Oct 18, 2015
I have the 360 Elite, a computer, and a monitor with 1x hdmi, 1x vga, and 1x dvi inputs (Acer gn246hl). There are no built-in speakers.

How can I get audio from the xbox? I would like to use my headset (Creative SoundBlaster Tactic 3D Sigma), but I will take any option at this point.

The simpler and less expensive, the better.

Would just plugging in speakers to the back of my monitor work?

All help is appreciated, thank you.
I am missing something here...

What controller are you using?

Are there any output ports on the monitor (make and model)?

As I understand your post this is your xbox, e.g.:

No accessories? No manual...?

You should be able to use your existing headset.

Not sure about what the constraint(s) may be.... Are you able to provide additional detail? Thanks.


Not able to make out the labeling on the port nor see the port below.

On the controller (not the box) is there a 3.5 mm female port for audio? Or any other port for that matter?

The question is really a matter of identifying the options available (i.e., real working output ports - not placeholder "dummies"), determining if you can configure them for audio either directly or indirectly with some adapter perhaps.

What does your User Guide/Manual say? If you do not have a manual go online and downlown the manufacturer's manual for your model number.

Fortunately, that is one of the easier things to "fix".

You just need to obtain a 3.5 mm female plug to male 2.5mm plug adapter.

Your headset male plug goes into the adapter and the adapter into the controller port.

Google "3.5 mm to 2.5 mm adapters" Lots of products available.

Just be sure to match the physical "tip, ring, sleeve" connections to match the headset.
Google "tip ring sleeve images"

Here is an example - there are other diagrams, photos, and explanations available.

Your adapter must match the headset pattern and include the microphone connectivity.

Perhaps something more like the following. Note - only good for Xbox 360:

More a matter of the details and matching things up. Your headset has two 3.5 mm plugs provided I identified your set correctly. One 3.5 mm for stereo sound, one 3.5 mm plug for microphone.

The 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm adapter must match accordingly.
Probably this adapter:


Edit Correction: Actually Need 2.5 mm male to 3.5 mm female and not that specific Cablemart adapter. The one solid piece is the real message - apologies.

I would probably go with the first one just as a matter of keeping the adapter sort of "inside" and protected. But the 90 degree bend and dangling cable can be problematic as well. More to get pulled, break apart, twisted. Do not go with the lowest price but a higher price is no longer any real guarantee either.

Make sure you can return for any reason.
This one:

The 2.5 mm male end goes into the controller. The 3.5mm stereo headset plug would go into the 3.5 mm female connector end of the adapter.

Stereo sound - no microphone.

You may be able to find the adapter locally under a different brand name. Radio Shack, big box store, electronics shop; any place carrying audio devices and systems.