Question Where is the heat sensor on my Asus Zenbook Pro UX501VW?

Jun 26, 2022
Hi everyone, I will really appreciate some advice regarding my ZenBook pro UX501VW laptop. It seems that the laptop fans lost the ability to regulate their velocity. Every time I turn on the laptop, after a couple of minutes the fans start working at full speed and they don’t stop unless I close all applications and the screen turns off. The CPU and GPU at normal temperatures (Between 30c to 50c most of the time).. My suspicion is that this problem is because of a malfunctioning heat sensor that controls the fans. I thought of replacing the fans but before I do that, I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me if there is a heat sensor that controls the fans in the fans? Or is it in the motherboard and therefore replacing the fans wont help, unless I replace the motherboard. These are the things I tried so far to see if I could fix this issue: Physically cleaning the laptop fans and changing thermal paste. Updating and resetting BIOS, deleting partitions and performing a clean windows installation, updating windows, reinstalling drivers, virus/malware scans and the laptop is on a well ventilated station.

I would really appreciate any information on the topic.

Thank you