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  1. BlazeMike

    Toshiba Satellite Radius P55w B5224 won't power on

    Hey all! So my friend recently said that his keyboard on this laptop wasn't working for a while now and he said he might've dropped it. So the lights on the keyboard have stopped along with the keyboard function itself he was managing with the touch keyboard... I said it might be a loose...
  2. F

    My toshiba laptop wont charge while gaming.

    My Toshiba satellite laptop wont charge while gaming. The charging light blinks while I run a game while charging.The laptop charge and discharge as the light blinks. My laptop has nvdia 710 graphics card.
  3. X

    Needing Cpu Upgrade list

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P850- PSPKBA-03000u on a K000135200 Motherboard running an INTEL 3610QM, I7 2.3 ghz with 4gb virtual memory and 4gb physical memory. My question is. How do I go about finding out the right CPU listing for my motherboard in the laptop or what is the largest and or...
  4. A

    Toshiba Satellite S Series laptop with Win 7 Pro won't stay off after Windows shut down

    Few nights ago I realized tht even when my lid was closed the laptop is still running and not in sleep condition as it supposed to be. I can turn off the laptop with the power button while it is on just to have the windows recovery screen to pop up during boot process. If I close the lid or...