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  1. cypherlabs

    Question RAM replacement considerations

    I have an ASUS vivobook, and was facing BSOD issue, which later turned out to be a RAM issue. So I removed it, and now issue is gone. My motherboard has integrated 8GB RAM too. Now I want to put new RAM in free slot. So I wanted to know if I can just buy a RAM and put it there OR do I need to...
  2. Hyperstar

    Question Scratch lines in monitor

    photos: View: Hello, I recently bought a new LCD display monitor for my laptop and installed it replacing my old one which stopped working for my Asus Gaming laptop. There are these blue/white looking scratched lines on the display and I only see them when it's...
  3. T

    Question So many options! which do I choose for video editing and 3D modelling?

    Hi tom's guide team and all the experts here @COLGeek @rgd1101, @hang-the-9 I need some help in making the right choice and I am confused. I need an RTX 3070, Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen that has enough power for video editing and 3d modelling / rendering without lagging, found a lot of laptops but...
  4. Qhanna

    Question Asus logo screen stuck

    Using k43e, i3, windows 10 pro. My Computer went blank, tried crtl + shift + windows logo key + B MULTIPLE TIMES ,worked, shuted down, after restart screen stuck at logo. Can't do anything. cant open bios cant open the system repair. All I can touch is new sdd which working before accident...
  5. B

    Question Need Asus M51Va repair and troubleshooting guides

    I'm looking for pdf files with repair and troubleshooting guides for Asus M51Va laptop. I've already found boardview files, but couldn't find service manuals with electrical schemes. Anyone have one of these or know where I can get one please post. Thanks in advance!
  6. G

    Question Need help with my ASUS F570z

    Hi, I need help regarding my Asus laptop which is having trouble to start on. After evertime I try to start my laptop, the switch gets on but there is no display and neither the fan starts but after keeping in blank state(on) during 1st start for 30sec-1minute , the fan starts and when i do a...
  7. debashis_das

    Question Is it possible to connect three external displays in an ASUS laptop ?

    So right now I was thinking of buying an ASUS rog STRIX G17 with Ryzen7 6800HS and RTX3050 4G. I choose this model because this device has one HDMI one USB type with display port and power delivery and a USB-C 3.2 Gent 2 port my question is can i run 4 monitors with this device all monitor are...
  8. J

    Question Where is the heat sensor on my Asus Zenbook Pro UX501VW?

    Hi everyone, I will really appreciate some advice regarding my ZenBook pro UX501VW laptop. It seems that the laptop fans lost the ability to regulate their velocity. Every time I turn on the laptop, after a couple of minutes the fans start working at full speed and they don’t stop unless I close...
  9. A

    Question Asus TUF A15 underperforming

    Hello, I have some issues with my asus a15(4800h+1660ti), I'm getting unusually low fps on everything I try to play. Lowering graphics settings just lowers gpu usage with minimal change in fps. Just reinstalled win10, had win11 before. I get at most 90-95 cpu temp and 80-84 gpu temp. Bios is...
  10. Kv1n20

    Question Asus X550VX RAM Upgrade

    I have an Asus X550VX from 2017 with the following specs: Intel i7-6700HQ Nvidia GTX 950M 8GB of 2133 MHz Micron RAM (1 slot) Samsung 860 Evo 250GB SSD I was thinking of adding another 8GB (2400Mhz) -
  11. J

    Solved! keyboard wont work till after 15 minutes from start up.

    i have an asus rog g703gx. recently the keyboard stopped working on start up and will start working after 15 minutes. it stays working if i put the computer in sleep mode. i uninstalled drivers and restarted. ive done a safe boot, which after that caused my keyboard lights to stop working as...
  12. T

    Solved! Laptop (asus s15 s530) won't turn on after charger sparked

    The laptop did continue to work on battery after the spark occurred, but once the battery died, the laptop could not turn on even when plugged in (with a different charger from another laptop of the exact same model). I'm looking to see if it's possible that there is an easy fix to this problem...
  13. medmh27

    Question Asus k550l black screen/keyboord or ports not working

    i have an Asus k550l that turns on but i have a black screen even with external monitor , also keyboord are not working even with external keybord . I tried all the known solution (unplaged battery ,hard reset ,ctrl +shift +alt +B ,...) any other solution ?i need this PC back
  14. C

    Solved! What monitor should I get?

