Question Subwoofer to stereo speakers connection

Jan 26, 2021
I recently purchased a Sony SA-W2500 active subwoofer, and I'm trying to connect it to a pair of Gateway 2000 ACS41 stereo speakers. The speakers have a subwoofer output port, but it's an auxiliary port which is not compatible with the RCA cable that the subwoofer came with. How can I connect my subwoofer to the speakers, and is there anything else I would need for the woofer to work properly (such as an amp or receiver)? I've included links to two images, one shows the back of the speaker I want to connect the woofer to and the other shows the back of the subwoofer in case that helps.

Thanks in advance.


You can just get an adapter for the connection and see if that works. If it's an active sub and the speaker sub output is a generic one, they should just output the audio to the sub. Your links don't work since you have the files protected.
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