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  1. SamToz

    Question My Pickering subwoofer has it's amp buzzing - IMPORTANT

    Hey ! I have this active Pickering subwoofer that buzzs loudly when I turn it on, regardless if I play some music or not. That happened when I was fiddling around in the amp's motherboard and made an false manoeuver. The motherboard + capacitors seem fine visually, when that happened it made an...
  2. V

    Question Subwoofer just randomly stopped working in Windows 10 when set to 5.1 audio. Works in other scenarios though. Edit - Issue discovered.

    I have a 5.1 setup plugged into my PC via an Onkyo receiver and everything was working fine until recently when the subwoofer just stopped working. I thought the subwoofer might be damaged, but I've been able to get it to work when I plug my laptop into the receiver and if I set my PC audio to...
  3. C

    Solved! Subwoofer to stereo speakers connection

    I recently purchased a Sony SA-W2500 active subwoofer, and I'm trying to connect it to a pair of Gateway 2000 ACS41 stereo speakers. The speakers have a subwoofer output port, but it's an auxiliary port which is not compatible with the RCA cable that the subwoofer came with. How can I connect my...
  4. J

    Solved! Help!!! The subwoofer has strange sound

    Hi all, I have just bought a new Edifier S350DB speaker. But in some songs, my subwoofer emits some strange sound like rattling sound. The first song that I played "Infinity Ink - Infinity (Dubdogz & Bhaskar Remix) (Bass Boosted)" View: The second song: "Imany...
  5. S

    Solved! JBL gt-basspro12 no sound

    Hi. Im having issues with my 3 year old jbl gt-basspro 12 sub with amp thats mounted in the back of my car. The sub turns on, and even makes a subtle "thud" when its turning on, but im hearing/feeling no audio coming from it. On the back of the sub it says its on, and shows no issues when i...
  6. Exotic_Nefariousness

    Solved! can't get my Klipsch R-12SW to work on my MSI Z390-A Pro

    I am using the center port and it is connected to a reciever but i cant get any signal from the sub port to the sub.
  7. D

    Logitech 5.1 Z506 subwoofer problems.

    I bought my logitech 5.1 z506 surround more than a year ago. It all went perfect. Installed it, nice sound, pretty noisy. But now i have a big problem. Every time i listen to music and turn the volume up the subwoofer makes a noise, like the bass and some brrr noise *sorry can't describe it* And...