Which of my speakers are better?

Jan 21, 2019
This is going to sound very stupid I know. So I just built a gaming rig, and at the moment I am using my TV for a monitor. Not great, but it works for now. I'm buying a monitor soon, and will have to hook up speakers at that point. Now, I've hooked up some speakers and they sound good, so do my other speakers I have. I have 3 different sets. I can clearly hear a difference between them, but I'm not sure which sound better... It's just "different." Is there any way to know besides preference? Can I go into device properties and see which are better? I've looked at their sample rates, but it means nothing to me considering that you can straight up CHANGE the sample rate in the properties menu. This is pretty stupid but I need to know which of my speakers are best. Thanks in advance.


It would help if you listed Model numbers, how can anyone tell you what is "Technically" best by specs if we have no idea what you physically own. From my perspective "Best" is subjective to the users individual tastes as well as where you put your PC and the room itself.

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Question from zephramfoster : "Which of my speakers are better?"

^Agree with above. Sound is subjective. Like some people like dark chocolate and some don't. On top of that, sound coming from games honestly are just a series of sound effects, not critically high fidelity IMO, just keep the better looking ones bro.
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