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  1. DFX98

    Question Dell G7 7790 laptop not charging

    I have a Dell G7 7790 and it had isssues when charging. Sometimes it stopped charging until I stopped using it for a while or moving the cable. One day it stopped charging at all, I opened it and saw that the battery was swolen so I replaced it with a new battery, computer will turn on with new...
  2. W

    Question Razer blade 15 potential hardware charging issue

    Hello, I am new here and normally never post anything as I can always find someone who had the same issue and find the solution but not this time, so here I am. :D I have a: Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Early 2020) - RZ09-033 and it worked perfectly until 1 day it did not want to boot...
  3. Beginnerslug

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad s145

    I tried battery remove ideas 30 seconds 15 second windows and driver updates etc-vtc but laptop not charging adapter and battery working properly what I do now
  4. Shootingstar007

    Question Laptop Battery repair fail

    Hi I need help. I recently repaired my Laptop battery Problem Before repair: After getting fully charge Laptop used to shut off by it self . I had 6 cells in battery 18650 3.7v 7.4Wh All batteries were above 3.0v in multimeter After repair: I replaced 4 Cells Replaced Cells confrigation...