Question My HP is not recognizing its dedicated GPU, fans full on, omen gaming hub doesn't install drivers

Nov 7, 2021
Product: HP OMEN 5CD71428FT
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)

Hello community, I've recently bought a HP OMEN laptop from a guy off the internet. It is working perfectly, boot times are a bit long for what I expect from a SSD but it is ok overall. The strange thing about it is that the fans are always at 100% even though I disabled the always on fan in BIOS. I'm always prompted on bootup with a screen that states that the PC has turned off because of overheating, which it has not and I've replaced the thermal paste aswell.

The biggest problem and the one I cannot live with is that my dedicated GPU does not seem to work. It is not detected in Device Manager and I can't install drivers for it either. On a fresh install of windows 10 I can see an "Unknown device" in Device Manager which eventually disappears once windows installs drivers and a "PCI Device", "PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller" and "PCI Memory Controller", all with yellow triangles. They usually all disappear if I let windows choose drivers and install them automatically but now I don't want it to do this because I would lose them. I've tried manually installing drivers, looking in the BIOS for anything related to the GPU but found nothing, I manually installed all the drivers from the HP site. Now... i'm kinda lost, I'm worried that this might be a hardware issue and I really don't want this :(.

Also, I can't access the "My PC" in the OMEN Gaming HUB because it always states that I need to install some drivers which I do but after I close and open the program, or I reboot, it says the same thing again. I've tried uninstalling all the drivers with DDU and installing them again. The hardware instance path for "PCI device" is PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_522A&SUBSYS_8217103C&REV_01\00000001004CE00000 .

Thank you in advance and I look forward for your answers.
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