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  1. D

    Solved! New Laptop, amazing performance... but...

    Hello, I got a new laptop recently. I upgraded from a 8 year old Dell Inspiron 15-3567, which had sub par CPU, no dedicated GPU, and OK RAM. Out with the Old... In with the NEW!!! Now I got an ASUS ROG Zypherus with AMD Ryzen 7, 5800HS Octo Core, 3.2Ghz Radeon, 16GB RAM... Performance wise...
  2. T

    Question A component burned in the MBO

    Hi everyone, I have ROG GL552V it was working normally until I plugged in a USB flash drive it was suddenly go off. Since then it doesn’t boot or charge it’s simply died , I tried opening it inside and noticed there was a component completely burned I couldn’t identify it (I included pics)...
  3. gerjacint23

    Solved! Gaming Laptop FPS drops

    Hi! I have a strange problem with my laptop. It came from one day to an other. The Laptop starts to drop frames after a long time of runtime. First i experienced it in games. My fps from normal 120+ fps dropped to 10-20, than slowly went back to normal. I can even expreience it while normal...
  4. preetamsinghvi

    Solved! Asus ROG GL552VW won't turn on

    Hey All, My Asus ROG GL552VW won't turn on suddenly today. I have had issues in the past with the power button, but with just some patience it would work. A day ago the power button stopped responding hence I removed the button and cleaned it with just plain air. When I put the button back on...
  5. Frogeriz

    Question Asus Rog Strix 3 turn off touchpad numpad

    Hello, Is there any way turn off this numpad LK functionality? Accidentally pressing and invoking all the time. I need disable this numpad touch function but leave touchpad still working.
  6. P

    Solved! CPU and GPU underperforming significantly Asus GL702VSK ROG Laptop

    Hi All, So I bought this pc about 2 years ago, when i first purchased it I was getting over 100fps in games like overwatch on high settings. But recently randomly booted the pc up and the Fps has significantly dropped I can barely acheive 10 fps on high settings, even if I lower the setting...
  7. BootNewbie

    Question Asus ROG GL502 stuck in a boot loop

    As I said in the title my Asus GL502 is stuck in a boot loop. But after disabling fast boot and secure boot and enabling CSM boot on startup it said that it cannot find a boot device. After checking on the net I found out that it means my system cannot connect to my SATA 1000GB storage (which is...
  8. R

    Solved! Microphone on takes up the headphone slot

    Whenever I try to connect the microphone alone, it works nicely. But whenever i try to use a splitter and connect both my headphones and my microphone, the mic doesn't work and my laptop starts using the in built one. But when i connect the mic into the green port, it works just fine, but i...
  9. S

    Solved! ROG G551VW not boot

    ROG G551VW cannot boot since few days ago. Once connectted to power or battery, power indicator, airplane mode indicator, Captial indicator are on but show black screen. Cannot hear any sound from fan. Tried the following already but got same symptom all the time. Battery only Adapter only No...
  10. S

    Question ASUS TUF FX705GM low FPS

    So I just got and upgrade with a new laptop, ASUS FX705GM, installed Windows, and got into a game of league of legends. I was very suprirsed to see that the framerate was lower than it was on my previous laptop. I updated it to the latest drivers, latest windows updates, removed windows drivers...
  11. V

    Solved! Very important keys shutting down pc with a tiny bit of force (ASUS ROG GL703GM)

    All the middle keys of the keyboard shutdown the pc with any bit of force. B nearly can do it by just lightly tapping it, and the right side of the spacebar kills it instantly. G, H,J, U, B, Space, K, Y, V, and O are all the biggest culprits. I have submitted an RMA (what support told me to do)...
  12. R

    game crash suddenly

    so just got fix my older problem then this problems comes :( i payed played with best fps no overheating but game suddenly crash.. everygame i tried even light games... when play pubg and fortnite it said "bad_module_info error".. for other games just crashed without info.. already tried to...
  13. A

    Asus ROG G75 won't stay powered on and no POST

    I'm not the original owner. Initially the screen wouldn't turn on when powering on the laptop (and in some cases it wouldn't shut down when pressing the power button; had to remove battery and AC). Since I found out that it may be caused due to bad RAM, I opened it up and removed all RAM sticks...
  14. D

    Solved! ASUS ROG G752VS-GC106T vs ASUS ROG G752VS-GC107T

    When comparing the ASUS ROG G752VS models, I'm coming up lost. Both computers seem to be identically equipped, but it's impossible to isolate any information on either of the computers, especially when looking for release dates or differences when comparing the two. Both computers include...
  15. P

    Ideapad Y700 vs ROG GL553VW

    Hi! I am currently trying to chose which one of these two laptops to buy as they are about the same price and have pretty much the same stuff inside. I think the choice right now comes regarding cooling and battery life, but more importantly the cooling, as I've heard that ROGs usually are not...
  16. GeKKo525

    Asus GL552 making a weird coin whine-like sound

    Hey! My laptop started making this sound about a week ago and I have no idea what's causing it. It usually happens when I scroll or move the cursor around(either with mouse or touchpad), but sometimes it happens just randomly. It doesn't seem to affect the performance in any way as far as I can...
  17. T

    New laptop suggestions please (ROG vs MSI?)

