Question Can you connect a soundbar system and other speakers to an amp to be able to play audio in sync?

Feb 22, 2024
Ok hopefully guys take it easy on me and not too much of an audio wizard here but I have a sound bar system that has two rear speakers and a subwoofer. (two rear speakers each have their own power supply and connect via Bluetooth to the subwoofer and that whole setup connects to soundbar via Bluetooth, by the way. )have a pair of outdoor speakers I have now, and there are potential other speakers I could hook up either wired or Bluetooth but I got an amp that has numerous options for connecting. wired, bluetooth, RCA, coaxial, optical, and USB hook up. Is it possible to hook up my sound bar system that has the two speakers and subwoofer, and two outdoor speakers which are wired, to amp to have them play audio in sync?