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  1. W

    Question Amplifier turns on, sub makes a thud, then amp turns off.

    So, I've been trying to wire up my subwoofer for absolutely ages and I'm completely lost now. I'm using a Pioneer GMD8701 paired with a Pioneer TS-A300B 1500 watt subwoofer/box. I've had the setup working, but unfortunately my aftermarket head unit died. I ended up buying a new one, and hooked...
  2. ferrarachristian8

    Question Horizonal line flickering Lenovo Y50-70 on high brightness?

    I have a problem with my Lenovo Y50–70. A while ago this horizontal line appeared at the top of the display, a few centimeters from the edge. Initially it was just a white hotrizontal line, after a few weeks, suddenly, other continuous ones appeared and started flashing. From the lines down, all...
  3. alexandru123123

    Question Acer laptop shuts down after installing ssd (Kernel-Power critical id 41 and 142)

    Hi, my acer laptop (Aspire E5-573) shuts down after i installed the ssd. I installed windows 10 on it, and it worked fine after a few days (1-2). if i cold start the laptop it will stay 10 to 20 minutes powered on but after that it will just cut the power but if i restart it the screen time...
  4. W

    Question Razer blade 15 potential hardware charging issue

    Hello, I am new here and normally never post anything as I can always find someone who had the same issue and find the solution but not this time, so here I am. :D I have a: Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Early 2020) - RZ09-033 and it worked perfectly until 1 day it did not want to boot...
  5. Ayni

    Question Keyboard do not work except FN keys

    Hello guys, I have a Legion 5-15ACH6H with Windows 11. My keys suddenly stoped working. Right now I am using an external keyboard which works fine. I reinstalled my keyboard driver multiple times but that did not change anything. Furthermore I opened Regedit...
  6. ss1999

    Question Dell XPS 9560 performance issues

    Greetings, i bought this laptop second hand. 1080p model with i5 7300hq and gtx 1050, 8 gb ram, 512 ssd (99%, SP a55) previous owner told me he had underclocked cpu for better battery here are the issues i face: windows explorer.exe slowly keeps taking more ram until it tops at 4000mb as shown...
  7. M

    Question ASUS Laptop (with new battery) shuts downs booting

    I've replaced the battery of my old ASUS K53SV (with the old battery couldn't unplug the battery supplier). Now, when I start the laptop the Win10 booting page (the one with the loading wheel) is working fine but when it seems to switch to the actual desktop in order to be ready to play, it...
  8. latifmian_75

    Question Secure Boot - HP

    From the PC health check app I saw that I needed to enable secure boot for windows 11 . I went into the BIOS for the HP EliteOne and disabled Legacy Boot and enabled Secure Boot and also checked the UEFI box. when I save and exit it the PC can't boot up. Error is like "No boot options found". I...
  9. M

    Question Lenovo ThinkPad T590 shuts down when it's physically moved

    Hi, my Lenovo ThinkPad T590 shuts down when I physically move the laptop and sometimes also randomly shuts down. I already applied warranty on the device and they returned it from service place after two weeks claiming they replaced motherboard, but issue still persists. I'm kinda frustrated...
  10. F

    Question Online games keep freezing every 5 seconds (PC)

    A few days ago I started having an issue where if I was playing an online game, about every 5 seconds it would freeze for about 10 seconds and then when it unfroze, the ping would shoot up then come down right after. This happens nonstop, basically making online games unplayable. All my other...
  11. tenentegre

    Solved! Problem loading some webpages (like Amazon and Basecamp) after using Mobile Hotspot

    Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone experienced this issue, but I'm having problems loading web-pages on my laptop while is connected to my mobile hotspot, and even later using any other wi-fi connection. Amazon, for example, doesn't load properly on Chrome neither on Firefox: it load very...
  12. Y

    Solved! Dell Gaming 7577 FPS Sudden Drop Issue

    Hello, I have a Dell Gaming Laptop 7577, these are the specs: Intel i7 7700HQ 16GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with Max-Q Design Not long after I got this laptop, I noticed the FPS had huge sudden drops. I would be playing CS GO at 150-180 FPS then suddenly it would go to 20-30 FPS for a few...
  13. P3triix

    Question I have no longer access to my old number

    My facebook is asking for a code but it's being send to my old phone number, what can i do ? I already send a message to support but they never answer, and i don't know how long it takes to they answer.
  14. R

