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  1. George7784

    Question HP Pavilion 15 BC400NA won’t turn on after cleaning the inside of my laptop

    I have a HP pavilion 15 series notebook BC400NA) My laptop keys wasn’t working so I decided to remove the back of it and give it a small clean. I took out the screws and only touched the 2 fans, the SSD and the battery, however now it won’t power on at all. When the button is pressed the power...
  2. A

    Solved! Laptop battery drain when powered off.

    I have an HP Pavillion Gaming Laptop 15-dk1xxx with an i5-10300H processor, GTX 1650Ti,8+8RAM,512SSD + 2TB HDD. Recently I am noticing an insane battery drain after I shut down the system. My recent observation is of a drop from 80% to 50% within 12-14 hours. I haven't installed any new...
  3. T

    Question Laptops shuts unexpectedly at 17% battery without any low battery warning

    Hello My asus p2530UJ laptop shuts down forcefully without any battery warning when the battery percentage is 17% left. This didnt happen before. Its about a month I am facing this issue. I have checked the power option settings. The low battery level is set to 10 % and the critical battery...
  4. Louis72

    Solved! Laptop battery issues on high temperature

    I have a 2 yr old Acer Predator Helios 300, since last month I started facing a weird issue with the laptop battery. If I pull the power cord while I'm gaming, the laptop trips immediately and then refuses to boot up on battery. After many trials, I realized that this only happens when my...
  5. superpeas

    Question What happens when charging a laptop with a type-c phone charger?

    I just connected a type-c phone charger to a laptop type-c usb port. The port is not for charging the laptop. When I connected my phone charger into it, the laptop immediately shut down itself. The laptop is working just fine until now. I wonder if there will be damage inside of the laptop that...
  6. Pasiya98

    Solved! My battery randomly starts and stops while charging(starts to happen when battery percentage is over 80%) why?

    I have a HP I3 6th Gen laptop since 2017. It worked perfect for 2 years and then its battery started to show some issues. It charged like 90% percent and then show me plugged in but not charging. I tried everything on the Internet but nothing worked. Then I replaced the battery. Then laptop only...
  7. zulfanmr

    Question My laptop stops charging automatically, restarts charging, then stops again and so on.

    Hey. I want to ask you a question. So i got a problem on charging. When i plug my charger, there's a beep sound and the charging indicator in my laptop is appearing. But after a few moment, the charging indicator is disappearing, means that my laptop is not charging. But when i unplug my charger...
  8. M

    Solved! Lenovo laptop won't charge after running out of battery

    My fairly new lenovo ideapad 310-15ISK ran out of battery and now it won't charge. I am certain that the ac adapter and the power jack aren't damaged, the battery itself worked fine as well and showed no signs of damage before it ran out. I would remove the battery but it's built in pretty deep...
  9. A

    Solved! Laptop battery capacity reductions

    Hi, using the battery bar app with my newly purchased - second hand (ebay seller refurbished) windows 10 laptop it is showing that my battery has wear of about 25%, the original capacity being 55Wh with current capacity reduced to of about 41Wh - (although software like battery bar is not always...
  10. Z

    How to remove laptop battery?

    Hello! my battery dies super fast and it says my battery health is at 34% so I ordered a new battery but I cant get the old battery out. The clips look broken. How would I remove it?
  11. 9

    Solved! Possible Hazard: Laptop Battery Cracked by falling. Still works

    My laptop battery dropped 3 ft. to the ground and it cracked. After that, I tested the battery, it still functions and it is able to be charged up to 100%. Is there a high risk of fire or explosion when it is used with my laptop?
  12. G

    Looking for best solution to fix my battery.

    my laptop battery says it was plugged in and charging but the power is still in 0% and not increasing.
  13. P

    Solved! Dell Inspiron 15-7559 Charger Port Damaged

    Hi and thanks for reading, I cracked the bezel of my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 which now prevents the charger from connecting ]to AND remaining in the port. I feel that the port might have been pushed deeper into the computer than it should be. I'm thinking that I'll have to open it up, re...
  14. K

    HI grade model W651UI Laptop

    Can anyone guide me where I could purchase a new power Supply and laptop battery from as Hi Grade computers have gone out of business. Thanks for all your help it is so much appreciated
  15. S

