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  1. frazzy

    audio only works left side of void pro headset

    i cant hear audio on right side, only left
  2. Kinglitvx

    Question Disabled Cortana broke my FL Studio

    I recently used this power shell command and my fl studio broke. Fl studio worked perfectly fine before doing this command so i think this is correlate. The command is from "" 'Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 |...
  3. X

    Question Having audio problems since getting a new PC case.

    I brought a pre-built PC (MAG H410 Codex 5 MS-B90) a few months back, on Christmas I got a new case (Corsair 4000x) and installed it the same day. Since doing so I've bumped into a problem that causes audio to 'pop' when I cut the volume. (Going from volume 1 to 0). Now this wouldn't be an issue...
  4. R

    Question People can hear my internal sounds.

    This only doesn't happen on discord from what I've found. When I speak through game chat / any other way except for discord everyone can hear my sounds. I'm not using speakers. Its a problem with the headphones but I'm not able to get new headphones for quite a while. Is there a way of me being...
  5. N

    Question Sound setup for my game room

    Need help with audio setup in my gaming room!!!! So I have these devices already that I use to watch content on my LG 27GL850 Monitor. I have two devices as audio outputs: I mostly watch prime video, YouTube, Twitch, Hotstar and live TV on these three devices. The Xbox series S and Fire TV...
  6. M

    Question USB Headset Sound in One Ear Fix?

    Hi there all :) Recently my Corsair HS60 Haptic headset has started only playing sound in the left ear. The haptic bass still works in the right ear and there is a veeeeeery faint sound from it, but barely anything. I looked in the sound settings and the sound is balanced, so it should be fine...
  7. I

    Question Is an DAC required to power an AMP?

    Hello, recently I have bought the 250 Ohm version of the DT990, and I have decided that I wanted to buy an Amp and Dac. I was looking to buy the Schiit Magni 3, and Modi 3. But I was wondering if I could just buy the Amp and connect the Amp from Rca to 3.5mm into the back of my PC. What I am...
  8. Question which output port of amplifier is safe to recording with android phone?

    which output port of an amplifier is safe to record with an android phone?
  9. Wadwamille

    Question Why do nicer microphones not work with VOIP softphone connected to an autodialer?

    I work for a remote call center. We use a VOIP softphone to connect with our autodialer. I have a RODE NT-USB microphone and a separate headset. They do not echo at all in any other voice program (Discord etc.), but callees say I sound echo-y or tinny. The IT guy said it might be because there...
  10. K

    Question Asus microphone. Device detected, but does not pick up sound

    Asus X540UV laptop. Only using the internal audio device (realtek high definiation audio). Thursday i had my laptop upgraded, added RAM. Since then my video and mic stopped working. Now my video is working again. The cable (same cable for mic and cam) connecting from top to the motherboard was...
  11. K

    Question Audio Problem with Razer Kraken X's

    I have a problem with the Razer Kraken X's. Whenever I'm in a Discord call, the audio from the computer leaks into the headset microphone, even when I have the mic muted from the headset. I'm on MacOS. Any suggestions?
  12. marinff

    Question Connecting headphones with TV via wire

    Hi I have an 83 year old grandpa, as he is getting older his hearing capabilities are getting worser... He likes to watch TV but then he sets the volume at like 40... and still then he doesn't hear it that well A few weeks ago we gave him a pair of headphones to try out, he said how he can...
  13. phobodeimachos

    Question help with my headphones

    My headphones are able to use a usb or aux port, and my laptop has a port for both. my headphones work with the aux cord in phone, and my computer works with earbuds in the aux port. my headphones work with my computer in the usb port, but NOT the aux port. this is the stupidest thing and it...
  14. C

    Question Arctic Headset disconnected from Bluetooth

    I have an Arctic Steelseries 9x that is fairly new. It was working fine until I replaced my broken Bluetooth dongle. Now it's not visible in the sound panel unless I select show disconnected devices. Trying to connect while in paring mode does nothing. My other Bluetooth headphones also aren't...
  15. W

    Question What happens if I connect RCA of a sterio speaker (3.5mm male to be used for line out)to line in of CPU ? Does it cause any harm to my speaker?

