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  1. N

    Question Buying Monitor for Readings Text

    Dears, I'm looking to buy a 24 inches monitor, I want to use it for office work mostly reading mail texts and sometimes watching graphs I find two monitor models: One has 4K resolution with 1:000 contrast ratio. Another one has only full HD resolution but with higher contrast ratio of...
  2. J

    Solved! How to connect newer USB-C laptop to older E-port dock (with no USB-C)

    Hi, I have an e-port docking station with two monitors connected. I've since been issued a new laptop without any docking pins underneath it - but it has USB-C. The e-port has Displayport and HDMI but no USB-C connection. With both monitors connected to the e-port, as before, would it work if...
  3. K

    PC will not pick up external audio!!!

    my pc only picks up audio from the monitor, and ive tried updating all drivers, reinstalling them, even resetting my computer did nothing. It’s an MSI nightblade mi3 please help me! they wont even be picked up in the device manager or in the audii devices! theres only the acer nvidia output and...
  4. S

    Solved! How do I fix this display issue?

    I bought a new HDMI to VGA adapter for my laptop (Lenovo Flex 15, model 20309.) When I connected it to my Dell (E228WFP) monitor, it cut out the bottom and was blurry. I fixed it by duplicating my laptop screen. How do I fix it so that I don't have to use my laptop screen?
  5. A

    Solved! Dell G7 with 2 external monitors?

    I’m interested in a dell G7, but I would like to use it closed with two external monitors. Is there a way to do this other than the D6000 hub?
  6. B

    No Audio on Dell Monitor

    Dell Monitor s2418h can not get any audio from the speaker that it has built in.
  7. A

    Solved! Increasing Native Resolution over maximum recommended resolution; Can i do it?

    Hi, is it possible to increase the resolution of your laptop screen over its maximum resolution provided? So my screen only caps at 1366x768. When connecting it to a monitor that’s capable of resolutions over 1366x768, the screen resolution of my laptop jumps to the highest resolution capable by...
  8. T

    Does my laptop support a 144hz monitor?

    I have an asus vivobook pro 15 n580gd with a gtx 1050 and a i7 8th generation. Does my laptop support a 144hz monitor?
  9. MART3R

    Laptop screen black unless I uninstall Graphics drivers?

    So Ive just got this older laptop and its a Dell V3550 and Ive come across quite the odd issue. Laptop screen is fine until after signing into windows, my screen then goes black with the backlight still on. If I plug 2nd monitor into the laptop I can see the display fine through that. If I...
  10. J

    Solved! Powered Subwoofer to Powered Monitors

    Hi, So I just bought myself a new subwoofer and wanted to connect it to my pair of powered monitors. But I can't figure out the best way to plug them up. The main speaker have an output to a subwoofer cable and output the other speaker. The subwoofer have right and left input and right and left...
  11. R

    Solved! Adding USB Port to Monitor with Only HDMI & VGA Ports

    I have a HP monitor I use to display from my laptop. The monitor does not have a USB port, only HDMI and VGA ports. I would like to add a USB port to the monitor - is there a way to do this? Link to monitor here: Note: fully aware I can just use the USB ports on the...
  12. M

    Solved! Stupid Question that I can't find an answer to, hoping someone can help.

    I also am not sure if it should be under here or CPU's considering my concern. I use my TV as a monitor and decided I wanted to use something else on the same TV. If I switched sources on the TV to use the other device while my CPU is running on the same device would it cause a problem? This...
  13. J

    Speaker Wire to RCA Connection from subwoofer to studio monitors is very quiet.

    Connecting my subwoofer to my studio monitors is very quiet. I just bought this subwoofer and have these studio monitors...
  14. J

    Solved! Will buying ONLY a new screen fix my laptop?