    Solved! Stop Charging While Playing Games or Open Google chrome

    My laptop that is asus rog strix g503 stops charging when im playing a game or opening chrome.idk why this happened this laptop is still 2 months old and it was fine the first month but now when i play or open chrome it says plugged in but not charging,ive set the charging capacity to 100% so...
  16. TheSusanagi

    Solved! overcharge your laptop battery

    so i already buying new laptop yesterday and its lenovo ideapad 330 36ID i5-8300 4GB RAM + 16GB Intel Optane Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 4GB so im buying this laptop for 2 purpose, Gaming (not very demanding game maybe for dota 2 and yakuza 0 on medium setting) and working at the office...
  17. C

    Shopping for replacement lenovo laptop battery

    The model of my laptop is B50-45 Model# 20388. The part # on my current battery is L13S4A01. Will a L13M4A01 battery work in it if I purchase it?
  18. R

    Laptop battery compatibility

    Hi I have a Dell Latitude E5470(service tag: DFZGFC2). I'm looking for a replacement battery that matches the original(47Wh/11.1V), unfortunately I can only find one with the specs (51Wh/7.4V) I was thinking of getting it but the laptop manual only mentions the original battery and a 62Wh/7.6V...
  19. R

    Solved! Laptop battery or hard problem

    Hello So, i kinda have a problem with my laptop, at least i think i have. When i'm playing games from my SSHD( ), i get some frame drops to 0 fps for like 1-2 seconds... It not happens al the time but stil does. I believed the problem was with my cpu or gpu. After...
  20. M

    New Asus Laptop dies during booting up.

    Ive tried opening up the laptop, but its so hard ti pry the lid open. I could pull really hard but afraid that ill snap the keyboard. Sometimes ill get lucky and boot all the way to desktop. But then all of a sudden,it shuts off. No warning. Justs sudden death. I think its one of those battery...
  21. G

    Help picking laptop under $850

    Hello, Since you all are experts I wanted to ask you what laptop you thought I should buy under $850. It needs to be touchscreen, 400GB+ SSD or Hybrid is possible, processor over 3 GHz (AMD or Intel), and have Windows 10 (Pro preferably). Main tasks on this laptop would be video editing, word...
  22. M

    Acer laptop battery light flashing red

    The red battery light is continuously flashing, what could the probkem be?
  23. O

    Solved! Laptop shuts down when I unplug the power while watching movies

    I've searched the forum and many others. I've found many threads with people having the problem that their laptop shuts down when they unplug the power chord but none with my specific problem. My laptop (an Asus UX31, Windows 10) does not do that every time, but only when I'm watching a video -...
  24. A

    Solved! Laptop poor performance while plugged in

    Hi, I searched whole day for solution, but nothing seem to fix the problem. I get low fps on games while I plug the charger to my laptop ... I used to have this problem, but I fixed it somehow by discharging the battery completely. Few days ago I updated both Nvidia and Intel drivers and...
  25. J

    Solved! Is the Dell Latitude 7490 any good?

    Hi, I need a laptop since I'm going to be studying Computer Science in a while. I got a very good deal on the Dell Latitude 7490, here are it's exact specs: Intel Kaby Lake R Core i7-8650U Quad Core 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM 512GB M.2 PCI-e SSD 14" FHD IPS Display Intel HD 620 Graphics Backlit...
  26. B

    Laptop Battery Problem

    I have HP Pavilion 15-ab223nx laptop. It's battery charging and discharging too fast. I even replaced the battery. Can someone help me to solve this problem.
  27. C

    Solved! No shutdown at 0% battery

    Hello! I recently changed my laptop battery for my ASUS X550JX because I managed to fry the old one. I now face the following problem: after I fully charge my batter (the little led that says the battery is charging turns green) and I turn on the laptop the battery indicator acts all funny and...
  28. M

    Solved! Laptop battery drains fast after reinstalling windows

    Hello, yesterday I reinstalled windows for first time since i bought laptop. Laptop is 1 year old, until now, battery would last 3 - 6 hours, but after windows reinstall, battery lasts for 1 and half hour max. Downloaded original windows from microsoft -Tried troubleshooting -1.5 hour max at...
  29. J

    Solved! Lenovo 100s ideapad won’t turn on!!!!!