    I've recently damaged my monitor beyond repair so I'm looking for a new one but I can't decide which one. I only have a 1080ti so 4k gaming wouldn't be too ideal but I haven't been gaming a whole lot recently, more so watching shows or anime etc so the 4k would be nice for that and I can turn...
  15. Orongo

    Solved! Laptop battery ASUS B31N1726 stuck at 2% and won't charge

    My son's laptop battery went from 97% to 2% and won't charge back. Here's what I did and tested: I opened the laptop, removed the battery, examined it, and plugged it back... AC Wires don't seem damaged, and except for some dust in one fan, battery and other electronic parts look just fine...
  16. Darelll

    Question my laptop wont turn on

    My asus fx504 error when asus tell me there is an critical update after it completed the update my laptop just shut down, and now when im trying to turn it on it just on for a few seconds and then its off again and just like that the keyboard backlight is on and off im not even touching a thing...
  17. M

    Question Automatic my asus laptop turn on when charger port plugged in

    I am a big fan of ASUS and i am using this laptop since 2016. About one week ago i have an issue with my HDD and go to shop to change it with new HDD. The technical supporter attached the new HDD but it was detected in disk management not shown in this pc . I went it back to my home. I was...
  18. q4p395p31;q

    Question laptop fan constantly runs when unplugged

    Asus ZenBook Flip UX560UQ Windows 10 64-bit BIOS Version 307 When I shut down the laptop the cooling fan runs at full RPM until the battery is dead. If I connect the power cord (to outlet and laptop) the fan stops. If I break power supply (by wall or laptop port) the fan starts. Also, when...
  19. S

    Question Asus TUF FX505 - No power except keyboard backlights

    Good Day All I own an Asus TUF FX505 gaming laptop two nights ago my laptop turned on showed a some writing on a black screen and the completely dead except for the keyboard backlight that stays on. The backlight stayed on probably the whole night until the battery was drained (i assume) but...
  20. K

    Solved! Asus microphone. Device detected, but does not pick up sound

    Asus X540UV laptop. Only using the internal audio device (realtek high definiation audio). Thursday i had my laptop upgraded, added RAM. Since then my video and mic stopped working. Now my video is working again. The cable (same cable for mic and cam) connecting from top to the motherboard was...
  21. B

    Solved! Asus wont boot

    Hello It is about an Asus K55VD that dont wanna boot. When I start the laptop nothing shows, just the lights and nothing on screen. Connected another monitor to see if that is the problem, but still just a black screen. I try to change the RAM memory but nothing. And something interesting is...
  22. M

    Question ASUS Laptop (with new battery) shuts downs booting

    I've replaced the battery of my old ASUS K53SV (with the old battery couldn't unplug the battery supplier). Now, when I start the laptop the Win10 booting page (the one with the loading wheel) is working fine but when it seems to switch to the actual desktop in order to be ready to play, it...
  23. D

    Solved! New Laptop, amazing performance... but...

    Hello, I got a new laptop recently. I upgraded from a 8 year old Dell Inspiron 15-3567, which had sub par CPU, no dedicated GPU, and OK RAM. Out with the Old... In with the NEW!!! Now I got an ASUS ROG Zypherus with AMD Ryzen 7, 5800HS Octo Core, 3.2Ghz Radeon, 16GB RAM... Performance wise...
  24. Irujezu

    Question Asus K551LN turning off when launchin heavy programs or games

    Hello, It is happening in the following manner: 1- I get charger indicator blinking like if I plug and unplug It(while It is still well plugged 2- Then it is indicating like if the battery is not charging 3- It is powering off The battery is KO (even a little inflated when I open my laptop to...
  25. K

    Solved! how to fix my laptop going when i press E & my keyboard driver not installing?

