Question Can you listen to tv and computer at same time through a headset?

Aug 2, 2022
Im looking to find out if im able to listen to my tv while im also able to listen to my computer though my headphones at the same time, so i can listen to my tv while im playing games, since i cant listen to my tv through its speakers well unless the volume is up but i dont live alone so that isnt an option especially at night.

I do have wireless headphones that have a device to connect them to my tv and the headphones also have a port for a wired connection so was wondering if wired connection to my pc and wireless to tv would be able todo this, or if both could be wireless.


Yes with a audio splitter. Cable from TV to splitter, cable from computer to splitter, splitter to headphones. It's not likely the headphones will work on both wireless and wired signals from different sources, but you seem to already have them so why no try it?
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