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  1. Fairlytaleree

    Question HiSense Qingdao updated my monitor/tv as this year arrived! (55A63HT)

    Hello readers, this is my first post to these forums! I have been reading them and the main site at least since the 00s (can't remember when I heard about Tom's). I am impressed (and we own at least 3 HiSense in our family now). One update was just before the 25th celebration, and one was new...
  2. F

    Question Snowy Reception using Cable Antenna A/B Switch

    My parents have a Samsung SmartTV with 1 coaxial input. I moved them to an assisted living facility where they must use a coax cable from the wall to their coax input on the TV. I installed a digital antenna for them so they can get FOX (which sadly they can't get through the facility), and I...
  3. Moonpig13

    Question Can you listen to tv and computer at same time through a headset?

    Im looking to find out if im able to listen to my tv while im also able to listen to my computer though my headphones at the same time, so i can listen to my tv while im playing games, since i cant listen to my tv through its speakers well unless the volume is up but i dont live alone so that...
  4. T

    Question LG Sound Sync Wireless TV - is there anything I can do to connect wireless headphones?

    Hello, I’ve got an LG webos tv uf680v and bought wireless earbuds for it but it will not recognise them. I’m just wondering if it’s worth buying something like a Bluetooth transmitter so that they’ll work? I don’t know much about them so any help would be amazing! Thanks!
  5. K

    Question Lg 29MT48DF-PZ power problem

    Hello kind reader/visitor I got my hands on this ... part of a peculiar television from a friend who wanted to dispose of it. Thought i'll give a shot at fixing it but my efforts came to a stop cause i don't know any further. As said the tv has a kind of power problem (i believe) that is most...
  6. P

    Question ARC issue with Yamaha receiver and Samsung TV

    Hello, I have Yamaha RX-A3080 and Samsung 8K QLED TV QE65Q950RBTXXH. I'm connecting HDMI cable (arc compatible) from oneconnect (HDMI3) to Yamaha receiver OUT1(arc) it seems the tv is switching to HDMI receiver but i don't get any sound. I have configured correctly both the TV and the receiver...
  7. J

    Question FD3800x connection to Samsung nu6100?

    I am planning to buy Samsung nu6100 and set it up with my fd3800x speaker system which is 5.1 system. The problem is that tv does not have Bluetooth or RCA connections. It somehow also do not have the headphone jack so i do not have any option to connect my speaker to my TV. Can anyone please...
  8. X

    Solved! App volume problems on Samsung Smart TV with LG Soundbar

    Good evening. I have a Samsung 49MU6290 TV connected to an LG LAS551H soundbar Via HDMI ARC. Also connected is a Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-Ray Player, a Spectrum DVR and a Nintendo Switch. The soundbar provides booming sound and usually when I am watching TV or playing games it is fine at about 15...
  9. Shahnaaz1309

    Question Youtube not working

    Hi. I have a 65" tcl 4k tv and when i open the youtube app, I can't search anything on it. It just says load more failed or no result. Please help.