Question Honor Magicbook 14/ Huawei D14 suddenly turned off and won't start again

Apr 15, 2024
My honor magicbook 14 (a rebranded version of the international honor Matebook D14 with exact same specs) just freezed suddenly, I did the hard shutdown and now it won't turn on again. When I press the power button the keyboard backlight turns on and I can even adjust it's intensity level with the F3 key and fans also spin after a while when laptops warms up. Upon startup the laptop appears to be trying to boot up like it also turns on the caps lock and stuff but nothing on the screen (not a screen issue) and it does that for 2-3 times to try to start but then shuts off completely after that. No company logo, can't enter boot menu none. Battery light flashes normally while charging but flashes very rapidly after pressing power button while it's trying to start. The laptop gets heated so CPU is working fine. I found a ton of posts online describing the same issue with these honor matebook/magicbook laptops so it seems a very common issue with this brand but none of them have any solution