Question Samsung no300e5c laptop won't turn on and would show constant green light on battery indicator

Apr 8, 2024
My Samsung laptop np300e5c-A0cin won't start after I did a shut down and the battery was even half full. Than I wanted to start it again after just shutting it down because I remembered I forgot something there. But then found it would not turn on and would show a green dot on the battery charge indicator, then I tried removing the battery and performing a bios reset by holding the power button and also reset bios by manually touching tweezers to the bios reset(performed while battery removed.) and then I connected the charger without the battery but still showed the same light and wouldn't turn on. I tried same steps again with Ram and hdd removed but still no results. I also noticed one thing after I plugged the charger or the battery, the indicator also after blink orange/flame on the green on the same indicator. It happened when I inserted battery/charger 4 times then it would again show green light after I remove and plug the battery/charger again. Pls can anyone help with my issue. I love my laptop a lot and I need it for my studies, I don't have enough funds to go to a repair shop so a fix without going would help me a lot. So I request you to pls help me


Jan 14, 2019
If there is anything plugged into any of the USB ports, remove the external devices and retry. Also physically check the USB sockets with a good torch and magnifying glass, to see if any of the internal contacts are damaged/broken or touching (shorting) where they should not. Also check in case you left a memory card in the card reader, in case it has gone shorted.
I have seen issues with no power on due to the above, or at least booting or boot loop issues. Also listen for any beep codes in case of internal hardware failures (memory/cpu/graphics etc. Try plugging the laptop into a TV with an HDMI cable, in case the screen/graphics is bad, maybe you might see a BIOS screen?
NOTE: If you can buy or borrow a spare mains charger (MUST BE CORRECT PLUG AND VOLTAGE), give that a try in case your original has gone bad.