    Hi, I am currently writing this with the visual keyboard. My Asus GL702VT laptop goes wild when I press the E key, making the screen black out, toggling airplane mode and typing a repeating string of random characters. I first thougt this was a driver issue so I tried to reinstall the keyboard...
  26. M

    Solved! ASUS laptop won't boot up after full reset

    I have a ASUS 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet that I want to give to my cousin. So I decided to do a reset of the PC to remove all my files and downloaded software. Then I would help her set it back up as a fresh PC. I ran the reset and, although it took a while, it seemed to complete fine. But when it did...
  27. M3TAGH0ST

    Solved! Dual monitor setup on a laptop

    Hello I have an Asus vivobook x571lh-al084 and I was wondering how can I setup two external monitors on that laptop. Bought myself a Docking Station Hama Multiport, 5 Ports, HDMI, LAN, USB Type-C but either I have driver issues or something else because my second monitor that goes in that...
  28. A

    Solved! My Asus ZENBOOK UX430UA won't startup normally

    Hi, This is my first post on Tom's Guide forum hope i'll find someone to help me. i have an issue with my Znbook laptop UX430UA, the problem is that my laptop won't startup till i push the power buton 3 times, the first and second one must be long and the third must be a short one and here we...
  29. yuukiaira

    Question Why does my laptop mysteriously stop working, then works the next day?

    I was using it in class yesterday when I thought it ran out of battery and tried to charge it. It refused to start even after being plugged in it, the battery light didn’t come on either. I let it sit on my desk overnight and now it mysteriously charges. This is not the first time I had issues...
  30. V

    Question shutdown when power charger is unplugged, turns on automatically when I put it. ASUS N580GD Laptop

    My 2,5 years old laptop, an ASUS N580GD, is suddendly showing a common trouble of ASUS laptops, but not only ASUS ones. I read many people faced these troubles but I’m not finding a solution. sudden shutdown on laptop when power charger is unplugged. A “Restore AC Power Loss” or "Wake on AC"...
  31. Souvik364

    Solved! How can I upgrade my Laptop to it's maximum ram level?

    I have Asus Vivobook 14 X415JA-EK503T. It has 4GB non removable RAM in one slot & there is an Extra RAM Slot. Can I add 8GB Stick in that slot?
  32. D

    Solved! Should I replace a 3-4 year motherboard for a gaming laptop (GL753VD; 7700hq, 1050-4GB)?

    I recently got a free laptop from a friend. It was an ASUS ROG Strix GL753VD with an I7-7700HQ and a GTX 1050 (4gb version). He said the motherboard is fried and would need to be fully replaced, but I am not sure if it would be worth it to replace. Would something like this that is four years...
  33. B

    Solved! Asus UX433F only runs plugged in...

    I have an Asus UX433F bought Nov. 2018. It only runs when plugged into mains. When I unplug the power cable it will run for at most 1 minute, then power down. I have checked the battery cable is seated securely. inside I have uninstalled & reinstalled the battery drivers in device manager. I...
  34. H

    Solved! Realtek Subwoofer Not Working, Missing as "Audio Channels", Only 2 speaker "Stereo" Available

    The subwoofer is not being recognized by the system. There is a small electronic click when you plug it in or restart the PC. There is no other sign of the subwoofer except for a Realtek notification which tells me it's been plugged in or unplugged. Other than that notification, it doesn't seem...
  35. G

    Solved! ASUS X455L battery not increasing

    Hi! My ASUS X455L has been with me for 3 years now and just before 2020 ended, my battery started acting up. At first it failed to show that it was charging, so we got that checked and fixed but then after a while it started to drain like most batteries but it fails to increase. I've been...
  36. msahin

    Solved! Laptop battery not working anymore

    Hello everyone. I have an ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA (UX410UQK), which I've been using for 3.5 years. I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop and since then I've been having all kinds of problems with my battery. My laptop would just shutdown when the battery level would be around 30%. So I...
  37. andchangeu

