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  1. Simi_123

    Question Asus Vivobook Pro 16X OLED (new) makes quiet electrical buzzing noise! Is this normal?

    Hi, the laptop is less than a month old. I think the noise is coming from under the keyboard, more on the right side. It is a very quiet noise, but can be heard when the room is silent/quiet or when I go with my head near the keyboard. Does your laptop make that noise too? Is this normal or...
  2. SamToz

    Question My Pickering subwoofer has it's amp buzzing - IMPORTANT

    Hey ! I have this active Pickering subwoofer that buzzs loudly when I turn it on, regardless if I play some music or not. That happened when I was fiddling around in the amp's motherboard and made an false manoeuver. The motherboard + capacitors seem fine visually, when that happened it made an...
  3. deadboy619

    Question A faint sound coming from my new Asus Tuf A15

    I got a new Tuf A15 a few days ago and yesterday I noticed a faint sound coming from it. I don't know how to describe it. Maybe like an insect chirping? I don't hear it on my older laptops. It isn't loud. I can hear it in silence during the night or if I put my ear on the chassis during the day...
  4. M

    Solved! Get rid of noise in cell phone headphones

    So basically when I plug this headphones in my smart phone it's completely okay, they are pretty good. But when I plug into pc they produce noise and my head goes crazy. I tried many things like check box listening to mic and stuff but still noise. I think the problem is that the headphones are...
  5. JarekD

    Question Lenovo Legion 7i - nasty screeching sound coming from beneath the vapor chambers

    Hi guys, I'm a new owner of Lenovo Legion 7i (10750h + 2070 super) and from day 1 I've been getting some inconsistent weird screeching sounds that become very audible when the fans calm down. It sounds a bit like a mix of an old HDD head mixed with electrical static (audio attached below). I...
  6. TarlaGaming

    Solved! Fuzzy, noisy audio D:

    My default headphone jack is working just fine when I plug it into my IPad but when I plug it into my PC via splitter cable, there is constant fuzzy noise which annoys me so much while watching videos and playing games. It's like there is a printer printing stuff in the background as quietly as...
  7. C

    Solved! Buzzing noise coming from speakers

    Okay, I know there are a zillion threads about it, but I ask for your patience once I still couldn't find a match to my specific situation, so I was wondering if anyone could give me a hint of what may be causing these noises. First, my setup: I have two Macs connected as MASTER- SLAVE, and...
  8. S

    Question Sizzling/buzzing noise and cracking noise from the inside of the laptop (NOT the fans + tried many things). Please help!

    Hello! I own an Acer Aspire vn-792g, had it for over two years now. I never had any issues with it before. About four months ago, a buzzing/sizzling started to appear from inside of the laptop, approximately from under the left side of the keyboard (HERE'S AUDIO). It's definitely not the...
  9. Pippin1829

    Solved! Lenovo laptop metallic sound, help

    Hi everyone, My apologies if there's an answer for this somewhere already but 1)I'm panicking 2) I'm a noob and I don't understand that much of pc and laptops. So double apologies. Today my Lenovo started making metallic noises from the bottom, coupled with sizzling/crackling noises. I thought...
  10. PierreGird

    Solved! Bought 2 Blue Yeti, 2 Macs and still have whine / static noise

    Hello, I bought a Mac Book Air back in 2013. Then I bought a Blue Yeti in 2014 and Camtasia 2 for Mac. Everything worked well for a while. In 2015, I started hearing some whine /static noise. I bought another Blue Yeti in 2016 but had the same problem. I then told myself that my Mac was the...
  11. Huema838

    Question ASUS Zenbook UX390U Rattling Noise when fan is on

    As soon as the fans start the laptop makes this annoying high pitched rattling noise and it gets louder if it's sat with something uneven underneath. This has had this problem since i got the laptop around 3 weeks ago, but i put up with it because i liked everything else about it. Need help /...
  12. A

    Question Surround System Channel Noise Issue

    Hello, I've got some amplifier noise/interference that's driving me nuts. It's a high pitched whine with intermittent pulsing, like Morse code. I have a Midiland S4-8200 5.1 surround system that I've been using for the past 18 years for my PC. There's some noise coming from the Right and...
  13. D

    Solved! Multiple audio inputs causing buzzing noise

    Hello, I'm no expert in the audio field, so apologies if this isn't the best explanation. I have two 3.5mm audio cables (PC and Nintendo Switch) plugged into a splitter as input that go into one speaker. When the Switch is powered on and both audio inputs are plugged in, there is a...
  14. T