    What happens if I connect RCA of a sterio speaker (3.5mm male pin to be used for line out)to line in of CPU ? Does it cause any harm to my speaker. I accidentally connected speaker's RCA (3.5mm male pin) to my CPU's line in & it caused loud hissing distorted sound from speaker. I wonder if it...
  16. R

    Question Samsoung TabPro S Sound

    In my Samsung TabPro S laptop, how can I get simultaneous audio through both the USBC and 3.5mm jacks? The 3.5mm sound cuts out when I plug in the USBC. That's not it. I think it has something to do with the sound card.
  17. Akram Sidena

    Question No Audio Output after plugging Mic in Single Jack Laptop

    I looked up the internet for quite some time now but I can't seem to find a solution to this apparently should-be-easy-to-solve problem. I have a Laptop (Acer Aspire E527) that has only ONE audio jack (for headphones/sets). When I plug in the mic, the mic works as it should, but there is no...
  18. S

    Question How to replace a lost Airpod (2nd Gen)?

    Hello, I have Apple Airpods and I lost the right Airpod. How can I replace it? And then how would I connect it once I get a replacement? Would it work with my existing Airpod? I have the charging case for it. Should I buy the Airpod ear piece at Best Buy, Apple, Ebay?
  19. Alec S

    Question Headphone balance is messed up

    I rolled my chair back and slightly tapped my computer and it caused my left headphone to play significantly lower than the right one. I plugged it into my phone to make sure it wasn't the audio port on my PC and it did the same on my phone. The balance audio setting doesn't get the left one...
  20. VanAkard

    Question Subwoofer Connecting Issue

    Have a polk magnifi sub from a sound bar sub kit. Has a “Sub input” but when i plug my receiver into it it keeps trying to pair it with the soundbar. Any way to hack it or advice on building a new sub? Really want to use this one as it sounds phenomenal but just can’t get the thing to work.
  21. P

    Question Input Buzzing PLEASE HELP (Ground loop????)

    My mic is making a buzzing noise, I know it is not the mic because its really clear on other computers. I took apart the PC, made sure the audio cables were all connected, restarted, and uninstalled and reinstalled Realtek Audio Drivers. Please help this is the most frustrating thing in the...
  22. H

    Question Realtek Subwoofer Not Working, Missing as "Audio Channels", Only 2 speaker "Stereo" Available

    The subwoofer is not being recognized by the system. There is a small electronic click when you plug it in or restart the PC. There is no other sign of the subwoofer except for a Realtek notification which tells me it's been plugged in or unplugged. Other than that notification, it doesn't seem...
  23. S

    Question Static from speakers

    I have a record player (it's a cd, cassette, radio and record player combo) with built in speakers. So it should have a amp right? I have it hooked up to external speakers (with rca cables) that have a pre-amp. On the back of the external speaker is a line/phono switch. When it's switched to...
  24. S860

    Question How to connect turntable to powered speakers

    I recently bought a sony ps-hx500 and was wondering what I would need to buy in order to successfully connect is to a set of logitech g560 speakers. Is it simply an rca to 3.5mm cable or is it something else that I need to buy to make it compatible. Thanks.
  25. A

    Question Onboard audio interference

    Hi, I have some problems with onboard audio, some time ago i switched to a new PC case, that has malfunctioning front 3.5mm headphones jack (only right channel plays), I tried to use MIC In jack, and retask to Headphone/Front Speaker out, but somehow it still doesnt sound like real Headphones...
  26. wimpymike

    Question Headphones make a high pitch noise only when I plug it into the jack of my main Dell monitor.