    I have this laptop a friend gave me and it's already not worth THAT much but he wants me to fix it. Ive never replaced a screen before but I'm confident I'll figure it out. What I'm not sure on is if replacing the screen is the ONLY thing I need to do to fix on it. I hooked up a second monitor...
  15. C

    Solved! Lenovo Yoga Black Screen after disconnecting from external monitor

    Lenova Yoga 900 13-isk Both Laptop screen and Monitor screen show the display but when disconnected from external monitor laptop screen becomes black. Try to reboot from laptop disconnected to external monitor. It boots with windows welcome sound but the screen is black with function keys...
  16. P

    Solved! Getting sound from alienware monitor

    I have 2 hdmi ports on this monitor, (hdmi 1)one goes to computer, (hdmi 2) to cable box for tv. Question is can I get (hdmi 2) to play through the computer speakers?
  17. U

    Solved! 1080p laptop to 2k monitor

    I have a laptop and I want to buy a 2k monitor. How do I make it so that it displays in 2k not 1080p?
  18. A

    Solved! Auto shutdown HT and monitor

    Hello I have some issues... My setup is like this, from PC I have a HDMI cable to Samsung HT and from HT to the monitor another HDMI cable. Is there any possibility when I shut down the computer to also close/shutdown HT and monitor? Or at least the monitor when I'm closing the HT? I'm getting...
  19. V

    MSIGE62 Screen Flickering

    For the past few months I've been getting a flickering, horizontal effect across my laptop's monitor under certain circumstances. The effect comes along with purple lines striking horizontally across the lower half of the screen. I can clear this by either restarting the laptop or simply...
  20. S

    Solved! How or can I use my HP Chromebook as a screen monitor for my Kodak PIXPRO AZ401

    I am new to video making and I just purchased a HP Chromebook touchscreen and also a Kodak PIXPRO AZ401 and will be using it for makeup tutorials. My HP Chromebook has a front camera and it says HD but the resolution is not so great. Please can anyone help me or point me in the right...
  21. A

    Solved! Help with a laptop and a monitor

    Hi so i was wondering if this laptop can run on my 144hz screen ViewSonic XG2402 2 the laptop only has hdmi and 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C 1. can i get at list 120hz with that laptop on my screen if i buy an adaptor or...
  22. M

    Sony xbr49-900f, motion flow dont work with 120hz pc custom resolution

    Hi, Its a real picky situation. Not sure if people already saw that kind of issue Im owning a sony 4k 120hz monitor(xbr49-900f) and the problem is, the motion flow dont seem to work when im on any 120hz custom resolution from my PC and watching netflix. At the start, my pc dont recognize my tv...
  23. Z

    Which of my speakers are better?

    This is going to sound very stupid I know. So I just built a gaming rig, and at the moment I am using my TV for a monitor. Not great, but it works for now. I'm buying a monitor soon, and will have to hook up speakers at that point. Now, I've hooked up some speakers and they sound good, so do my...
  24. M

    Black screen on MacBook Pro Retina 13

    When I start my MacBook Pro the screen goes black, it makes the boot noise but no image appears, but the computer is on because the capslock led comes on. I have already seen in some forums about this problem but none of them helped me, I have already reset NVRAM and SMC but continue to boot the...
  25. F

    Solved! I need to hide second screen for apps.

    Hello, Like in Topic, I need to hide second monitor, because i usually keep private stuff on it and i need this for my work. But I work only on one screen, and apps screenshoot two of them. Is there any program that hide that second screen or nvidia settings? And i can't use virtual machine with...
  26. A

    Lenovo C260 to xbox

    Can I connect my Lenovo c260 monitor to an Xbox?
  27. J

    Solved! my desktop won't show up on my tv but has audio

    Why won't my desktop top show up on my tv?
  28. T

    My android phone has been hacked. Can you help me find the bastard?

    I have various reasons to believe I have been hacked. By searching for hidden apps I found lots of suspicious files. They are all similary called. and I can not find anything about them on the internet. ex. net.LYONStudio.flower.clockpackage net.LYONStudio.flower.contacts...
  29. B

    Monitor only shows black screen

    Hello everyone. Sorry if this has already been solved I didn't see any threads that fixed my problem. I recently purchased an Acer ED242QR and when I turn my computer on I see exclusively a black screen. No logo and no windows. The menus don't show up either. I have tested my second monitor and...
  30. S

    Solved! Would a display port cable let me use a 144 hz monitor for my laptop?

    My laptop inly has a 1.4b HDMI port so I want to buy a display port cable so that I can hook up a 144 hz monitor to my laptop
  31. gijoe50000

    Solved! Can my Onkyo AV receiver play audio only over HDMI?

    I picked up a TX-SR606 receiver for cheap on eBay and it just arrived today. I was trying, for ages, to get sound over HDMI from my pc, but I didn't succeed until I put the receiver in passthrough mode (not sure if that made a difference) and I disconnected my display port from my pc->monitor...
  32. S

    Solved! LG Signage Monitor Audio Out Issues!

