Question Fuzzy, noisy audio D:

Jul 7, 2020
My default headphone jack is working just fine when I plug it into my IPad but when I plug it into my PC via splitter cable, there is constant fuzzy noise which annoys me so much while watching videos and playing games. It's like there is a printer printing stuff in the background as quietly as possible.

But the thing is, I've never unplugged the output jack of the audio splitter from my PC and there is no fuzzy noise when I plug both my default 3,5mm jack and the splitter 3,5mm audio output jack (the splitter is used to split default 3,5mm jack into speakers ''output'' and microphone ''input'') into my IPad. I'm curious how could the audio output port be damaged since I had never unplugged the headphone output jack from the port itself?

Some additional context, sometimes when I open some applications (mostly Discord), the app recognizes ''a new audio device'' eachfor speakers and microphone.
Also this problem occured right after I downloaded Rockstar Launcher and started playing GTA V via Epic Games Store, which was yesterday.
I tried updating and rolling back audio drivers for Realtek Audio and Speakers, nothing changed.
I tried changing some advanced audio settings, nothing changed either.

Sorry for crappy english...


Need to know what is this headphone you are using and what splitter. Are you talking about a 4 pole to dual 3 pole adapter? Did this work before or has it always had this issue? It's very likely an issue with the splitter but only way to test is to get rid of it or try another one.
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