Jul 2, 2021
From the PC health check app I saw that I needed to enable secure boot for windows 11 . I went into the BIOS for the HP EliteOne and disabled Legacy Boot and enabled Secure Boot and also checked the UEFI box. when I save and exit it the PC can't boot up. Error is like "No boot options found". I did a Hdd test and it was working properly. If I enable the Legacy Boot and disable the Secure Boot HP EliteOne is worjing as it used to. I want to get the windows 11 from the windows insider program. I've been trying to fix this issue for a few days now I have finally GIVEN UP, I'm using this platform for the first time I hope I can get some help <33
How farther than seeing your username in a box? If you haven't been set up a photographic "facial recognition" you might be allowed in.

Every windows 11 system without being a static PC wll have accept that "only way in" is set up. I'm sticking with 10 (and Linux) so I can't experiment to see if a printed photograph gets you in. Perhaps, you can try that.