Question Razer blade 15 potential hardware charging issue

Apr 14, 2022
Hello, I am new here and normally never post anything as I can always find someone who had the same issue and find the solution but not this time, so here I am. :D

I have a: Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Early 2020) - RZ09-033 and it worked perfectly until 1 day it did not want to boot, nothing helped unless is removed the wifi/bluetooth, put it back and then it booted with no issues...okay strange, didn't happen all the time no big deal yet. Forward 2 weeks and now my battery doesn't want to charge anymore. I go to check and windows software shows that the battery is gone...great! (my last razer laptop got a bloated battery, this one dies).

To make sure it's not windows, I reinstalled windows + installed linux but both gave same issue and now just booting is difficult, once shut down it can take up to 50 power button presses for the system to realize i want to boot up (AC always connected). sometimes i removed the battery connector or wifi chip and then it will boot again...super strange...

Anyway I bought a new battery to double check, now it seems to boot all the time without issues or pressing 50 times (just installed it today though) and when in windows it is showing the battery! However it won't charge...while previous battery in battery report shows NA everywhere, now I am seeing everything from SN to capacity but it won't charge...and removing the AC will make the laptop lose everything. (will try to add the battery report here.)

So the question is: What could be the underlying issue, is the original battery really broken or just at 0% and why won't my razer laptop charge the battery?

BTW: Booting without the battery does NOT work.

Battery report link: (new battery)
(be sure to download it as viewing doesn't work in google drive...although I doubt I would need to tell you this :p.)

update 1:EXTRA steps:
-bios was already latest 1.06v
-updated Intel ME firmware to latest, was 2 versions behind but no impact.
-I had batteryinfoview open and have seen that it went from installation of new battery on first boot: 31.8% to now it charges? but removing the power cord once again makes the laptop go it still can't run on battery power...Can't figure out if there is an BIOS issue/software or a hardware issue like the connector on the MB...and if bios how to make changes as I already have the latest version...

Update 2:
-it's the next day and the laptop has charged the whole night but it's still at 32/33% so no luck here.
-with the new battery starten the laptop is no longer an issue, pressing the button once will now start the laptop at 90-100% succes rate, sometimes it needs 2 presses.
-NEW issue: sometime booting the laptop the WIFI is gone and will only come back if I shut down, remove the wifi chip, put it back and power the device back on...this is starting to happen after each shutdown at a rate of 30-40% for the couple of tests I did.

So now I am of the assumption there is an issue with the motherboard? anyone has any clue, all info or tips are welcome.

Thanks in advance everyone! :)
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Jul 13, 2022
Hello, I have the same problems as you described with my razer 14, initially thought it was the power adapter, but the new one acted the same way. Only way to turn it on is to press the power button many times, or wait for a really long time then press it, it also started happening after my battery disappeared from device manager . Weird.
Did u ever get around to fix it.

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