    Hey guys I wanted to use my apple earbuds since I don't like using headphones often anymore. When I plug my apple earbuds into my Dell S2716DG (main)it makes a high pitch noise, it doesn't even matter if video is playing like the moment you plug it in it makes the noise. I tried it on my second...
  27. C

    Question Subwoofer to stereo speakers connection

    I recently purchased a Sony SA-W2500 active subwoofer, and I'm trying to connect it to a pair of Gateway 2000 ACS41 stereo speakers. The speakers have a subwoofer output port, but it's an auxiliary port which is not compatible with the RCA cable that the subwoofer came with. How can I connect my...
  28. CloudPink

    Question Two Blue Yeti mics in one room

    We have two gaming set ups in one room. Both have Blue Yeti microphones. Both use the Discord desktop app to communicate. One person can hear their voice from the other mic and it is very distracting. Set up ONE (cannot hear their own voice from the other mic): -Blue Yeti mic with gains all...
  29. PhoenixFlock

    Question When I Plug my BM800 Mic into my laptop the built in speaker don't work

    In my Laptop there is only 1 Audio Jack and I am Forced to use a Audio jack splitter for the mic then the mic works but my built in speakers of the laptop don't work and then I hv to wear Headphones which is irratating so is there a way i can use the mic and also use my built in speakers I hv...
  30. T

    Question Roccat Khan Aimo vs Roccat ELO 7.1 USB

    Hello everyone, I would like to buy a new gaming headset. I am currently using Roccat Kave and those are great, but too old now. So I am looking for a new one. I am thinking either Roccat Khan Aimo or Roccat ELO 7.1 USB. I don't want wireless. Which one you guys think is better? Lastly I want...
  31. F

    Question MacBook Pro 2014 - Hi-Res Audio Support via Optical Cable ?

    Hi, I just got myself Hi-Res Speakers. On the apple website it says that MacBook Pro 2014 can support Hi-Res Audio at 192KHz My problem is that when I go to Audio MIDI Setup, I can only see max rate at 96KHz. I have checked that with my 3.5mm jack...
  32. A

    Solved! Help with Audio Quality and Background Noise

    Before we get into it, please let it be noted that I have played for less than a month with an electric instrument, and as such I am new to using amplifiers. I have a quarter jack to 3.5mm adapter that I plug into my bass and then to my computer with a $3 cable from amazon, which works fine but...
  33. lorenzoalinari

    Solved! Windows 10 stereo mix doesn't work anymore

    Hi everyone, I have a stereo+sub setup connected to my PC. I use the case front jack for the stereo speakers and I attach the line in of the sub amplifier (a TPA3116) to the mobo green output. Now, I have always used stereo mix to split the sound output and it has always worked fine. I know I...
  34. M

    Solved! Get rid of noise in cell phone headphones

    So basically when I plug this headphones in my smart phone it's completely okay, they are pretty good. But when I plug into pc they produce noise and my head goes crazy. I tried many things like check box listening to mic and stuff but still noise. I think the problem is that the headphones are...
  35. M

    Question new usb mic gives off violent static noise when i first load into a program to use it

    so this is a really annoying and odd problem. if i load into a game chat, or discord etc, my mic just gives off a loud violet static buzz. but unplugging and plugging it back in fixes it.. im on win10, its a Neewer 8000 usb.
  36. shahriar.ratul3123

    Solved! Why do I get static /sparking type of noise from my earphone when I play any sound/music suddenly ?

