New laptop suggestions please (ROG vs MSI?)


Jul 3, 2012
Hi all!
I need help chosing a new laptop for myself which is going to be used also to play games.
By watching on amazon, I've noticed that for around 1000€ i could buy something from the Asus ROG or MSI gaming family, but I can't decide which one of the two brands is better.
I know nothing about MSI laptops, but I've seen how easy it is to open and repair, so if one day I'll have\want to change the thermal paste, it will be almost as easy as doing so on a desktop pc.
On the other hand, however, there is Asus with the ROG products, and considering 90% of the time I've bought Asus stuff, I feel more confortable with them.

What do you suggest?
For example, between the MSI GE62 6QC and ASUS GL552 Vw DM151T? Which one could be better?
Is one more reliable than the other? Does one of the two give more problems?

Thanks for the help,
The better brand, my suggestion is MSI.
But that doesn't mean one has better warranty than the other, so just go with the specs that suit you more.
Good luck!