Solved! New Laptop, amazing performance... but...

Jul 28, 2021
Hello, I got a new laptop recently. I upgraded from a 8 year old Dell Inspiron 15-3567, which had sub par CPU, no dedicated GPU, and OK RAM. Out with the Old...

In with the NEW!!! Now I got an ASUS ROG Zypherus with AMD Ryzen 7, 5800HS Octo Core, 3.2Ghz Radeon, 16GB RAM... Performance wise, it's amazing, at least compared to what I had, and what I want it for! Likely much more out there, but for me, this seems perfect!!

NOW?? the only set back, is the screen is only a 14". BUT I was willing to sacrifice screen size, knowing I had a spare flat LG 28" LED TV at home doing nothing! With technology, and HDMI cord, it's simple enough to plug in and my computer performance with exceptional GRAPHICS on a screen 3x larger than my laptop??? IT'S AWESOME! CIVILIZATION VI LOOKS AMAZING!! I haven't even tapped my other games yet!!

NOW that you all have idea what I'm working with?? What's my problem??
The screen, as good as it looks, I Was expecting to look SHARP, and it's blurry! mostly, words, text, reading. But some images, slightly blurry! Maybe because the Radeon Gfx from a 14" laptop screen is now displaying on a 28" screen?? How can I improve the image on screen? Do I do something with the TV? or The Laptop?

I WOULD Include four pictures to show the Graphics settings from computer, as well as 2 of the TV settings, new to this type of forum, can't figure out how to post pictures from computer!
From what I can tell, the Display Resolution is 1920x1080 @59.940 Refresh rate (i put 60, it corrects to just under), with 8 Bit Depth. The TV, again is a LG brand, LED TV 28" screen, set at 1080P @ 16:9ratio.

CAN I IMPROVE THE VISION, so not so blurry!! It's sort of clear. I can read and type, but it's still fuzzy.
Larger screen at 1080 resolution, especially a TV not made for computer use, yes it will not be very sharp, especially if you sit close to it. Have you looked at the TV image options? There are usually several presets to try.