Question Dell G15-5520 Gaming Laptop vs ASUS TUF Gaming F15 (2022) which is best in battery life and low heating ?


Aug 15, 2022
Asus -
Dell -
Read serious negative reviews about Dell G15-5520 related to battery/over-heating.
Battery gets depleted in around 2 hours on normal usage (battery power off and not gaming).
Battery cannot last even 40 minutes when gaming with battery power off, read Gaming is not suggested without AC Power on as per many aricles.
CPU over-heating is another major concern in Dell which pushes me towards ASUS
Even after Windows 11 clean install, end-users kept complaning about same.

Here are some similarities/differences between models I have selected as per my budget:
(Will purchase additional 8 GB RAM with any model, I plan to purchase)
Both SHARE same processor
Same GPU - Nvidia RTX 3050 (4G DDR6)
Storage 512 gb ssd

Important Key differences:
Dell 1 x SSD slot VS Asus 2 SSD slots
Dell 56wh battery vs Asus 90 wh [BAttery life is most important in this case]
Dell 8 GB DDR5 Ram vs Asus 8 GB DDR4 Ram

I need a good mid-range gaming laptop with good battery life, where Asus superseeds Dell.
Any reasons, which laptop I must select ?

Prime requirements:
Light gaming
Jun 14, 2023
If you haven't used both computers, it's not easy to directly say which one is better.
Essentially, comparing the specifications of both computers and, primarily, considering the user reviews regarding whichever has better features would be the right approach.
However, I can mention that overheating and, if present, the resulting high fan noise and even device shutdown problems can be quite frustrating.
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