adapter required to calibrate the...
  47. chkontog

    Solved! Chuwi hi8 pro cwi513 Battery problem

    Hi, i have a chuwi hi 8 pro tablet and it shut down alone, while the battery is charged.I factory reset the tablet, but the problem still occurs. Does the battery need to be changed? Thank you, Mpampis
  48. D

    Solved! Dell XPS 9550 freezes after removing ac power and on battery power

    I have a 3 year old Dell XPS 9550 which had a new battery 18 months ago. The problem I have is that when I unplug the AC power cord the laptop begins to freeze. The mouse can be moved with trackpad. Window can be selected a little bit but can't switch between apps. Then within 30 seconds of...
  49. farhan.sidiqui

    Question Problem running on Battery-Lenovo Ideapad 330S

    Started my laptop this morning and it is just shuts everything at once when on battery power. However on AC power it is running smoothly. I have purchased this new in June, I suspect that battery has expired. Please suggest as per your experience how to test the battery performance?
  50. NightKnight007

    Solved! Laptop sometimes turned off suddenly

    I have a laptop (Asus a442u if you asking) it's not that old, maybe around 1.5 yr So, my laptop sometimes turned off itself suddenly and making sound like you do hardware reboot. then my laptop keeps doing that again whenever I tried to turn it on again unless I plug the adapter again. it only...
  51. ruslruslrusl1

    How To SOLUTION - Laptop Plugged In, Not Charging in Windows 7/8/10

    I'm seeing many posts lately about issues in Windows 7/8/10 laptop batteries showing "Plugged in not charging" and after much research and trial and error I wanted to share what finally worked for me. I had this same issue on my Acer Aspire ES1-711 laptop with "non-removable battery" running...
  52. kenzomenzo


    Hello , i need help with my laptop MSI GT72 2QE DOMINATOR PRO I tried to remove the battery , and somehow i tried to turn on the laptop it wont power up , it need battery to plug in to power up. any idea how to Turn On this laptop without battery? i keep finding solution for this problem but...
  53. N

    Solved! Sometimes my phone dont recognize charger

    My phone is samsung s9+ and sometimes when I conect my charger, nothing happens and my phone dont recognize the charger, but when I unplug the charger and plug it again it fix.I only use orginal chargers.Also when the phone recognize the charger, charging is very good and fast. The port also isn...
  54. dipudangol

    why my laptop keyboard not working properly and on such event on removing power chord laptop shutting down immediately?

    I have a dell 5359 and its nearly 3 years old. Recently I am having problem which is often while charging, my keyboard stops working properly. The problem with the keyboard is that I can not type the same key consecutively but on non consecutive key stroke it works fine and on such events if i...
  55. A

    asus computer stuck in bio utility ex mode.

    i’ve tried restarting, enabling cms, resetting default settings and changing boot order. my model is Q405U and my battery is not accessible. i’m have windows 10. how do i get out?
  56. maybeits_jack

    Question Huawei Matebook 13 Only Switching on when Charging

    Hey all, This is my first post here so apologies if it's not quite of the correct format. Three days ago I purchased a new Huawei Matebook 13. A day after purchase I noticed an issue that makes using this new laptop frustrating. After powering down the laptop completely and leaving it be for a...
  57. Neon The (Anthro) Umbreon

    Solved! How do you charge a Toshiba C55-A5245's battery?

    I have had this laptop since 2014 (after my desktop computer got fried in a thunderstorm) and have been annoyed with it not charging. I've tried 2 chargers and 2 batteries and none work. Is there some software I need to download to get it to charge or something? Also sometimes it says it's...
  58. 2

    Solved! Lenovo Yoga 920 Battery

    Hi, I'll stay positive although I don't think I'd buy a Lenovo product again. I'll work on the battery first. It died badly just after 1 year and not much use. Lenovo support said buy a 3rd party battery - which I bought & installed the same as original. It gives a bit over 4 hours of...
  59. J

    Solved! Asus UX303UA: only works on AC power

    Laptop battery had no problems a few days ago. Was using battery and left to sleep for 15 mins then returned and it would not turn on until charger was plugged in. The battery reads 82% charge even after hours of charging, upon plugging charger out, the laptop immediately shuts down. Using...
  60. admin

    Apple Car: Release Date, Tesla Rumors, Project Titan and More

    Apple could be making a self-driving car, but when might it arrive and how would it be different than Tesla's offerings? Here's what you need to know. Apple Car: Release Date, Tesla Rumors, Project Titan and More : Read more