    Hi all! I need help chosing a new laptop for myself which is going to be used also to play games. By watching on amazon, I've noticed that for around 1000€ i could buy something from the Asus ROG or MSI gaming family, but I can't decide which one of the two brands is better. I know nothing about...
  18. K

    Asus ROG laptop internal WIFI network adapter not showing up as connected.

    I have a Asus ROG GL752VW laptop thats only about a month old. I was installing some adobe products for school and restarted after they were finished installing like they said to do. When the laptop turned back on it wouldn't/couldn't connect to the internet. I went to the device manager and it...
  19. F

    Wondering if my future rig will be good enough for VR.

    Hello all! I am fairly tech savvy, and am working on my first PC build. I was curious if my future rig could handle an HTC Vive, and have an enjoyable experience. Here's my list: Case: Corsair Carbide Air 240 MoBo: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII GENE CPU: Intel i7 6700K Heatsink/Cooler: Cooler Master...
  20. M

    have a plan change laptop from ASUS N56VB to ROG GL552

    hello guys im planning to change my laptop i bought 3 years ago(2013) its ASUS N56VB, i bought it around USD 923. i have my choice already, its ASUS ROG GL552 (VW,VX, etc will follow the situation) its aroun 930-1500 USD (depends di series, JW, VW, etc) my question is, is that worth it ? ASUS...
  21. S

    Buying ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 (Need last thoughts)

    Hello members, I will be buying ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 17.3-inch Gaming Laptop (Intel i7 2.6GHz, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, GTX960M 2GB Graphic Card, Windows 10) from Amazon US for $999. As a last thought, kindly suggest me some alternatives. Advance thanks!! PS: I have choosen this laptop because...
  22. dfk

    wierd problem, Asus G751JT randomly reboots to BIOS

    hi, I have a Asus G751JT, sometimes like once or twice a month it will reboot randomly in the middle of idling or anything and go to the BIOS. I checked the system was not overheating (it was idling). Any ideas what is causing this? I'm on Windows 10. Thanks.
  23. O

    ASUS ROG G56JR external GPU?

    Last year I bought a gaming laptop - ASUS G56JR. So far, I've been pretty happy with it, but I'm somewhat disappointed in the GPU it came with. Now I'm thinking of getting an external GPU for it. Is it possible to do it for this model without having to carry a big box around? And if yes, how? I...
  24. M

    asus rog GL552Jx-dm144d low fps !

    Hi guys . I recently bought this laptop . GL552JX-DM144D I7-4720HQ 2.6GHZ boost up to 3.6GHZ 8GB RAM 4GB NVIDIA GRAPHICS Windows 8.1 I'm currently getting only 90fps on all the resolution in CSGO , be it high medium low etc... DOTA 2 is capped around 90 too. League of legends is 200+ fps when...
  25. C

    ROG Screen Replacement Doesn't Power On

    My laptop’s screen no longer works but it can still connect to external monitors. I’ve ordered a replacement screen that is compatible with my laptop model (Asus G750JW) but the replacement screen fails to power on. Should I buy a replacement ribbon cable or could this just be a loose wire...
  26. M

    Laptop turning off when lid is closed. Help?

    Whenever I close the lid on my laptop, it turns off. I have it set so it should go to sleep, but it completely boots off. Do you have any advice?
  27. M

    Gaming laptop for 1500$

    Hello I am looking to buy a new gaming laptop for maximum 1500$ What interest me is Asus Rog but I am confused on which one to get. So I need your help and recommendation about which is the best asus rog i can buy under or equal 1500$ My main focus is 17 inch screen, a 6th gen processor, 16...
  28. A

    Need advice for a new Laptop, and is Pascal worth the wait?

    So, I have a desktop pc ( Asus, i7 2400, gtx 560 8gb ram 6 years old). I use it for almost everything (from editing videos and music making to math and finance softwares) but yeah, i like to play games too, and i like them to be good. The thing is I'm not 14 anymore and now i need something...
  29. A

    When I plug my charger into my asus rog g series it won't charge.

