Question Stumpted why laptop is slow and can't be fixed

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Mar 19, 2023
Hello everyone,

I have a laptop which is running very slow at the moment and would like a fix, but it has an very unusal history with many idiosycrasies, so hopefully some of the boffins here can work out what the relevant points are and ignore the possible red herrings in working out the problem.

Firstly i noticed shortly after buying the laptop, that it would run bery slowly sometimes, and i could fix it by removing the power plug and then reinserting it, and somehow it would "magically" refresh the laptop and it would function smoothly. I had a test where i would right click notepad in the taskbar and if it would take more than a second to bring up the menu then i knew it was in "slow mode" and after replugging the menu would popup almost immediately.
A while ago the laptop started making a strange chemical smell a while ago, which may be due to a leaking capacitor (based on my online research).
More recently the battery has given out (can no longer be charged above 0%) and it seemed that when the battery was in then the laptop would shut down soon after botting up, so i removed the battery and it was running fine just with the power adapter.
Recently it started running unbearably slow (even rightclicking notepad took 10+seconds to bring up the menu) but for some reason watching 720p video is almost fine, but a 1080p video has severe lag. Internet rowsing is also painfully slow despite having a wired connection.

For this strange situation i tried numerous things but with no success, to list a few:
  1. check hardware by pressing f12 in boot and running diagnostics, everything tip-top.
  2. ran sfc /scannow and the first time there was a corrupted file but after restarting it didn't seem to help, and the2nd sfc /scannow said everything was ok.
  3. i tried going back to a restore point using the control panel (the windows 10 setting didn't give me an option of going back as apparently the last update was more than 10 days ago and there wasn't a restore point, but somehow there was one when i tried restore in control panel?!?!) it attempted to restore windows to the state of 15/3 but it couldn't restore "recyclebin/.....(alot of random numbers and characters)" and gave up on the whole restore.
  4. Then i got desperate and tried a reset (keeping my personal files and using the option to download windows from the cloud 4gb) and the reset seemed to be going fine until it stalled at 68% for a few hours where i assumed something was going wrong and i aborted it.
As you can see there are a few different areas where the problem may be, but i can't get a solution, despite looking at numerous threads.
Anyone who can help would be much appreciated!

PS i tried to upload my dxdiag but i cant see an option for uploads, so i write the basic here:
dell precision m6800 i7-4800MQ CPU@2.70GHz (8CPUs) RAM-16GB DDR3 250GB SSD and 1TB HD (c and e drives respectively)
intel hd graphics 4600 and nvidia quadro k3100M
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