Question Need help with Msi laptop please

Dec 22, 2022
Ok so I have read and searched all threads with similar issues and haven't found a solution. I have a msi leopard g75 (i think) with a completely shattered screen. Last week I tried to fresh wipe it with windows 10 from windows 11 from a
bootable windows installer and I normally use an external monitor. After trying to install Windows it worked up until a restart where I could hear cortina or whatever her name is talking and I couldn't pick up the external monitor to finish installation so I removed my SSD from my laptop and installed it into a friend's and finished the installation it all worked fine and I installed display drivers and made sure it worked with an external monitor took it out and put it back into my laptop and booted it to a black screen again. I have tried all the other solutions is my only solution to buy a $250 new screen for my msi to get the correct display drivers installed or something? I have ran out of ideas I payed $3k for the laptop so really trying to get it going again.
Unless your friend h as the exact same model laptop, setting up the display drivers and configuring it for external use won't work when you move the disk to your system.

Try closing the lid of the laptop, that may force it to try to use the external screen as the only one. Also some systems have a hotkey option to swap screen setups, see if yours does (function and some other key on the laptop).