    ■ When I plug my charger into my asus rog (republic of gamers) g series it won't charge, it will flash the 10% warning every 5 seconds. I know it's not my charger because I just bought a new one for my exact model. It doesn't change anything when i move the charger around. doesn't help if I...
  30. BioBazzard

    Which Is Better ?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know which is better for gaming from these two laptops: Asus ROG G751JT, with the following specs: Screen Size : 17.3 inches Max Screen Resolution : 1920*1080 pixels Processor : 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 (4720HQ) RAM : 16 GB DDR3 Hard Drive : 1024 GB SATA Graphics Card...
  31. LucaFire

    Asus ROG Gaming Laptop Sleeping Problems

    My Laptop: Asus ROG GL551JW-WH71(WX) 15.6" Gaming Laptop Computer ( Problem Description: So starting from the very beginning my laptop has had some problems with crashing and such. I've opened threads that have dealt with the problems (located here:
  32. C

    Asus Rog G750jm GPU Help. Not being detected

    I have an Asus Rog G750jm. It took a soft fall but everything was working fine for a minute until it crashed. It started back up normally but I found out the hardware device not connected. I manage to find it as a hidden file in device manager and it say: "Currently, this hardware device is not...
  33. S

    Looking for a video editing laptop

    Is Asus Rog GL552JX-CN316T good for video editing and to run adobe family and animation softwares. In India, i don't have more options. Please suggest about this model.
  34. interference

    Which is better "ROG G55vw GTX660m vs. Lenovo y510p GT755m SLI" for gaming?

    Hello everyone,should i upgrade from Asus ROG G55vw to a Lenovo y510p.I am looking for a mid range gaming laptop and i am really interested in this lenovo y510p is it worth it or should i look for other laptop... My current laptop specs: Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM (6M Cache, up to 3.30...
  35. T

    Asus g750jx / gtx 770m

    Hello, I would like to know, how outdated GTX 770m is at the moment, and is it possible to play modern games and decent fps // 40+ // with graphichs above low. At the moment I could purchase this laptop for 500 euros ( may get decent discount as well, since it is used ). Is it worth these...
  36. S

    looking a laptop for video editing.

    Hi, i want to purchase a laptop mainly for video editing, Vfx and internet surfing and downloading. I am looking for Asus zenbook ux501. Is it best for me or i should go for ROG series. I need a laptop as soon as possible. Please guide me.
  37. C

    Gaming Laptop Below $1350 |Treasure Find|

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a mid range laptop which can perform well in medium-low settings in gaming and of coarse in other things like picture editing etc. Mainly work and play centric. Anyhow i'm at a tight budget. Im looking for a laptop that fits in the range of 1000-1350 (AUD). I have...
  38. S

    Which of these three gaming laptops should I buy and why?!

    •Dell ANW15-7493SLV 15.6" Alienware Notebook Computer [Perks] -4k Resolution -Touch screen (though I'm not sure I can see myself using it. Maybe for photoshop but it would be weird not having the 360 degree tilt) -More mobility (Barely) •Dell ANW17-2136SLV 17.3" Alienware Notebook Computer...
  39. M

    What is the difference between Asus ROG G501 and ZB Pro UX501?

    Hello, Due to moving to a more cramped apartment, I don't think I can bring my desktop computer. Thus I've been looking into gaming laptops. I'm a bit picky in the sense that I want mobility and thinness along with some performance. So that left me stopping by at Asus where I found these...
  40. doubbleactiv

    Asus G60V Republic of gamers laptop non existent?

    i have an ASUS G60V Republic of gamers laptop, I have been trying to find all the correct Drivers for it but cant find any, or the fact that the G60V even exists, its always corrected to the G60VX. please help.
  41. tha1

    Laptop with Geforce GTX 880M

    Hi, I'm currently looking to get a new laptop as my old one is passing the 6 year mark. As I game quite a bit, I would like to get another laptop as future proof as possible (albeit not easy with laptops). I was looking at laptops that have the new Geforce GTX 880M (such as the Asus ROG...
  42. T

    The Best 7.1 surround headphones under $250

    I am looking for the best pair of 7.1 surround sound headphones that is under $250 The primary use will be for gaming and I would prefer to have a high quality microphone. (or at least equal to the razer megalodon after tweaking the settings to kill static). I tend to play for long periods of...
  43. F

    ASUS G750JX- RAID0 support?

    Hello everyone, I want to buy an Asus g750JX notebook (1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD version, G750JX-T4052H to be exact) and I wonder if the SSD in this laptop have RAID0 support? (128 gb +128 gb?) Thanks in advance
  44. F

    Asus ROG G750JW- DB71 ssd

    Is it possible to install a ssd in addition to the 1tb hdd on the asus G750JW- DB71