Question Strange not charging, poor performance problem with ASUS TUF 15 laptop

Mar 22, 2024
ASUS TUF 15 (FA506II model) laptop 2021.

The laptop will run well when on battery (not plugged in) but the battery will only last a maximum of 2 hours. When it's plugged into the mains, performance is severely affected - extremely slow running any game, struggles with most tasks - and the battery does not recharge. The battery won't charge when the laptop is in use and only recharges when the laptop lid is closed and is hibernating or turned off and takes several hours to recharge fully. I've tried every power management setting, diagnostic tool (performance, battery, RAM etc) with no errors, battery is healthy and Armoury Crate doesn't seem to be able to change anything. I've even tried booting from an OS on a USB, using the RAM and it behaves exactly the same. Also, I've run it without the battery and it booted with normal performance but after about 5 mins it went back to the same poor performance.

So I guess that suggests it's a hardware issue? Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
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Mar 21, 2024
for sure that could be a hardware issue, I recommend taking it to a repair store, but make sure he/she is professional.