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  1. InvertedEight

    Question Blaupunkt TV menus are not working!

    Hey folks, first time posting here. I bought a Blaupunkt 43” TV from Tesco in the UK on Black Friday a couple of years ago and it’s run absolutely fine with no issues right up until about a mont ago, when suddenly the menu that pops up from the bottom of the screen to allow you to select the...
  2. Condo0132

    Question horizontal purple-ish pixel bar along the top of the image

    TV output is great in darker scenes but in lighter/white scenes the TV has a horizontal purple-ish pixel bar along the top of the image. its a samsung series 6 58 inch. Was wondering if its a capacitor or a board i could replace? here are some images to see what i mean.
  3. C

    Question Why did my Samsung TV suddenly stop accepting the signal from my Wii?

    I have a Samsung 6-series Smart TV that I bought at the end of 2016. I have an 2006 Wii that I connected using a component cable and the adapters that came with the TV. It worked great. Then earlier this year, the TV stopped accepting the signal. It identifies the input as 720x480 60i, but...
  4. J

    Question FD3800x connection to Samsung nu6100?

    I am planning to buy Samsung nu6100 and set it up with my fd3800x speaker system which is 5.1 system. The problem is that tv does not have Bluetooth or RCA connections. It somehow also do not have the headphone jack so i do not have any option to connect my speaker to my TV. Can anyone please...
  5. X

    Question App volume problems on Samsung Smart TV with LG Soundbar

    Good evening. I have a Samsung 49MU6290 TV connected to an LG LAS551H soundbar Via HDMI ARC. Also connected is a Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-Ray Player, a Spectrum DVR and a Nintendo Switch. The soundbar provides booming sound and usually when I am watching TV or playing games it is fine at about 15...
  6. Shahnaaz1309

    Question Youtube not working

    Hi. I have a 65" tcl 4k tv and when i open the youtube app, I can't search anything on it. It just says load more failed or no result. Please help.