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  1. DedeB

    Question In Windows 11 Chrome open only in taskbar as a tile? I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. Set as default as well.

    In Windows 11 Chrome open only in taskbar as a tile? I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. Set as default as well.
  2. D

    Windows 11 PC corrupting external SSD drives in docking station, help!

    I recently got a Sabrent 5-bay USB docking station for SSD drives. I put 2 SanDisk 1 TB SSD Plus SATA III drives in it and connected it via a USB 3.0 port in my Windows 11 PC. Both of the SSD drives in the docking station are repeatedly corrupted for some unknown reason. I changed the USB port...
  3. T

    Question WIFI issues windows 11

    Hi all Bit of a strange one and I've tried all the normal things to get my WIFI working again (this is on a desktop but couldn't find the right thread to post in) Its been Woking fine since upgrading to windows 11 but to day I turned it on and its showing connected to router (Netgear...
  4. R

    Question Does Photoshop 7.0 run on Windows 11?

    Does Photoshop 7.0 run under Windows 11 Pro? I've used my Photoshop 7.0 since Win XP and it does everything I need.... I have been using on Win 10 Pro for several years with only a few quirks. MS is bugging me to upgrade to Win 11. Will 7.0 still run OK? I do just basic photo touch up on old...
  5. V

    Solved! Windows 11 - Touchpad erratic after screen turns off

    I recently upgraded to Windows 11. Now, every time my Dell 7590 laptop turns off the screen, the touchpad is unresponsive and erratic. The only way to prevent this behaviour is to set screen turn off to "never". Or alternatively to restart the laptop. I never had this problem with Windows 10...
  6. booboo123

    Question My ssd is not detected after failing to upgrade to windows 11 beta from dev channel

    Hello everyone I had windows 11 dev / preview installed I switched to the insider program and started updating to the latest one The installation / update failed and now i cannot detect my ssd where OS was installed I have tried chkdsk and found errors in my other normal harddrive( that did...
  7. latifmian_75

    Question Secure Boot - HP

    From the PC health check app I saw that I needed to enable secure boot for windows 11 . I went into the BIOS for the HP EliteOne and disabled Legacy Boot and enabled Secure Boot and also checked the UEFI box. when I save and exit it the PC can't boot up. Error is like "No boot options found". I...