    Actually, when I play any sound/music on my laptop, I get a static/sparking type of noise from my earphone. It happens once at the beginning when I play something suddenly. It occurs every time while playing any music after a short time of pause. And it feels so noisy that it seems like someone...
  37. Sound guy

    Solved! Why when I connect my subwoofer Yamaha YST SW215 with my speakers to my external soundcard, all I get is a low bass sound with no speaker sound

    Hi guys and girls. My name is Jim and I have an audio system, amplifier NEC, two speakers and a subwoofer Yamaha YST SW215. First I connected my sub to my amp, the speakers to the sub and the amplifier to my external sound card on my pc. Due to the fact that the amp has a problem with the volume...
  38. S

    Solved! How to fix audio in Toshiba Satellite laptop (one day trying fixes)

    Problem: Since driver update with "Iobit driver Booster" Laptop built-in speakers and headphone jack don't work but in the windows sound panel the device shows green waves (sound signal output) Laptop: Toshiba Satellite P50-B-10v (PSPNUE) OS: Windows 10 home x64 v: 2004 Tried fixes (will edit...
  39. M

    Solved! audio jack converter

    Might be silly, but I need help finding a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapter/converter for my stereo aux cable. The shell/grip is too big for my headphones and won't fit the jack all the way in, so the audio only plays out the left side. I'd really just like one similar to the 6.5mm to 3.5mm...
  40. S

    Solved! Replacement subwoofer for Sony HT-CT380 Sound bar

    I have a Sony HT-CT380 Sound bar that came it's own wireless subwoofer. Sadly the subwoofer has now packed in. Can I use another subwoofer with this sound bar ? If so how would I connect it as I can only see HDMI and an optical connection on the sound bar. There is an analogue in port as...
  41. R

    Question Microphone is playing computer audio even when muted

    So I noticed, even if my microphone is muted, that my computer, or at least Discord, because thats what Im trying to fix it on, my input is playing my computer audio. I dont understand why its doing this, even when the mic is muted its still playing computer audio at full volume. I've been...
  42. S

    Question My Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Laptop AMD keeps playing Speaker Audio to the Microphone when I use it on external apps.

    So I've had this issue for a while now and it's really been pissing me off. I recently switched to this laptop and it's been smoother than my old one, but there's still one issue that I can't seem to fix. It only has one audio jack and it detects both the mic and the earphones. I've used a...
  43. T

    Solved! Bm-800 Condenser Microphone not working.

    I recently bought a condenser microphone and a 48V power supply. I am having trouble figuring out what I'm doing wrong with this set up. I've got the microphone XLR cable going to the power supply, I have the cord that came with the microphone(XLR to the audio jack) plugged into the power supply...
  44. dopeeh

    Solved! How do I connect active speakers to an active speaker with no RCA output?

    Hey guys, I just stumbled upon a powered subwoofer from JVC. It's the SP-PW100 and I wanted to add it to my current setup of Presonus 3.5 monitors. These have an active left side with RCA input which has a speaker wire output for the right side. The subwoofer however has an RCA input but only...
  45. T

    Question Can someone help me with my TCL 3010 soundbar?

    I’ve recently bought a TCL 3010 soundbar to go with a tv I got from target a while back. The soundbar was necessary as the tv (AIWA) has pretty bad quality sound. I’ve noticed that the soundbar makes a lot of muffled static noise when the volume is turned down low. I am using the tvs ARC HDMI...
  46. Zajbes

    Solved! Freebuds 3 microphone dont work

    I recently bought the huawei freebuds 3 and everything is working great with one exception, the microphone dont work. I have huawei p30 does any one have a way of fixing it ?
  47. TarlaGaming

    Solved! Fuzzy, noisy audio D:

    My default headphone jack is working just fine when I plug it into my IPad but when I plug it into my PC via splitter cable, there is constant fuzzy noise which annoys me so much while watching videos and playing games. It's like there is a printer printing stuff in the background as quietly as...
  48. Question Half channels from Anthem MRX 700 receiver at low volume. How to troubleshoot/fix?