    I have an LG 55LV35A signage monitor. I am trying to find a way to get audio coming out from the TV through external speakers. The LG website says it does not support Audio Internally or Externally but I was wondering whether a HDMI Audio Extractor work.
  33. K

    Solved! Play audio from hdmi through external speaker

    I recently bought a 32 inch monitor to use as a small tv in my room but the monitor doesnt have an auxiliary output. Was wondering if there is a way to connect the monitor to an external speaker to play audio that is coming into it through my chromecast
  34. K

    "Second" monitor turns off when closing laptop lid

    There are two separate monitors, excluding the Laptop screen itself. When I close the laptop lid, the primary monitor stays on, and the secondary no longer gets a signal. I've even made it so it doesn't go to sleep when closing the lid, and it still shuts off. But when the laptop is open...
  35. T

    Dual monitor with laptop not working

    I have an Asus rog gl 552 vw laptop which has an HDMI port to connect an external monitor. I have two monitors and want to connect those with my laptop. I have brought an HDMI splitter which only duplicates the display. So, then I brought a USB c to HDMI adapter. I connected one of my monitor...
  36. V

    Solved! HDMI source connected to displayport monitor HP25X

    I have tried to connect PS4 or ABox to a displayport of my newly bought HP25X monitor (144Hz) with an HDMI Cable + HDMI/DP adapter but without success. Any idea why it does not work ? what should I do to make it work ? Thanks
  37. S

    Gaming monitor choice

    I own a gtx 1070 I think it's the 8 gig one I was thinking of buying a new gaming monitor something with a 1ms response and atleast 144 hz . I don't play many first person shooters did I really need g sync? Or are the specs I choose good enough for non professional gaming
  38. A

    Studio Monitors connected to PC AND bluetooth receiver at the same time

    Hello - very big audio noob here, so please bear with me :) I've currently got a pair of JBL LSR 305 connected with 1/4 jack to an Alpha Lexicon Pro audio interface, which is connected to my PC through USB. Sometimes (when Im not producing music or using my PC) I would really like to be able...
  39. A

    Solved! Can I use a monitors refresh rate?

    So I just got a keyboard, mouse and a monitor. So I was wondering if can use my monitors refresh rate it’s 75hz and obviously my laptops is 60 I was wondering if for games like cs I could make it 75 since I’m using my monitor and it’s all connected and working I was just wondering about that...
  40. R

    Solved! Best Sub $200 Bezeless Monitor

    Looking for a monitor below $200(preferably $150) bezelless on sides and top. 60-75hz, IPS panel, dont care about response time. Heres something similar I found but after doing research its response time can be upwards of 30ms when it advertises as 1...
  41. L

    can a msi optix24 monitor run on dell i3 intel graphics 4410

    can an msi optixG24C monitor run on dell laptop i3 with an intel graphics 4410?
  42. P

    Solved! HWINFO giving weird readings when starting up Warframe

    I use HWINFO to monitor temps for my CPU and GPU. For some reason, whenever I start Warframe the GPU temps just up extemely high (80-90C), but as soon as I long in GPU temps read in the 60s. Is this just an error from HWINFO or is it something I should worry about?
  43. Y

    Solved! Toshiba L300 does not send signal to external monitor

    Hi, My Toshiba L300 does not send VGA signal to Viewsonic2230w monitor despite it recognises it. I can see my monitor in Device manager and display settings. I can hear the chimes when connect it but no signal. I uodated viewsonic driver but I only fund it for win7. Monitor works fine with...
  44. V

    Laptop (XPS 15 9570) display has low response rate and causing eye strain

    I recently purchased a Dell XPS 15 9570 with the FHD (1080p) display. This screen seems to have a very low response time. Doing any sort of scrolling leaves a very noticeable ghosting (blurry) effect. It's annoying and I'll be okay with it, except I have been getting serious eye strains using...
  45. C

    Solved! How to connect PS4 Pro to normal monitor with VGA.

    watch this video you will now how to connect ps4 pro to monitor with vga. without any adapter.. all you need is you pc or laptop.. * Mode edit, changed link. Posts that promote driving traffic/ads to sites are not allowed...
  46. R