    My Lenovo 100s ideapad won’t turn on. I’ve left it to to charge for 2 days and still nothing happens. When plugged in, the battery lights only blinks orange then it stops and switches to a white light. And I’ve read other post saying take out the battery, but I really don’t want to unscrew...
  30. M

    Solved! battery not charging

    I just got a brand new laptop battery, and have a new charger and it won't charge my laptop. it still says plugged in not charging. How do i fix this problem so my laptop can charge.
  31. L

    Solved! Lenovo laptop dead after factory reset

    So I set up a lenovo thinkpad to do a windows 10 clean restart, I walked away with it plugged in and on the windows 10 reset screen, and I came back to the computer completely bricked. Power button does nothing, charger cable is tested and working on another laptop. I did the whole holding down...
  32. A

    Solved! Should I upgrade my Dell Inspiron 15 7568?

    It has been a long time (3-4 years) that I have used this laptop for! Most of the components of the laptop are working fine until now! But for the past few months, the laptop has been running very slowly and freezing occasionally when loading application or even browsing casually. The laptop...
  33. R

    Asus vivo book flip14 bug

    Hi there My Asus VivoBook Flip 14 has been having some bugging; it freezes when I charge it for the past few weeks. It seems like i cannot use the laptop while charging. If I charge while using it, it freezes and I have to switch it on. If i switch it on while it is charging it freezes again. So...
  34. A

    Solved! laptop battery blinks when powered off

    I have an Aspire ES11 ES1-132-C5YH windows 16. When i shut it down its battery continues to blink. Tried powering it on and off but the blinking continues even if i have shut it down. what could be the problem. I dont know how to fix it.
  35. S

    effect on laptop battery

    my laptop has a Polymer/Prismatic Battery, do I have to unplug the power supply cord once the battery is fully charged. if I don't do so does the power supply affect the battery life?
  36. S

    Solved! Does laptop battery will die

    Dear friends i have a acer aspire a515-51g laptop which i purchased 9 months back but i couldn't used it much only four times in last nine months last month when i switched on the laptop it didn't start then i plugged the charger it started charging then i used the laptop after charging its fine...
  37. L

    Solved! HP Envy 13 Poor Battery Life

    Hello, I purchased this laptop a few days ago and I have been disappointed with it's battery life. It is advertised as "up to 14 hours", I didn't expect that, but I expected at least 6 hours of light use. Looking at reviews, people are getting at least 6 hours of light-medium use. I've been...
  38. K

    laptop hdd battery fail

    Yesterday my laptop had an error unexpected store exception and shut down it booted into the MSI menu to restore itself but didn't work had to download an msi bootable file onto a memory stick which then managed to restore itself, interestingly the MSI procedure said all personal data would be...
  39. F

    Solved! New laptop battery wont work and charge

    My new laptop battery isnt charging,. I plug it in my computer and let it charge for 1 night with the laptop off, when i remove the charger and try to turn it on, nothing happened,. No charge,. I tried removing the battery and turnef on my laptop, tried un installing the battery drivers,. I...
  40. E

    Solved! RTC Battery is Low

    My Toshiba c50-b-14d recently had a 'RTC battery is low' error, but I carried on using it normally, until yesterday. I switched the power button on and the fan runs and LED lights are on, but there is no display or anything on the screen.
  41. lgdragon040

    Solved! Dell Inspiron 15 7579 2-in-1 AC Adapter Type Not Recognized

    Here's the gist of the situation. I have searched all over for solutions before I decide to replace a part of my computer. I have not found one that is either feasible or works. Essentially, by random chance, my laptop goes for a period of time where no charger can actually charge it. The icon...
  42. T

    i have a 14.4v battery in my hp compaq laptop, what is the correct power adapter to use. please i need to know

    laptop battery power issues
  43. F

    Solved! About make faster loptop

    Hello ! I need talk about How to make Faster loptop Why i quescion it ? Pretty Understandable :) I got very old, slow loptop Hawleet Packward (Hp) or Compaq Presario C500 So please help me how to speed my loptop (Very Low Budget) : D
  44. 1

    Solved! Asus Zenbook UX303UB Battery Issues

    Hello, i have this laptop for the last 3 years (1080p Version with GT 940M) and it does have a great battery live on the past two years. however, over the past few months i started to notice some issues with the battery, usually this laptop could last up to 5 to 6 hours of light task (browsing...
  45. C

    Solved! Is it possible to short a laptop battery?

