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    Question Water spilled on Asus Laptop Keyboard. Wont Turn on

    Hello Everyone, Im From Germany I have a Asus Tuf A15 FA506IV 2020 Model (RTX2060) I accidently spillee Sparkling Water on my Keyboard. My Laptop was plugged, while i was Clearing the mess the Laptop went Off. Since Then IT doesnt start. I Opened my Laptop the insides Look Clean. Deattached...
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    Axas E3HD Receiver wont turn on or let itself be flashed

    Hiya! I recently bought an Axas E3HD Receiver and want to get it running, but it won't let itself be turned on properly or be flashed. I do get a green and red LED lighting up, but the TV screen is black and there's no fan installed. What can I do? Thanks! :D
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    Solved! Help Needed, Laptop monitor not displayiing

    recently I was using my Asus ux490f and I closed it and entered sleep mode, however the screen didn't back on when I opened it again. I performed a hard reset and the monitor still didn't turn on. I left it for a while and later in the day when I checked my router the computer was connected to...
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    Laptop wont turn on, please help.

    Hi there, im not sure this is the right location for this post. if not apologies. I have an Acer travelmate 6594 series. I turned it on fine about a year ago, then opened it up and realized i didn't have a good enough screw driver to take the cpu guard off. so i half put it back together and...
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    tablet wont turn on please help!

    tablet was plugged into the wall charger, but my cousin walked by and his foot yanked the cord out, now it wont turn on, how do i get it to work?
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    Samsung S7 won't do ANYTHING

    I bought a Samsung s7 about 3 months ago and it has been working perfectly until one day it just crashed. An app i exited out of crashed and then the entire phone followed suit. No matter what combination of buttons i press with or without power does not work. When i plug it into my computer...
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    need help asap

    my laptop is an ASUS e402ma model, i was using it and it was all fine and dandy till it decided to sleep and not turn on, i tried rebooting it with the 5 second hold on the on button and then it completely shut down, it does not turn on nor does it show a light when i plug in my charger, i am in...
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    My Sony HDR PJ820 randomly won't turn on

    So I have been taking very good care of this camcorder for the past couple of years now. I have never once dropped it, or even hit it hard for that matter. However today I decided to take my camcorder out of his safely compact bag, but it would not turn on. Thinking the battery was out of...
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    Acer Aspire E5-571 won't turn on after plugging in HDMI

    Hi guys, I came home from a quick run to the store and sat down at my laptop. I used it for a few minutes and remembered that the HDMI cable I normally have connected to my PC to extend my desktop to my TV. When I plugged the HDMI in, it turned my PC off. The screen flickered and went out. My...
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    Alienware M17X R4 randomly died

    Hey, a couple of days ago I was using my laptop and it randomly shut off, I thought nothing of it at the time and just turned it back on, however, yesterday the same thing happened but this time, it won't turn back on. I have tried removing the battery and trying to turn it on with just the...
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    Tablet won't turn on when it closes.

    My brother dropped my tablet and my tablet cracked. The crack goes all the way to the bottom and to the power button. It keeps freezing too. But i fixed that by resetting my tablet and resetting the data. When i turn it on its okay, not freezing, but when i turn it off (just like off, Not shut...
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    My Tablet wont turn on at all

    I had plugged in my RCA Android Tablet because I'd broken the charger but it wont turn on whatsoever and i am getting really frustrated. I dont have the money to get it fixed. Please help!
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    My new Sony vaio won't turn on

    I bought a sony vaio fit 15e and had never used it before. I turned it on and the keys lit up for about 10 seconds, the on light lit up, the charge light lit up for about 30 minuets and so did the number lock light for a while but for an hour and a half the screen was pitch black, wouldn't turn...
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    Sharp TV wont turn on.

    Hello, I just wanted to turn my tv on from standby mode and the standby light disappeared and the tv isnt giving any signs of life. I'm searching the internet for cases just like this and I read that is recommended to plug it out, wait and plug it back in again. This doesn't seem to do the...