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    When I go to bed at night my Dell computer is switched off but when I get up in the morning it's restarted it's self

    Dell computer switches it self on in the middle of the night
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    Need to buy a laptop before July 6th, HELP needed.

    Hello, guys, I'm from India and I got my relatives staying at Irvine, California and I want them to bring new Dell G7 with 128gb SSD n 1TB HDD, but they have their flight on July 7th. Where will I be able to get the particular laptop? I think the variant with just the 256gb SSD is available at...
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    DELL XPS L702x Boot and Power Issue..

    So here I have a Dell XPS L702x laptop, which has the following symptoms; 1. when plugged into wall, with battery, functions properly 2. when plugged into wall without a battery, does not start 3 .not plugged in wall, with battery, boots about 10 secs then powers off 4. plugged into wall...
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    its not working

    when i press these two buttons(ALT+Prnt Scrn) no window is captured
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    How to switch USB-C to DP output from HD Graphics to GPU (Notebook: Dell Inspiron 7577)

    I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 7577 Gaming Laptop and want to use it with an external 144hz Monitor by Acer manly for playing Games. Therfore I bought a usb-c(with Thunderbold 3) to Displayport wire to get the full 144 hz. But somehow if I start Overwatch my dedicated GPU (GTX 1060 MaxQ) has...
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    Can I run Cities: Skylines in Intel HD Graphics 620 with 128 MB of Video RAM

    I have a laptop with Intel HD Graphics 620 and 128 MB of Video RAM, and I wan't to know if I can run Cities: Skylines with 8 GB of RAM? And another question, are my graphics shared?
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    Solved! Wifi turned off automatically, can't turn it on

    For some reason, after awhile my Wifi turned off automatically. When I check the network settings the Wi-Fi is gray and I can't turn it back on. I have no Wi-Fi button so I couldn't have pressed it. Need help, please respond.
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    Solved! can i run gta 5 on dell intel pentium 3558u 1.70GHz

    can i run gta 5 on dell intel pentium 3558u 1.70GHz .
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    Solved! Laptop USB ports no power, no data transfer.

    my Dell laptops all USB ports stop working after use a charging cable to charge phone. now no power on USB ports and no data transferring. how to fix this problem? I have tried most of the solution from web, including *Driver Update *USB root hub advance option. *Open Battery and press power...
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    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 keeps on crashing

    I had purchased Dell Inspiron 15 7559 laptop in Jan 1st week , 2017. After around a month, windows 10 started giving me issues related to password after the anniversary update. It would not let me enter the password and would just reset. Dell support team helped me with system restore and it...
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    Solved! Does my laptop really come with *see-content*?? And how do I switch graphic card usage for my games??

    My Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 said it came with: CPU 2.5-GHz Intel Core i5-3210M Graphic Card Intel HD Grapphics 4000 So I guess I had been using Intel graphic or some gaming performances over the past 5 years with it until I decided to reformat it last week and went onto Dell's support webpage to...
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    what is the cause of continuous beep at startup of my laptop

    what is the cause of continuous beep at startup of my laptop
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    AlienWare 14 Black Screen W/

    Black screen after windows start up. Woke up this moring opened my book and started the computer and then it happened. Has the logo and moves but no sound. (not even sure if its off mute or not) has the mouse in view and can move it. It was connected to an external monitot when this happened...
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    Which of this laptop's is better?

    Hey guys, I need your help in choosing one of this laptop's. I am going to use it for business (I'm a programmer): ASUS intel i3 4030U with nvidia geforce 820 VS. DELL Amd A8-7410 Here are the links:
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    Definitive 2016 dell precision m4600 compatible MXM graphics cards list.

    I just bought a used Dell Precision M4600 with the following specs Intel Core i7 2860QM CPU 8GB Ram 320GB HDD NVIDIA Quadro 1000M DVD drive. When the laptop arrives I am going to upgrade it with 16gb of ddr3 sodimm memory I have laying around. As the laptop only has the base NVIDIA Quadro 1000M...
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    Blurry Extended Screen on new Inspiron 15 7000 Series

    Just upgraded my old Dell Inspiron to the new 7000 series with the 4GB NVIDIA graphics card. Loving the laptop so far but my monitor I use to dual screen is really blurry. I know the HDMI chord and monitor are perfectly fine because it is crystal clear on the old Dell laptop. My resolution...
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    Thoughts on this laptop

    I am looking to get a laptop for university and found the Dell Latitude E7440 refurbished on offer £360 so it seems like a pretty good price. It has an Intel Core i5 4300U 1.9GHz, 8gb RAM, 128gb ssd, and 1920x1080 display. 14 inch display seems like it would be good in terms of carrying...
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    Buying first laptop, please help guys!

    Hey, I'm new to this community and this is my first post. I'm looking to a new laptop and have been going through a lot of individual threads on this forum, although they are a lot of help but I still couldn't decide. I'm looking for a laptop that has * Intel 5th Gen i5 processor or Intel 4th...
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    Help Me With the Intel Graphics Memory

    Hello people i have a doubt and i seriously want to solve it as i am unaware of many facts. i had purchased dell inspiron 15 1545 (ram 3 gb) way back in 2009 and i dont know what graphics does it have or use , it certainly has intel graphics only . few months back my harddisk got corrupted and...
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    intel hd graphics