Charging Icon not showing

Dibya Adhikari

Apr 20, 2013
I have compaq presario CQ62 laptop, recently my power adapter got damaged and i bought a new power adapter. My laptop had 0 percentage battery when i plugged in the new power chord, the laptop turned on but now it doesnt show charging icon in my battery icon although the charge percent increases. this made my laptop quite slow ( maybe because it thinks it is still on battery power only). One way i found was to uninstall Microsoft AC Adapter from device manager but it's only temporary, if i restart or scan for hardware changes same problem occurs. Please help how i can solve this problem


May 23, 2017
1.) Shutdown your laptop first.
2.) Remove the battery and adapter and wait for a minute.
3.) Only plug in the adapter in and startup your pc.
4.) Once it boots up. open device manager and uninstall: Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.
5.) When uninstalled, delete the driver when prompted and restart your pc 2-3 times.
6.) Shutdown your laptop again.
7.) Now plug in the battery back in with the adapter if it isn't plugged in.
8.) Power on your pc.
9.) Problem Resolved :D

Dibya Adhikari

Apr 20, 2013

i tried to power up with just adapter on but it wont turn on. it keeps on showing white indicator light and when i press power button it blinks to orange 3-4 times and then goes to white again.
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