So here I have a Dell XPS L702x laptop, which has the following symptoms;

1. when plugged into wall, with battery, functions properly
2. when plugged into wall without a battery, does not start
3 .not plugged in wall, with battery, boots about 10 secs then powers off
4. plugged into wall, removed battery, will not boot

I have replaced the battery with an OEM replacement from Dell, and it does charge properly and the indicator on the battery does confirm it is 100% charged, if I boots with power/battery, windows confirms that the battery is 100% charged as well but the symptoms remains as listed above.

Anyone know if the AC adaptor wire may be needing to be replacied (perhaps shorting out of that battery circuit when ac is not engaged?)

Anyone else have encountered this?

I have the service Manual for this Laptop from Dell, and it only covers replacement not this type of specific issue.

in case there is a need for specifics of the laptop which I doubt is needed.

Model: X17L-2801ELS
Intel Core i7 2nd Gen 2630QM (2.00 GHz)
8 GB Memory 1 TB HDD
NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M