    Question battery wont work

    Hey everybody my asus TUF505 wont work with the battery pugged i replaced both battery and adapter and still seems like my laptop wont recognize the battery id appreciate any helpful insight
  38. B

    Solved! Asus x540s black screen

    Hi everyone! I have an Asus x540s laptop. Usually, i can't turn on.. When i connect the charging cable, automatically turn on, but the screen remains black. When i shut it down, by pressing the power button.. 5 seconds and turn on.. No asus logo, nothing at all. Around the 1000th times, when...
  39. A

    Solved! ASUS X555l Original Drivers.

    Hi, I have the computer described above, so with the following hardware components: CPU i5-4210 1.70GHz to 2.40GHz, GPU Nvidia GeForce 840M, RAM 12Gb (upgraded from the original 8GB) DDR3, Sonic Master sound card. The laptop was bought in 2015. The problem is that if I download the new drivers...
  40. Jcano2605

    Question Asus Vivobook X512 Backlight Keyboard not light up

    Hi, i recently i swap the keyboard of my asus vivobook x512, originally was not come with the blacklight keyboard, i get it and i swapped The problem is the backlight doesnt work, i update AKT, several times, i check the connector, there are fine There's any way on the Bios or on the Hot Keys...
  41. smartchin77

    Question Laptop keyboards (yes, multiple) malfunctioned a few days after replacing them. What should I do?

    I have replaced my laptop (Asus R558U) keyboard thrice but faced the same problem every time. After a few days of replacing the keyboard, some of the keys get pressed automatically. They keep pressing until I press some other key. Again, I don't think keyboards are the root cause here, it is...
  42. L

    Solved! Asus not turning on

    I have Asus x751lx laptop ,I got it 4 years ago,I have cleaned it multiple times this time wasnt any different,I opened it up carefully unplugged the cables,unscrewed the motherboard and took off heat sink with fan,cleaned it and placed new thermal paste placed everything back in,screwed it and...
  43. mhyss3

    Solved! UEFI BIOS for Asus Vivobook s532f

    I recently got an Asus vivobook s532f (i7 10th gen and 12 gigs RAM). It has a very basic Aptio Setup Utility as the BIOS. My question is can I upgrade the BIOS to a more advanced BIOS with more options? Current BIOS version is 305.
  44. computersaidno

    Solved! ASUS laptop not turning on.

    ASUS laptop is not turning on. No lights come on even when plugged in. It has done this a few times then a few days later it turns on again. I have tried removing the charger cable and holding down the power button to reboot (doesn't work). Please help with any suggestions.
  45. Tinbin

    Question ASUS N500J won’t power on

    Hey all, I’m having trouble powering up my ASUS laptop. I just came back from Korea and I got home ready to use my laptop, except for how cold it was. I powered it up and the lights turned on, the drive sound came on, oh how I missed this sound. And then it powers off and i hear a click. I sat...
  46. Lorenzo Chica

    Solved! Can my laptop handle vr? or which headset will run better on it?

    Ok so I didn't really like to get a 2GB program just for a VR check, so I would rather make the question here, can my ASUS X550ZE laptop work for vr? System specs: Operating System: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit (10.0, Build 19041) System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK...
  47. TheMaxFort

    Question Not getting much FPS in any Game

    one month back i bought asus tuf a15 model name :-FA506II with 8gb ram,4gb 1650 ti graphic card,512gb ssd,8cores,16threads,ryzen 7 4800h i was very excited about it and when it came i tried few games and was happy . At that time i didn't knew it has in game fps counter but now few days back when...
  48. T

    Question A component burned in the MBO

    Hi everyone, I have ROG GL552V it was working normally until I plugged in a USB flash drive it was suddenly go off. Since then it doesn’t boot or charge it’s simply died , I tried opening it inside and noticed there was a component completely burned I couldn’t identify it (I included pics)...
  49. M

