Solved! Xbox & Computer both connected to same monitor... How can I get my standalone speakers to play audio through both devices?

Aug 1, 2020
Hey what's up folks?

Here is the description simply stated.

I have a 2019 benq monitor which only has 1 HDMI port. It also has 1 display port, and 1 VGA port as well. Now my xbox is using the hdmi port because that's the only option. So as I would have liked to have 2 hdmi ports to use (1 for xbox, 1 for computer), this isn't an option.

Note - under the input selections for my monitor has 1 listed hdmi, 1 listed dvi, and 1 listed as D-sub which as I understand it D-sub is essentially the same as VGA...?

I now am using an HDMI to VGA adapter for my computer, which has let me seamlessly switch between the xbox/computer with simply changing the input on monitor.

I bought a pair of decent but simple speakers off amazon b/c the computer speakers are god awful. I have two cables to connect my speakers. 1st cable is the standard 3.5mm Jack which is attached to my monitor. The other is a usb port, which I assume is mainly for a power source for said speakers. I have switched the usb from the 1 usb port on the xbox and then to the computer which made no difference - which was to be expected as I stated my belief its just for a power source.

Here's the problem: Xbox (using hdmi cable) has perfect audio to monitor. Computer (using hdmi to VGA adapter to monitor) does not have any audio whatsoever. I thought by simply changing the input the speakers would themselves switch too.

What am I doing wrong here? I used the search function but wasn't able to find a good answer,

- Thank you all for your help