Jan 21, 2014
Hey all!

So my friend recently said that his keyboard on this laptop wasn't working for a while now and he said he might've dropped it.
So the lights on the keyboard have stopped along with the keyboard function itself he was managing with the touch keyboard...

I said it might be a loose cable, so I found the loose keyboard cable and firmly reattached it to the motherboard.
After having done that I secured all the components back to the laptop.

Then I tried powering on the laptop with 70% charge and even with the charger plugged in..

Then the laptop power led would turn on for a split second and the keyboard lights flashed for the first time in a while (meaning the keyboard is working again) and the laptop just wouldn't turn on after.

I have tried using the reset button to the side after that then powering it on the same would happen.

I also tried removing the battery and powering off just from the charger but still no result.

Please Help!!!!