Question How to connect JBL psw1000 to passive speakers

May 21, 2022

Thanks to all who take time to read and reply!

I recently found a JBL psw1000 subwoofer with two JBL j620M passive speakers. I tried to connect these via Volt 176 interface connected to my Alienware laptop (also tested with MacBook pro as well). All the cable connections double (or triple) checked with the subwoofer's manual. In the end, when I play music, I only hear sound coming from the subwoofer, but not from external speakers (neither). As a newbie, I wanted to get experts' opinions on what I was doing wrong?


Well that interface connects the speakers, but you don't have any power to the speakers. Need an amp. Get a receiver with an aux in, connect speakers and the sub to that (most receivers would have a sub out for use with a powered sub), use audio out on the laptop to the receiver.