Question My ssd is not detected after failing to upgrade to windows 11 beta from dev channel

Aug 26, 2021
Hello everyone

I had windows 11 dev / preview installed
I switched to the insider program and started updating to the latest one
The installation / update failed and now i cannot detect my ssd where OS was installed

I have tried chkdsk and found errors in my other normal harddrive( that did not have OS just data)
It also says it cannot fix it with the "chkdsk /f" command since disk is write protected. I understand that this message comes when disk is corrupted

Now i am at loss since i cannot format the ssd or do anything since it cannot be detected

Currently i have made an easeUS partition bootable usb and trying to look for any signs of hope.

I hope anyone can help address how to solve this?
- Windows 11 update to beta failed and bios / pc cannot detect ssd
Running dsk


Sep 6, 2020
BEFORE making any big changes to your system you should clone your C drive to a external hard drive. (Acronis True image) you can get a cheap used hard drive off E-Bay,
then if something like this happens, swap hard drives and you are back up immediately.
Then clone the screwed up drive from the internal drive, to the bad one in the external drive and you have a perfectly good internal drive, and a perfectly good back-up.

This may sound expensive, you can do it for about $45. Beats the $200 + you are about to pay.
This is not a Nanny nanny poo poo fanny, just plain info for later. I clone my C drive weekly. Just start it, and go have dinner or go to bed.

Oh and by the way, this is a 100% software problem. I sincerely doubt you will get anything worthwhile out of buying a new computer.
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