    Solved! Asus Zenbook 14 UM425IA warm tint

    Hello everyone, i recently bought this laptop and as you can see on both the pictures theres a clear warm tint to my screen. Now ive done some research and i know this is common on Asus laptops, but ive already disabled the asus splendid feature through the MyAsus app and the tint persists...
  50. deadboy619

    Question A faint sound coming from my new Asus Tuf A15

    I got a new Tuf A15 a few days ago and yesterday I noticed a faint sound coming from it. I don't know how to describe it. Maybe like an insect chirping? I don't hear it on my older laptops. It isn't loud. I can hear it in silence during the night or if I put my ear on the chassis during the day...
  51. A

    Question Asus Laptop not booting, but keyboard backlight flashes

    Hi. I have a ASUS FX504GD Laptop(i5-8300H, 24GB RAM, GTX 1050, Asus BIOS 317, 250 GB SSD and 1TB HDD) . I had a keyboard dust and spill issue where if I press a key, say "7" it would type in "7mdk" sorta thing. I took it down and started cleaning. While I was at it, I also reapplied the thermal...
  52. M

    Question ASUS ROG GL553VW not booting up after shutdown.

    My laptop is not booting up after the shutdown. The issue is pretty weird; when I remove the battery and boot it up with AC adapter only, it works fine. Test Cases I ran: With Battery, not working at all. With AC adapter and Battery both attached, don’t work at all. With only AC adapter...
  53. dclxvi13

    Question No bass/ weak sound change when plugging external speakers

    So as the title says, one day, outta nowhere my subwoofer which i was using for the last 2 years started to offer me only treble and absolutely no bass at all. I might have a theory that a windows update could be the impostor. I checked my sound drivers and its all up to date. Any ideas how i...
  54. alette2

    Solved! ASUS notebook no boot but power light is on and fans spins

    Hello everybody, I have this ASUS x54c that wasn't working, so i bought a new motherboard from AliExpress and tried to revive it... but: when I press the power button only power LED lights up, then after 20-30 seconds the fans start spinning. The screen is black, same results connecting to an...
  55. M

    Solved! Laptop Asus wireless adapter centrino N 100 not working

    Hi!!! My intel centrino wireless N 100 adapter is not working, and I would like to replace with a new one. My laptop is an ASUS K53sd. Which is the best compatible new alternative for this replacement? Thanks.
  56. F

    Question Are all laptop lcd cables made equal?

    I suspect my laptop's lcd cable is having issues so I bought an lcd screen and a cable. When I got the cable it seems that it's not exactly for my laptop. My laptop's lcd cable is DD0XJCLC030 While the cable I bought is DD0XJCLC000 I tried it on my laptop but the screen still isn't working...
  57. M

    Question Asus FX504GM Motherboard Parts

    Hello, I recently was sold a ASUS FX504GM and was told to be working fully however when it arrived it would not power on, i have experience and background in BGA reworks as i own a repair company in the UK that revolves around this type of repair, I have narrowed down the issue and i cannot...
  58. Romanio0089

    Solved! ASUS UX31A fan running at max speed after replacing motherboard

    Hello, I am having a problem with my ASUS UX31A fan. I just replaced the motherboard withg a REV 4.1 instead of a REV 2.0 because I saw online that the only differences are the amount of RAM offered and the i7-3537U. So, I installed the motherboard, and everything is working fine except that...
  59. P

    Question Some laptop keys sometime don't work

    Hi everybody, I have a problem and I can't wrap my head around it. Sometimes the "t" "y" "o" Keys of my asus laptop don't work. what I mean is that sometime I press those keys and noting gets registered. I have to press them 3 or 4 times or even keep pressing them before the letter gets printed...
  60. Karl Alexander

    Solved! (HELP) I have a laptop but the memory is always clocked at 80-95%

    Memory stays at 80-95% even with just a browser and a few pages running on. I have already uninstalled antivirus apps to allow only the default antivirus to run, but it only freed up a little bit of space and generally stays at 80-90% still. I really need this to go down more. Details: ASUS...