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  1. B

    Question Laptop Power Supply

    I have a work laptop with a power supply (the power supply's back reads 65w / Output 19.5V=3.34 A / Input 100-240v~1.7A 50-60Hz, and it has the polarity with the positive first, and the negative on the right). I don't normally use that power supply anyway - I use the laptop plugged into a...
  2. RoyalKem

    Question HP G3 450 Not changing possible short

    Hello and good day My laptop is a hp g3 450, it was plugged in and charging some moments ago until my cat chewed on the AC adapter wire ( the DC part) and there was a little spark and the laptop went off, I quickly unplugged it as soon as it went off. So far I plugged in my spare charger...
  3. Irujezu

    Question Asus K551LN turning off when launchin heavy programs or games

    Hello, It is happening in the following manner: 1- I get charger indicator blinking like if I plug and unplug It(while It is still well plugged 2- Then it is indicating like if the battery is not charging 3- It is powering off The battery is KO (even a little inflated when I open my laptop to...
  4. I

    Solved! Laptop won't charge

    When I plug in my Dell Inspiron 15 3567, it's hard to insert the plug. When the cord is plugged into the wall, the light is on, but when it is plugged into the laptop, the light turns off and I hear a spark sound. Took it to my local Micro Center and they said that the power adapter jack was...
  5. R

    Solved! Accidentally Touched 2 Pins of Power Connector

    I was testing the power connector on the motherboard of my laptop using a multimeter. It showed the same voltage as the power adapter at first. And then I accidentally touched 2 pins on it together. There was a small spark come out of those pins. Suddenly the power reads no voltage at all, both...
  6. N

    Solved! Dell power adapter cycles from detected to undetected every 60 seconds or so and battery tends to stay not charged

    Dell Alienware 17 The power adapter cycles from detected to undetected every 30-60 seconds or so and battery tends to stay not charged. I have replaced the adapter with new one and same thing. Does it when just in BIOS, booted to Windows or even turned off (can see from the power lights on the...
  7. WHydoIdothis

    Solved! Asus G751J shuts off when I pull the power cord, AFTER I changed the battery for OEM replacement

    Hi all, I recently got a used Asus G751J with a battery I knew was shot. Once I got it, I replaced the battery with a lovely OEM Asus brand replacement from BuyBatteryOnline, who seems to have every conceivable Asus laptop battery available. I figured that because of the state of the battery was...
  8. T

    Question Toshiba Laptop charger connects and disconnects

    Whenever I'm connecting the charger it suddenly starts connecting and disconnecting and because of this charger tip getting too hot that you can't even touch but when I charge the battery while the laptop is off it is working perfectly fine without any issue. Model is Toshiba Satellite L50-A
  9. P

    Question Laptop AC adapter not working and making a sound

    Hello everyone, I have bought a new replacement battery for my laptop, it does not seem to work. The powerbrick makes a strange sound when I plug it in the wall plug. I have recorded the audio, you can listen here https://vocaroo.com/i/s0zbgngd5Ya0 The AC has the correct requirements for my...
  10. Acer aspire e 15

    Solved! Acer aspire e 15 battery issue

    Recently my laptop acer aspire e 15 has its battery indicator light(right) always orange. The battery shows it is charged upto 93%. However if I unplug the laptop it just turns off. I tried uninstalling battery drivers in device manager and restarting but no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. P

    Solved! Dell Inspiron 15-7559 Charger Port Damaged

    Hi and thanks for reading, I cracked the bezel of my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 which now prevents the charger from connecting ]to AND remaining in the port. I feel that the port might have been pushed deeper into the computer than it should be. I'm thinking that I'll have to open it up, re...
  12. M

    Solved! Using the wrong charger

    I have a Samsung series 9 laptop from 2013 which I have lost the charger for. The input is 19v, 2.1A (40W). I also have a Dell XPS charger with the output: 19.5V, max. 2.31v (45W) Would it damage my laptop if I use this one until my new charger arrives? Thanks!
  13. G

    Solved! Issue with Laptop AC adapter overheating and shutting down

    Good day, My main laptop is in service center concerning keyboard issues for a month. I'm using my old MSI GT70 2PC laptop to play some games and kill time as of now. Problem is that I'm using a replacement AC adapter which I bought off of amazon. I haven't used this laptop in months but last...
  14. D

