laptop hdd battery fail

Dec 7, 2018
Yesterday my laptop had an error unexpected store exception and shut down it booted into the MSI menu to restore itself but didn't work had to download an msi bootable file onto a memory stick which then managed to restore itself, interestingly the MSI procedure said all personal data would be lost yet background and a few software remained the same but no files on my desktop, ran sfc /scannow no issues drivers are all up to date then 15min later again same blue screen of death.

However now theres noMSI recovery steps just boots straight into bios, left it a few hours and it booted straight into windows no issue ran sfc /scan now no issues, did just notice that it is not detecting any battery?

Also ran cystal disk and got 2880 in booth c5 and c6 i can upload the log if that helps, on a 1tb hdd

Warranty expired end of October :/

I have hard hdd failiures in the past but this one seems strange if it is especially with the boot issues, and then the battery issue too.

any help would be greatly appreciated, i am thinking of just buying a new hdd and shoving it in and at the same time possibly need to replace the battery.


Question from kurt0375 : "Start up issue, battery/Hdd Fail"

Dec 7, 2018
Thanks for merging them for some reason it posted an earlier attempt at posting the question, was trying to work out how to delete one of them
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