    My new laptop is making weird noise please help me before it's too late :(

    Hello everyone, Here's a video I recorded when my laptop starts making this noise upon lifting it which it didn't use to do so sometimes it happens without lifting it... and the only way to stop it is either put it to sleep or...
  15. D

    Brand new Asus ux430un laptop "screetching" noises

    So, today i just got my new asus ux430un and it runs perfectly! However when i do almost any screen activity such as scroll up or down, move mouse, switch chrome tabs etc. basicly anything that makes the computer do something then this noise goes off. When i hold a key in it keeps doing the...
  16. C

    mac makes a brief rattle(?) or clicking(?) noise at random times. NO CD ROM! virus??

    About two weeks ago my mac laptop started to mack a low brief rattle (?) noise at random times. It might be associated to the internet and not the laptop interior itself though I could be wrong. It lasts about 5 sec and i can only describe the sound as being a rattle(?) or clicking(?) or dice...
  17. E

    Amilo Li 3710 dead mobo

    Hello dear forum members! I have an amilo li 3710 laptop with dead motherboard. I checked everything , i replaced PU9 charger ic and it's not working ye. The PU 10 is dont get pgood signal ,where is the pgood signal come from? And I hear a high pitch but quiet sound from PU 10 it can be a sign...
  18. A

    My Acer VX15 makes a weird noise

    I just bought an Acer VX15 some days ago. I am not sure if it did this weird noise before, possibly yes but I can hear it now and clear because it's 2am. I don't say it is annoying but I want to know what it is. Somehow it reminds me the sound of a HDD. But this laptop comes with an SSD, also...
  19. R

    Headset microphone emitting high-pitched whine and static noise

    I've had this issue for a long time now and after searching around for hours I am pretty sure it has something to do with my ASUS Maximus VIII Hero motherboard but I cannot find a solution or the cause. Just like the title says it's a high-pitched whine and static noise. There is no fan or...
  20. T

    Weird Noise Coming From Laptop at Random Times

    Hello I have a Lenovo y50-70 laptop. i7 / 8 gb ram / 4 gb gpu for some time now at random times a weird notification like noise comes from the speakers. I managed to get a recording of it using the system Stereo Mix. (originally i had to record for half an hour waiting for the sound to play but...
  21. K

    Solved! HDD-like noise in brand-new laptop with a SSD 3 drive

    Hey guys, I just got this laptop 3 and a half days ago and since yesterday I can hear a HDD-like noise coming from it, even when sitting idle, like the video below shows. It features a SSD 3 Drive, so it shouldn't be making this sort of noise. Also, it's worth mentioning that this laptop gets...
  22. B

    PC randomly bursts loud white noise through speakers

    Hi, I have a quite annoying problem. From time to time my computer chooses to burst out very loud white noise through my speakers, and I don't know how I can fix it. It drives me crazy. It happens sometimes but not often, when I make music in FL Studio 12. It happens more often when I play...
  23. H

    Loud Fan Noise (HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC)

    It's almost a couple a year since I am using this laptop. This kind of fan noise is different because it sounds like a "roaring" sound. Last year, this happened but I open and put some air on it to spray out the dusts. So after that, it was fine. Last week after an update of Windows 10 from my...
  24. reshaydee

    Microphone buzzing noise interference possibly caused by GPU?

    I recently purchased an Electro-Voice RE320 as a mic upgrade over my old AKG C1000S. Apart from a change of mics, I've always used the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as my USB Audio Interface and have experienced no issues, interference, or noise with other microphones before the RE320. With the RE320...
  25. A

    Usb Speaker Noise!

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my Scarlett2i2 2nd gen usb soundcard. I have KRK 8's and my problem is : When i'm moving mouse or i have google chrome or DAW opened i have a clear humming noise and when i move my mouse it's a buzzing noise. I have tried to put it on my laptop and it worked...
  26. Panzer AppleHusky

    Asus GL502VS electronic buzzing when not under load

    I was wondering if anyone else on here has the same notebook and notices a buzzing sound. It's sort of like the old school HDD clicking but a lot faster. It's always done it as far as I can remember but I figured I'd see about fixing it if I could, or at least reducing it so it's not as loud...
  27. S

    Random high pitched and squeek sounds while listening to audio

    So I've picked up a second hand Dell XPS 15 (9530 model) and it's been great. Condition is mint, tested and well it was all great. Note: I've got it especially for video editing. (I edit a lot of fireworks videos) When working in Adobe Premiere Pro I first noticed it. I used my Audio Technica...
  28. D

