Solved! How to connect active speaker to Sherwood RD-6513 AVR?

Dec 15, 2021
Hi everybody,

Just wanted to preface this by saying that I don't understand too much about AVRs, so please keep things simple:

I own a Sherwood RD-6513 AVR and currently have 5 passive speakers and a sub connected to it. I wanted to replace 2 of the passive speakers with a set of studio monitors (M-Audio Audiophile AV40). According to what I have read, the way to go about connecting an active speaker to an AVR is via a pre-out line. Unfortunately, it seems that this particular Sherwood only has 1 pre-out line for the sub. Is there any way my idea can still be implemented?

Thanks a bunch!

The sub pre out likely has some sort of filter on it for frequencies and is very likely also a mono signal, so no, you need normal passive speakers.