Question Toshiba SATELLITE C-50-B won't start (Power Button LED lights up for 5 seconds and turns off, no fan spinning)

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Nov 30, 2021
Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a SATELLITE C-50-B from a friend. To start, it's very old and dusty and there was loud noise fan. Otherwise the computer was still working properly.
So, I disassembled the computer to see what was the problem with the fan. Indeed, it was very dusty and I cleaned it.

My problem now is that the computer won't start anymore and I don't know why.. because I only disconnected and cleaned the fan.

I tried to disconnect battery + adapter and hold the power button for static discharge but it's not working. Also tried to change the adapter and the same problem happens.
I tried to find CMOS battery to disconnect it but after some researches, it seems that there is no CMOS on the motherboard and it is in the battery.

So here's the problem :
  • When adapter is plugged in without battery, the LED in the bottom of the computer is turning white. (sign of power in computer?)
  • When adapter is plugged in with battery, the LED is alternating orange and white every 2 minutes (note : the computer is 6 y/o so maybe a faulty battery not charging properly)
  • When battery is plugged only, no signs of life at all (this is why I think the battery is faulty)

-> When i try to start the computer using the power button, the led in the button turns white for a brief moment (like 5 seconds or so) and turns off immediately. No other signs of life from the PC, (no screen, no fan spinning)
The same things happens with all of the configurations mentioned above.

Is a defective fan is a problem to start ? From my previous experiences (but different laptops...), the fan should not be an issue to boot up a PC.

For troubleshooting, I disconnected all peripherals (RAM, SSD, keyboard, USB, CD etc...), but with still the same results... Also took off the motherboard and cleaned it.
I switched RAM modules, cleaned them with no change.

Is there anything I missed to look at?
Thanks for your Help
I see these kinds of problems a lot. Given a chance, I always advise getting your hands on the specific service manual and following the direction therein. One of the things always mentioned in the manuals is the importance of ESD precautions. If you did not follow these precautions, there is a chance you zapped something on the motherboard. Unfortunately, there are many youtube videos that are created by people that don't know what they are doing and treat sensitive electronics like working on a car. Unfortunately, unless you were observing ESD precautions taking everything apart was the worst thing you could do. Sorry.
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