Question ASUS Zenbook UX390U Rattling Noise when fan is on

May 27, 2019
As soon as the fans start the laptop makes this annoying high pitched rattling noise and it gets louder if it's sat with something uneven underneath. This has had this problem since i got the laptop around 3 weeks ago, but i put up with it because i liked everything else about it. Need help / advice asap, I've had to put the maximum power state to 48% so it doesn't have to use the fan
If you just got it, and if it is new, I would take it back and get it replaced. No new device should make that kind of noise.

Now if it isn't new, it may well be that the fan is going bad and needs replacing. You could then either take it back to where you got it, and get your money back, try replacing the fan yourself (if you feel comfortable doing the work), or take it to a local tech and have them replace it.