    Hi everyone, thanks for reading. I have an anthem MRX 700 receiver which I have used for years. Recently, I noticed the volume for my front right, center, back left, and surround left channels were at a much lower volume (not distorted or entirely silent just ~18db lower than the rest). I'm...
  49. gqchishti

    Question Left Right Headphones Channels Inverted when in games

    Hello Everyone! My headphones directional sound is messed up when in games, the left sound is coming like it's on the right and vice versa (Front and back is fine). When I am in windows, like normal browsing , youtube videos, the sound is perfectly fine. Sound test videos or surround sound is...
  50. R

    Solved! Onkyo TX-SV424 Audio Control Amplifier Output Issues

    I have recently tried setting up an old(around 20 yrs old) Onkyo Controller to use with my computer. After some messing around with the system it seems as though only some of the speaker output slots on the back of the controller are working. It has seven total output slots: four front speaker...
  51. N

    Solved! 3.5mm audio messed up (PC)

    Hi there. My 3.5mm jack is messed up and i need help. My sound keeps cutting and sometimes it just stops and i have to force it to work even though thats probably not the best thing to do. So an idea struck and this question remains. Would a USB DAC help me out? Mic included, i have a razer...
  52. Y

    Question DT 990 PRO Volume is extremly low.

    Hi there guys, Long time lurker here and require some advise. I have DT 990 PRO's connected to Asus Strix Soar audio card via audio jack into the headphones port, but the audio appears to be really low. All the volume setting have been set to max 100%, but when playing music it sounds like all...
  53. J

    Question How can i get TV audio out of my old surround sound system?

    Hi, Trying to get the TV audio to come out of my surround sound speakers. TV model - LG 55LW6500-TA Receiver - YAMAHA DVR-S60 Tv is rather old, but receiver is older. TV has hdmi, optical outs. Receiver has only RCA, so no optical, no hdmi. Ive purchased a DIGITAL to ANALOG audio converter...
  54. A

    Solved! Assistance request with Windows/receiver/5.1

    I have the following devices: Yamaha RXC-V383 receiver Acer Predator XB271HU monitor Homemade computer with: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC GAMING video card ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming Z170 Gaming K4 motherboard I'm trying to get this setup so my PC is both GSYNC enabled (requires DisplayPort) and 5.1...
  55. TinyGaatZuipen

    Solved! How to connect 2 audio inputs to 1 headphone

    Hi I have a question I want to connect my pc or phone to my headphones when I’m gaming on xbox one. All 3 have headphone jack 3,5 But i can only find something to swith the audio, i don’t want to switch I want to hear music on my phone or something from my pc while I’m gaming, so i want to...
  56. tomelks

    Solved! How to connect old stereo to android phone (YAMAHA TSX-130)

    Hi guys, I have this audio system in my house for years and it's compatible only for USB jack, old iPod jack or CD. Since all of these inputs are old and not compatible with youtube music I thought I can try and make something out of this 500 $ system (at the time).... I opened up the box and...
  57. swat14888

    Question Headset's microphone not detected by Realtek?

    I just bought a headset (Logitek G332 SE to be exact) , when I plugged it in I got a pop-up from windows asking me which device I just plugged in (options were: Headphones, Headset, Mic In), so naturally, I chose Headset. I can hear through my headset all fine, but the microphone is not working...
  58. S

    Solved! JBL gt-basspro12 no sound

    Hi. Im having issues with my 3 year old jbl gt-basspro 12 sub with amp thats mounted in the back of my car. The sub turns on, and even makes a subtle "thud" when its turning on, but im hearing/feeling no audio coming from it. On the back of the sub it says its on, and shows no issues when i...
  59. Vexzionel

    Question HyperX Cloud Alpha underperforming (low audio)

    Hey guys, I went ahead and bought HyperX Cloud Alphas today after quite a bit of consideration. Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed with the audio and I'm wondering if anything can be done about it. The headset is laughably quiet and the bass is negligible, rest is quite mediocre (kinda...
  60. C

    Solved! Buzzing noise coming from speakers

    Okay, I know there are a zillion threads about it, but I ask for your patience once I still couldn't find a match to my specific situation, so I was wondering if anyone could give me a hint of what may be causing these noises. First, my setup: I have two Macs connected as MASTER- SLAVE, and...