    How to Use Activity Monitor to Speed Up your MacBook Pro

    Even though the MacBook Pro is one of the fastest PCs that you can get, due to over usage and passage of time its RAM can get totally occupied and thereby make the PC slow. This is actually a problem most MacBook Pro users face in the long run. And while there are a variety of ways to try and...
  47. R

    How to Manage the Data Monitoring on your Amazon Fire Stick

    Owing to its varied cool and extensive features, the product immediately turned out to be a huge success ever since its arrival. One of the brilliant features of the Amazon Fire TV is that the user can constantly track and monitor the data consumption, set the data limits and also view the data...
  48. T

    Roku to sound bar to gaming monitor, video cuts out

    I have a BenQ RL2755HM gaming monitor with a PS4 Pro to Elgato HD60 via HDMI to one HDMI port on the monitor. The 2nd HDMI port on the monitor I have a Roku Premier (2018) routed to the 2nd HDMI port on the monitor and both devices work fine however I decided to add a Sony HK-N400 sound bar to...
  49. T

    Solved! Can I use a 144 Hz monitor at my laptop (ROG GL753)?

    Ive been having playing First person shooter games, and felt that a 100 stable fps feels better than a stable 60, so the question is Can I use a 144 Hz monitor at my laptop (ROG GL753)?
  50. R

    How to Use your Android Device to Monitor your Roku Screen

    Roku is one of the leading streaming devices and digital media players developed by Roku, Inc. They’re well known and admired for their wide access to amazing streaming channels like Netflix, HBO, Prime, and more. Roku provides some of the most flexible features which are also in accordance with...
  51. E

    Solved! Correct way to pass HDMI audio from PC to sound bar?

    I'm trying to connect my PC to LG SJ9 sound bar via HDMI to utilize Dolby Atmos. But I am running into some issues. Currently I have an HDMI cable plugged into my GPU (GTX1080) to HDMI IN on the sound bar. However, this is causing some screen flickering and NVIDIA control panel thinks there is...
  52. R

    Solved! Trying to get audio when connecting blu-ray player to monitor

    Hi all, I want to connect my blu ray player to my monitor, and this was easy to achieve with a HDMI cable. The picture is perfect, and the only issue is that there is no audio since the monitor isn't enabled for sound. This is all pretty 'duh', so my actual question is this - what are my...
  53. G

    Best Baby Monitor 2015

    We tested six video cameras to find which delivers the sharpest images and best features for monitoring a sleeping child. Here are the best. Best Baby Monitor 2015 : Read more
  54. C

    Solved! Mount speakers to side of monitor

    So guys, I have just received my 2.1 speaker channel setup for better sound quality and bass but unfortunately, I don't have enough space for my height adjustable desk...
  55. A

    Black bar on monitor

    so i bought a monitor samsung s22a100n "21.5" and its native resolution is 1920*1080 and when i plugged it in the gpu i got a thin black bar almost 3 mm vertically on the edg of the screen now the monitor dosent have any auto adjust and the driver is updated my gpu driver is also updated i...
  56. Y

    Cisco User Session Monitor preventing shutdown

    Hi guys, Last night I attempted to shut my machine down only to find something peculiar, the following message appeared: (my name)User_Session_Monitor_Cisco is stopping the machine from shutting down My computer is based in a home environment and is not connected up to any work environment at...
  57. I

    Graphics Card wont read my monitor

    So, I have a double monitor computer. It was starting to collect too much dust inside so I decided to clean it carefully. I removed everything, including the motherboard, and put it back properly. I turned it on and it was booting normally, but later on I found out that only 1 of my monitors was...
  58. T

    GL553VD 120hz monitor upgrade, will it work?

    my gl553vd's warranty is coming to an end soon, so i'm looking to upgrade it's monitor the current monitor is NT156FHM-N41, which is only 60hz if i replace with B156HTN05.1 will it work? do i need to flash firmware or...
  59. T

    Solved! How do i get the microphone and the audio to work at the same time through my montior?

    For reference, i have an LG - 24MP59G-P 23.8" monitor. Full specs:
  60. S

    Solved! Screen turned pinkish with green lines - Lenovo Y50 laptop

    I bought this laptop in 2015 so the warranty expired in 2017. ISSUE: Today when I turned on the laptop, I saw pinkish text with green lines come up right from the start ("Lenovo" text in the beginning) and it leaves temporary traces of previous window/pane when I move to another one. I have...