    Modmic 4.0 noise near computer

    Hi, I recently purchased a Modmic 4.0 and noticed something odd. The background noise and static is to be expected, but when listening to my device and when having friends listen on Skype I hear an odd noise likening to the noise speakers make when a cell phone gets a text message. This noise...
  29. E

    Asus laptop making a weird noise

    My new asus laptop is making a weird noise like krrrr grr or something and that all the time even when I don't use it.It's not loud but I can still hear it . Is it normal?
  30. Birkes

    Msi gs70 for school

    I wanna buy the msi gs70 - and I want to use it in class, but for that to be possible it has to be INAUDIBLE. You think the msi can do that? I don't really care if I have to run it in 'green mode'
  31. Q

    Mic Boost Noise

    Mobo: ASRock 970 Extreme4 Soundcard: ASUS Xonar Essence STX Operating System: Win7 Headphones: Sennheiser 598 with Modmic attachment Noise---> I have seen other people with this problem, but I haven't really found any solution that worked for me. I figured I...
  32. S

    Lenovo Y50 70 Problems

    So, I bought this laptop after much consideration for uni and gaming. Let me just start off saying it's amazing, it runs games incredibly well and looks absolutely beautiful. However, when I bought it I noticed it made a little more noise than I expected, the hard drive is always spinning and is...
  33. E

    PC Beeps randomly, motherboards sound jacks aren't working

    After i cleaned my pc from dust, my motherboards sound jacks aren't working, it doesn't detect that it's plugged in, also my pc beeps every so often, each 10-30 minutes.
  34. P

    My Dell XPS 13 Fans

    The Fans on my brand new XPS 13 sound like a lawnmower whenever I open an app. The CPU temps are idling between 55 and 75 Celsius, and I don't know whether or not that is abnormal for this laptop. I have the i7 QHD+ version. I looked at some other posts about this and they all say to download...
  35. M

    Pioneer A400 amp - Right red output makes right tweeter buzz.

    I have 2 Wharfdale Rubiance RB-25 speakers connected to my Pioneer A400 amp. Since I connected them I've noticed that no mater what the configuration, the right red output creates buzz at around the higher end of vocal frequency (~3kHz). This is confirmed for different inputs (CD, Phono and line...
  36. S

    Laptop Making Squealing Noise

    I have a Dell Inspiron n5040 laptop from mid 2011 and i noticed that when the laptop is running off of battery, there is a squealing sound that seems to be coming from somewhere under the keyboard. I have an SSD so I've ruled out that it could be the hard drive and i know it also isn't coming...
  37. J

    Blue Yeti High Pitched Noise

    I'm not sure how to explain it. When recording with my Blue Yeti in any recording program (I primarily use Audition CC), there is this very high pitched and very annoying white noise, it's very obvious in the audio file I'll link below. Although you might have to turn up your volume in order to...
  38. K

    Laptop generates heat when causual use and light gaming?

    I bought this laptop 3 days ago, a Acer Aspire E1-572G, and I've noticed that it gets warm pretty quick. When I'm watching Netflix, it gets hot (not 100C hot but you can feel warm wind very well), when I'm browsing the web and... just doing any causual tasks. It gets very hot when I'm playing...
  39. C

    Sudden loud rumbling static noise from all speakers (receiver)

    I didn't change anything and now it suddenly sounds like a really static radio station that comes from all 6 speakers from all inputs. I have a Yamaha receiver. I have no idea what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated, in the meantime, I can't do anything involved with the tv.
  40. B

    Asus G60 Low constant static in headphones.

    I open my laptop (while its on) and touch anything metal with my skin and it stops. It doesn't stop when I apply pressure using my fingernail. Laptop must be on to hear the noise. Static sound isn't affected by volume meter or audio being played. Static sound is audible when audio is being...
  41. D

    ASUS K56CM HDD Stopped working after defrag. HELP

    Hello everyone, I'm here once again, having a big problem. Yesterday I put my ASUS K56CM laptop running Windows 7 to defrag my C disk over the night. In the middle of the night, I woke up and my laptop was making weird clicking noise, at about 2-3 second intervals. I also noticed that my HDD...
  42. cheesus90

    Ps3 Buzzing/Static noise from headphones when connected to monitor

    So i have a LG Led monitor that i use with my ps3 (connected with HDMI). The headphones i'm using is Razer Electra, and i know they're not made for consoles but well I did not know that when i was buying them. I guess razer should've have been a little more specific about it. Anyway,i tried to...