    Question Battery Issue

    hello I recently have came across an issue with my battery charging on and off in my ASUS Rog G751JT, sometimes it will charge other times it won't, i bought a new charger, i have had less of the problem but it still occurs, can anyone help me out here?, thanks in advance
  15. ReallyWilly

    Solved! PHILIPS 6900 series Smart TV LED black screen issue

    Hello everyone! My Philips LED TV has started turning the screen black itself periodically, showing a blue bar in the middle and then it returns on. There is no sound too when it happens. It usually takes from 20 to 35 seconds to show the image again. Tried several things like: changed remote...
  16. R

    Solved! USB Mouse Issue

    Lately, my mouse has an issue. So whenever I put my USB chip it and turn my mouse on the light turns on, and so I assume that my mouse works, but when I move my mouse the cursor on my screen doesn't move. I am really frustrated and I don't have any other mouses that I can use. If anyone knows a...
  17. B

    Toshiba laptop wont turn on/Black screen on start up

    My older toshiba satellite s855 has been having issues recently with (as the title states) starting up. I have checked the RAM modules and both work fine in other laptops (meaning the RAM slots are still a high possibility if its a hardware issue). The charger that I have with it is a...
  18. D

    Laptop after about 10 min almost becomes unresponsive. No sound in any application/website, Windows notifications freezing

    My laptop becomes weirdly unresponsive in regards to audio and video after about 10 min or so of being on. Any youtube video takes ages to load and when it does there is no audio whatsoever. Netflix videos don't work and windows notifications even freeze. My laptop model is the Aspire E5-575G.
  19. D

    When my laptop's plastic flexes in any way (aka i touch/move it) something shorts causing GPU artifacta and then a crash.

    This occurs on my 950m while its being utilized in game (no issues outside of games). If i place a little pressure on my laptop with my palm while playing or type it'll artifact and crash. If i move the laptop in almost anyway - same thing. With the help of some great people on the internet...
  20. H

    My Facebook account was Compromised.

    When I log into facebook I see a message saying '''We’ve Detected Suspicious Account Activity'' so when I click Continue it gets me to a page saying "Something went wrong" ..I try to ''SECURE MY ACCOUNT'' and I fill all the steps (changed my password like 12816 times) ,then I delete the recent...
  21. E

    No Audio From Xbox 360 Elite

    I have the 360 Elite, a computer, and a monitor with 1x hdmi, 1x vga, and 1x dvi inputs (Acer gn246hl). There are no built-in speakers. How can I get audio from the xbox? I would like to use my headset (Creative SoundBlaster Tactic 3D Sigma), but I will take any option at this point. The...
  22. B

    Barrett Dungy, Urban Home Entertainment- laptop Issue

    Hi all, I am facing a new problem with my laptop. Every time when I start it, it works fine for around 1 hour and then suddenly it shuts down. It is happening again and again. I dont know why it is happening. Please if anyone knows why it is happening then please guide me. Thanks, Barrett Dungy
  23. V

    Need help solving HP software issues :(

    Hey guys, I have a very annoying (and persistent) issue with my HP laptop... So yesterday, I booted it up as normal, and the keyboard didn't work. I got no response from pressing ANY of the keys, so I could not enter my password to login. This has never occurred before. I hit ESC as it booted...
  24. L

    Youtube 1080p60 quality

    I'm getting crazy with this issue. Would be amazing if anyone could help me solving this problem. I record with a GoPro hero 4 : 1080p / 60fps I edit with Final Cut Pro. I have exported the project on .mov and .mp4 and the problem still there. The result on my computer is excelent, but when I...
  25. J

    Brand new Dell XPS 9550 battery is very low [2 hours]

    Hi, I got this new laptop few days back, its Dell XPS 9550 with 4k screen and 16gb RAM , 500SSD i7 6700HQ 2.6 with GeFORCE 930M on windows 10 pro I checked all the drivers and everyone seems to be the proper driver, did the recent bios update and also the OS to latest, but still getting 2-3...
  26. Vizuka

    Blue Yeti, Humming/Hissing sound from headphone jack.

