Question Strange Issue with LCD: Asus GL703GE Strix (Scar)

Jan 18, 2024

I have a very strange problem with my notebook. Asus GL703GE ROG Strix SCAR Edition.

All has began when a part of the bezel cracked, which I then removed. The little metallic bracket, which connects the top cover including the LCD with the mainboard, was visible. I mean this part: img hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB (

I had this issue for over the last few months, it caused that the laptop could not be closed fully (always stood up a bit); however, this main issue recently broke the bezel finally.

After my removal of the broken part, I saw that the LCD Cable (the branch to the LCD cable, not to the camera) was damaged. It was opened from its isolation, actually "cut" off, and a few of the very small cables within the one actual cable, were severed. The strange part was, that the LCD was still running and working. I think, this damage there has been there all the time before, as it might take a long time to cut that cable through opening and closing the notebook, as the cable was more or less holding the weight of the top cover and LCD, in replacement of the broken metallic bracket. And it had a quite sharp part there where the cable was on.

Once I figured it out, I decided to keep running the laptop for now, and investigate what else could be damaged. But ONCE I turned off the notebook, the LCD never showed up anymore. I only see a black screen, also the back cover has no light (the ROG-Symbol.)

I opened the notebook, and replaced the display cable, with a brand-new cable, which did not solve the issue. Then I replaced the whole LCD with a brand new one, which also did not solve the issue. The problem was the same: The LCD is not turned on, neither during the boot, in BIOS, nor in Windows.

In Windows, it is recognized and under drivers, it seems all is fine. However, Windows cannot locate it fully (on the configurations panel, where you can detect the monitors with numbering).

I didn't try to fix it on Windows, as it seems it's not related to that because the LCD is not working on Boot or BIOS, which means it's not a software issue.

At my final step, I even replaced the whole back cover, with a new one. At this time, everything related to the LCD was brand new, except the camera.

Still, the same issue persists. The old and new LCD, no matter what I replaced or changed: Black screen. But listed on windows as monitor and drivers say "all fine."

I also checked all cables, if all Pin's etc. were fine. I really couldn't figure out any damage.

The camera, which is connected through the same display cable, works and has worked well before. This is something that makes me think, why the LCD can't work the same way, as both use the same cable and connection on the mainboard..

Maybe on this model, you need special equipment to enable the LCD or something? Not sure.. really..

I'm running it now on an external monitor. To enter the BIOS, I must disconnect the Asus Monitor; otherwise, I can't enter it. So it's impossible to enter the BIOS with the Asus Monitor, to check for configurations. But I already had reset the BIOS configurations to the standards.
Jan 18, 2024
Any ideas? Should I really replace the whole Motherboard?
Switching the display cable causes random problems, the LCD is recognized, then not, then the camera, and not.. and reverse.. But I have 3 cables, 2 of them are brand new, it can not be the cables.

I think its the connection on the mainboard, to connect the camera/LCD. Or anything else related to it, it might have not been a good idea to run the notebook with a broken cable in the beginning, it might has damaged something related on the mainboard.