    Compatible power adapter for Razer Blade Stealth 13

    I have a Razer blade stealth 13 i7-8550U and the male end of my type C power adapter snapped off yesterday. The Razer store doesn't ship to me. Would the 65W charger for the Lenovo standard AC adapter work? I can get this one shipped to me...
  15. X

    Solved! Dell Laptop won't turn on.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 The other night, I ran Advanced SystemCare. The next morning when I wake up and tried to turn on my laptop, it won't turn on. I removed the battery and power adapter and held down the power button for 30 seconds. I did this a couple of times. 1. When I put the...
  16. M

    Laptop UserBenchmark difference

    Today I received my new laptop and I thought I would execute a benchmark on UserBenchmark before installing any apps. The results were great at first, but when I unplug the power adapter the results change drastically. I am already using the same power plan (high performance) in both occasions...
  17. T

    i have a 14.4v battery in my hp compaq laptop, what is the correct power adapter to use. please i need to know

    laptop battery power issues
  18. I

    Solved! Laptop Charger Problems

    i have a laptop charger 19v 4.7A , and when i test it with my multimeter , the voltage change in everysecond. It start with 8.2v to 9.5v ... 7.2v and it never stop ore stay stable at a point.This charger doesnt work for my laptop. Please anyone can tell me what wrong part of charger would be ? I...
  19. M

    Power adapter compatibility

    Will This power adapter work with an hp slimline desktop 450-a24. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01LPJ1MWY/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A1O0CWBCW2DC46&psc=1
  20. S

    Solved! ac power adapter wattage and type cannot be determine

    my dell machine wrote ac adapter wattage cannot be determine
  21. W

    Solved! Dell 7370 USB-C Charging

    Hi all, My dad is shopping for a new laptop that he can use with a USB-C dock, and it would have to be able to charge using that same USB-C connection. Does the Dell Inspiron 7370 allow this? I suspect it doesn't, I'd like to be sure. Thanks...
  22. nuttynut

    Severed Power Cord

    I am working on a Sony Vaio PCG-61611L. The HDD and drive cover are missing, but the real problem is the power cord. It appears to have had the plug cut off, then spliced into the power delivery wires with duct tape, and later the other end was cut, leaving only a few inches sticking out. If I'm...
  23. B

    Solved! power adapter cord

    if power ever goes out, Is there an adapter or power source I can use to power my laptop without the use of a generator?
  24. V

    Power adapter amps guide for new amplifier

    Hi, I bought a new mini amplifier lepy lp838 for my old pioneer home theater system (whose dvd is totally dead).Now the problem is my mini amp asks for input rating of 12v 3a so i am finding difficulty to buy the 12v 3a power adapter but 12v 2a adapter is available at every shop can i use this...
  25. A

    Laptop charging stopped working, but charger is ok

    I have an issue where my charger stopped working suddenly on my HP laptop. I checked the AC adapter on other laptop and it works just fine, and I tested different AC adapters on my laptop but the issue is still the same. Laptop works fine on battery, no issues at all, but it doesn't charge. I...
  26. D

    Charging Icon not showing

    I have compaq presario CQ62 laptop, recently my power adapter got damaged and i bought a new power adapter. My laptop had 0 percentage battery when i plugged in the new power chord, the laptop turned on but now it doesnt show charging icon in my battery icon although the charge percent...
  27. H

    US to UK Adapter

    so i have just revived my msi gs65 and because it came from america it has the american adaptor, the power brick for the laptop says its rated for 100 to 240v so that should be fine, however my adaptor for the plug is 13 amps and the brick says 2.5amps and the wire going into the brick says 7...
  28. B

    Euro power adapters?

