Question ASUS TUF FX705GM low FPS

May 15, 2019
So I just got and upgrade with a new laptop, ASUS FX705GM, installed Windows, and got into a game of league of legends. I was very suprirsed to see that the framerate was lower than it was on my previous laptop.
I updated it to the latest drivers, latest windows updates, removed windows drivers, reinstalled nvidia drivers a few times with a clean install. Updated bios, done pretty much I could've thought of but it still gets tiny freezes in games and lower fps.
In League of Legends for example on my older laptop I got about 340 fps, and on the new one I get around 250 +random tiny freezes when some high visual happens in game.
Prior to this I had an ASUS FX502VMZ. I decided to make a live comparison between them and I got these results

Any ideas on what else I should do? Or are these normal results?
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