Question Fixed? Asus ROG CPU Fan Noise

Sep 5, 2021
I have an Asus ROG Zephyrus with the common CPU fan noise.

For about a month the fan has been getting noisy, and I would just put the laptop to sleep and then wake it right back up and it would go away. It got to the point where any minor vibration would trigger the noise.

Today I installed a Fan utility called Speedutil and benchmarked the CPU fan - getting to the noisy part and stuck around 400rpm.

I used an 'ifixit' toolkit to take off the back then carefully flipped the fan over. [The plug for the fan is under a heat tube which would be another several screws, but the wires are long enough to flip the cpu fan over]

Aside from cleaning and blowing air through while the machine was open, I took the metal blade tool which is used to pry open cases from the ifixit kit and pried the fan away from the base on 3 sides. Each side I got a little 'click' as it pulled away from the assembly. You have to be really careful with the plastic fan itself if you deform it too much it will be uneven and then immediately go bad again.

As I write this, the fan is silent and it is going 750RPM.

As far as the 'black paper' I can confirm. Looks like Asus decided to block air channels directly under the fans for some reason. I was not having overheating problems [yet] so I left the paper intact assuming Asus knows that they are doing.
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