    I will be traveling to France and the UK. What power adapter(s) do I need to be able to connect my Toshiba Satellite C55-C laptop to charge and operate?
  29. palash89

    Macbook Air is not powering on after charging with 60W charger

    My Macbook Air supports 45W power adapter. But I lost it. So I brought a third party 60W power adapter as I found somewhere in apple forum that you can use 60W charger in Macbook Air. But after charging with that adapter my Macbook is not powering on. Whats wrong?
  30. H

    HP ENVY Notebook 13 battery/power issue

    I have a 1.5 years old HP Envy notebook. I am facing the issue with battery power. The battery is getting charged with power adapter [showing orange LED while charging] and after 100% charging, it turns to white. However, the notebook is not running on battery power. As soon as I am unplugging...
  31. Z

    Laptop won't turn on with power adapter only and makes popping sound

    Hi guys! I have an Acer V3-571-9423 with that is extremely old but very dear to me and it recently stopped working. It won't on with the (what I believe is the original) power adapter alone and it makes a popping noise somewhere to its right, which might be coming out of the speakers but I'm...
  32. B

    How to connect different power cord to my Blu-ray player

    The power adapter come up missing in our last move and trying to figure out if I can rigg something if and how to rig a different type power car
  33. J

    Smoke Came from Laptop and Now It Won't Turn On

    So I had a 200W laptop charger that came with my laptop. It eventually broke and I did not have enough money to purchase a new charger. My brother let me borrow his laptop charger for a laptop he didn't use. The only problem was that the charger was a 45w charger. It was really bad at charging...
  34. G

    Alert! The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined

    Hello – I could use some help. I know there have been similar posts. I have a Dell Inspiron 15-7569 and have really liked it. I have not had it that long, but long enough the warranty expired. Issue: • Getting this message when booting up “Alert! The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot...
  35. T

    Laptop not charging

    I bought my new msi laptop few days ago.. Yesterday, i unknowingly connected my laptop charger adapter to a high power supply socket (designed for Air conditioners) [ Rating : 18 Amp, 240 V ,50 hz supply]. The laptop charged perfectly, but when i shifted to another room and connected the...
  36. N

    Samsung TV won't or slow to turn on

    Samsung LED TV UN32J4000AFXZA won't turn on or if it does it displays SAMSUNG and then goes off...is it a problem with the power adapter or the capacitor?
  37. S

    What can be the problem when asus laptop is going off whilst loading to come on

    Flat screen , with a webcam
  38. Myronazz

    Vintage laptop power supply trouble

    Hello...! Sooooo I found this really cool vintage laptop from 1990 but unfortunately, the seller is missing the power adapter AND the connector is actually quite strange and not common at all, i found an adapter but it costs £60 which is way too much for a power adapter, so i thought i'll do...
  39. W

    Acer Aspire E5-575G-76YK does not charge.

    My Acer Aspire E5-575G-76YK does not charge. Power adapter and power jack are both good. Where might be the problem? Thanks.
  40. daffputrw

    Power adapter as power source

    So i got Macbook Pro Early 2011 13". The battery need to be replace. I'm using an orginal power adapter as a power source. The only way to get this thing turn on is just connecting the power adapter, and when it removed the MacBook turned off. My question is, is it okay to using a power adaptor...
  41. J

    Laptop shuts off from 20% battery

    hello.I have a lenovo t61 laptop with a new replacement battery.The old battery charged but went from 100% to 0% in 5 minutes so ibought a new one.MY problem is that when i charge the new battery,It goes to 100 and when it is discharged down to 28 or 25% it shuts down like i take off the...
  42. 3

    HP ProBook 650 G2 adapter

    where can a find a HP ProBook 650 G2 adapter
  43. J

    Laptop won't charge

    Hi! I have a Toshiba Satellite S55. Never had any issues with the laptop itself, except that for the past few months i've had to move around and mess with the plug a little for it to charge when i plug the charger. A couple of days ago that "solution" stopped working no matter how hard i tried...
  44. W

    Asus S551L won't turn on with AC power when internal battery low/caput

    The Asus S551L has internal(non-removable) battery. When its battery is low or no charge, even with AC power adapter plug in, It won't turn on or it turn on for few seconds then off itself. I leave it away for 20 mins with AC power and later can turn it on normally. The full battery only last 30...
  45. R

    Laptop has become slow - Dell XPS 15

    Laptop config: i5@ 1.40Ghz | 6GB RAM | GeForce 525M My DELL XPS 15(l502x) laptop has become slow while browsing and watching movies. I did a reset but the slowness still exists. I then ran hardware diagnostic test and got an error code that stated the hard drive is faulty. I got no other error...
  46. G

    ASUS N56V8 crashed and wont boot up, but takes a charge.