    Hi all, I have an acer vn7-793g laptop. I recently made the mistake of opening it up to clean dust from the fans with canned air while the laptop was "asleep" but not shut down. Thankfully I only rotated the fans, but now the laptop won't run on battery power. It still recognizes whether or not...
  46. C

    Solved! ASUS G751JY stopped working

    I was playing the other night and the screen went black, after a few minutes of it being black i decided to power it off. I did not think to check or listen if anything was running still while the screen went black. Anyways, after I powered it off I tried to power back on. The lights will...
  47. I

    ASUS GL502VT Touchpad & Power issues

    I've recently bought an ASUS ROG GL502VT and it has been working perfectly except that sometimes the touchpad just shuts down - this isn't done via the Fn key that turns off the touchpad, but rather it just shuts down by itself - and won't work again until I've restarted the PC, and also that...
  48. R

    my laptop automatic turn off suddenly

    my laptop automatic turn off suddenly sometimes and then it will turn on only when i plugged in the charger
  49. V

    Solved! Re-celling laptop battery

    Hi all, Recently bought used laptop Asus N751JK without a battery, decided to buy one cheaply from Chinese seller. Battery lasts about 1h, not enough for me, so I want to replace cells with Samsung E35 3450 mAh. Actually after buying cells I read it is not enough just to replace cells and I...
  50. W

    Solved! Asus Laptop won't finish charging

    Hi guys, my Asus laptop suddenly only charge up to 90% although it keeps on saying 13 minutes until fully charged. Even the charging light keep showing orange and won't turn green. It makes me sort of panic cause I'm no expert at this sort of stuff. My laptop model is Asus X550JX. Any help...
  51. S

    Laptop randomly shutting down

    Hi guys, For the last 2 months my 2 year old laptop has been shutting down for no reason. This occurs while I'm browsing through YouTube or playing browser games like I'm unable to play games like League of legends > my laptop simply shuts down. But this doesn't happen with a game...
  52. D

    Will Disabling a Touch Screen Laptop's Touch Screen Increase Battery Life?

    Hi everyone. I have a laptop with a touch screen. I read that laptop's with touch screen's use more power than laptops that don't have touch screens. Assuming this is true, if I were able to disable my laptop's touch screen (for example, by disabling the drivers for it in Device Manager on...
  53. L

    Solved! Laptop won't turn on

    My laptop turned off suddenly and won't turn back on. My charger is working as the green light is on but when I plug it into my laptop the orange light doesn't turn on to indicate my laptop is charging. My laptop is 7 years old but do you think getting a new battery would fix it?
  54. M

    Need laptop battery

    Hello, I am looking for a battery to power a laptop I've been building myself, and I need something that has at least 250 watts (preferably 300) and up. I also need something that is 2.5 inches thick or less, so it will fill with my laptop. If anybody has any suggestions, I would love to hear...
  55. L

    About laptop problem

    House lights and electricity off when I'm plugging my laptop battery don't work I removed it and I'm going to buy new one.yesterday i plugged my laptop but house light automatically off in main electric it can danger?I tried it 3 times but not worked.what should I...
  56. C

    Internal laptop battery

    I have an HP Envy 17 that is 2 years old and the battery is nearly useless. May last 15 minutes or less. It is an internal battery and the laptop has to be opened to replace it. I have opened it when I upgraded the memory, but it is not an easy thing to do. Not to mention the expense of the new...
  57. J

    laptop battery shuts down after 3 minutes but tests fully charges after shutdown

    my hp battery shows fully charged but will only run for 4 minutes. tests fully charged at 16,8 volts. battery has 8 li-ion 18650 which test at 4.02 volts each. any suggestions
  58. S

    Store display laptop battery

    My laptop was one of the displayed laptops at the store, meaning in order for costumers to see it, It had to be plugged in all the time. I was wondering if that had potentially damaged the battery since it does lose power rather quickly. (The salesmen said that the battery life was similar to...
  59. P

    Solved! laptop battery problem : fully charged when plugged but shut down when unplugged

    Before start, I'm using msi laptop GT62VR 6RD. One day, my laptop battery started to show "fully charged" whenever charger plugged. But as soon as I unplug the charger, laptop's battery LED turns to red and shut down immediately. I think this problem comes from wrong battery indicator. What...