    I just bought a Blue Yeti and i was going to try out the headphones monitoring/built in DAC/Amp, but when i plugged my headphones in and put the volume higher i noticed a very noticable hiss/hum coming from the mic, so i first thought it was the mic picking something up in my room. But then i...
  27. Joris

    Using different speakers from original system (altec lansing 621 and Sony marriage)

    Hello, so i got this used Altec lansing 621 speaker system, and one of the satellite was broken, so instead I connected a pair of 2 way sony ss scl3 Hi-fi's (full range), now there are differences between the originals, one of which is that Altec satellites where 4 Ohm and Sonys are 6 Ohm, and...
  28. W

    AMD Radeon during installation a new Catalyst I got blackout

    Hi, I would like to ask you about this issue, I had to update my driver for AMD Radeon R7 260X on my laptop and when I tried to install it I got just one message, that it can make blackouts. catalyst started to check and after that whole displey was down due blackout and nothing works, only...
  29. M

    Lenovo Battery Issue

    Hello I have lenovo Y50 that has a built in battery ( I cant remove it ) and it is not charging when I plug it the laptop powers but it says Plugged in, charging and it stays at 0% Forever . idk if that battery is even replaceable please help me
  30. A

    Renewment of thermal compounds lead to turn offs, ASUS g71gx

    Dear tom'sGuide users, I have been looking for a solution to cure my laptop from overheating. I have then finally decided to reapply a new thermal compound Arctic mx4 on my GPU and CPU. After successfully doing that, I have reinstalled every wire and started the computer. After a while, it...
  31. Z

    Huge fps drops from 500 to 20

    Hey, fellow tomsguide users I have this huge problem when I play my fps are smooth and drop down very low .. So for example when I play Minecraft Im getting about 500fps and every like 10 secons my fps drop down to 20 for about 3 seconds and then go back to 500fps and do the same again and...
  32. J

    Blue Yeti High Pitched Noise

    I'm not sure how to explain it. When recording with my Blue Yeti in any recording program (I primarily use Audition CC), there is this very high pitched and very annoying white noise, it's very obvious in the audio file I'll link below. Although you might have to turn up your volume in order to...
  33. Ozrocksz

    Installed Eset Antivirus and now i'm having Windows and Internet Issues

    So, basically it's what the title says. After installing Eset, at first i was having internet issues, like disconections, no internet at all and i couldn't even restore the system because it gave an error (0xc0000022). So after rebooting my pc, now windows is not starting properly. It says...
  34. S

    Acer Aspire 4520 help

    I recently replaced the power jack on my laptop, now that ive reassembled it when i turn it on the power button led comes on ebut nothing else, the screen is totally blank, i can hear the fan running and disk drive is able to open but nothing else, please help me out! btw i want to replace the...
  35. Ant Vo

    Is 110°F+ way to hot for a laptop hard drive?

    Hello Laptop community. My laptop is one of those laptops that you wish you could just put aside and buy a new one. That aside, is 110°F+ just way to hot for a typical laptop on Google Chrome? Using Hard Disk Sentinel, I found out that my computer keeps a 111°F temperature at idle and has went...
  36. C

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 - Subwoofer not working right.

    Hi guys, I guess I've tried everything. Really, I'M SURE that, I've plugged everything correctly, it's all right related to cables. When my sound is in 7.1 mode, it sounds bad, really bad, no bass boost, subwoofer etc. When I put it on 2.2 mode, pressing the button on the little control, it...
  37. S

    External flash on nikon dslr wont work

    Hello I recently purchased a nikon d7100 and a vivitar sf-3000 flash. when i press the test button on the flash it works but when I try to take a photo i get nothing. Is there something I have to change in the menu? or buy a better one? Please help I need to use it very soon. Thanks
  38. N

    Samsung Galexy S Mobile Network issue/keys glitching

    hey, so as the title says, i have a samsung galexy s, and whenever i turn on the mobile network the bottom keys (menu, home, back, search) get all glitchy and start clicking themselves and not clicking sometimes, its weird, and i was wondering if theres a fix, or if im just gonna have to live...
  39. S

    Razer Kraken Forged Edition or Razer Kraken 7.1

    Honestly, I have no idea what to get out of these two, price is not an issue, and before you ask, the reason I would prefer to get Razer Headphones as it goes with the rest of my Peripherals and I've owned Razer headphones in the past and they've been epic, and I like the colour, now as I was...