    I have an ASUS N56V that I've had for about 5 years now and I use it while I'm on the go for gaming and 3D renders with Blender. Recently as I was executing a render the laptop crashed and hasn't successfully booted up since. The curious thing is that it takes a charge and the charging...
  47. T

    DELL XPS L702x Boot and Power Issue..

    So here I have a Dell XPS L702x laptop, which has the following symptoms; 1. when plugged into wall, with battery, functions properly 2. when plugged into wall without a battery, does not start 3 .not plugged in wall, with battery, boots about 10 secs then powers off 4. plugged into wall...
  48. S

    Long-term usage of "travel adapter" for laptop?

    Hi, I brought my laptop + charger from USA to Australia (where electricity is 230V 50Hz). Now, in the past I successfully used a "US to Australia travel adapter" that dials down the voltage. But back then it was for short trips, while now I'm settling in Australia for years. So I was wondering...
  49. H

    Solved! Asus ROG Laptop

    Irrelevant, can be deleted
  50. G

    Portable Charger for Laptop with High Amps

    I'm trying to find a way to portably charge my laptop but the amps I need are enormous. My power adapter is rated for 19.5V and 9.23A and I have not seen any portable power banks even close to that kind of power. I was wondering if when the computer is off if it still draws the same 9.23A that...
  51. Ofesad

    Acer notebook doesn't boot up

    Notebook: Acer Aspire 5542-5241 So, its old, but it has been a local and faithfull computer. The battery doesn't work or just last for 15min. I just arrived to my office, plugged the AC brick to the power outlet. Get the laptop out of the backpack, put it on the table. Power on. Plugged in usb...
  52. M

    Toshiba Satellite Power Adapter

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P55w-C5204 laptop. I need a new power adapter. The one that came with the computer has the following: Input: 100-240v - 1.3a 50-60 Hz Output: 19v = 2.37a Cannot find wattage The new one that I am looking at has the following: Input: 100-240V Output: 19v 3.16A...
  53. D

    Asus N53SN battery indicator blinking green and light

    Hi everybody. I don't think its a new question but as i checked the forum i couldn't fix the problem with my laptop. It's been a month that i have problem with my asus n53sn Whenever i Plug in the laptop and battery is charging i see a blinking led from battery indicator. I replaced the battery...
  54. H

    Solved! Medion Akoya Laptop wont, show any sign of life after battery went flat

    The laptop ran out of charge and whilst doing updates I was away from home and didn't have the right charger, tried a couple of other but no charge... got home plugged in with the proper charger and now it won't show any sign of life, no charge light, no power on... I tried the rest but...
  55. S

    Keyboard repair (motherboard)

    I used the wrong power adapter for my Alesis Keytar. Smelled metal burning? It it ruined permanently?
  56. M

    Laptop will not charge, will work on AC but not on battery

    Howdy! I have a Toshiba Portege Z930 with Windows 10. A few weeks ago, my laptop stopped working on the battery - when I pull the AC Adapter it instantly shuts off. It works only on the AC adapter When I power on the laptop, it will say "plugged in, charging", then it will simply say "X...
  57. K

    Asus GL502VM not charging after using another adaptor

    So my original Asus adaptor broke and I just ordered a new one but it'll arrive in a week, during this time I still need to use my laptop so I looked around the house and settled on a 120w universal adaptor as that was the closet to the original 180w adaptor. When I plugged it in sure enough my...
  58. G

    Laptop charger causes fuse to blow

    So I got a pretty weird problem on my hands right now. I have ASUS N56D laptop with the original charger. I have had problems with the charger before, like when I want to charge my laptop, I need to connect the charger to my laptop before I plug the charger in the wall or else it won't begin...
  59. F

    Different adapter on laptop

    Hello Right now i am using a different adapter for my laptop. The voltage is same with higher watt (s), but there are 2 different things: -the original adapter is an AC adapter while what i am using now is an AC DC adapter -the polarity of the adapter i am using now is unknown (original is 120p...
  60. C

    Can I use 19.5v 4.82A power adapter on my speaker which needs 19v 3A?

    Can I use 19.5v 4.82A power adapter on my speaker which needs 19v 3A?